1. mikey says

    I’m sure there will be a ton of comments posted by nay-sayers, but I’m a sucker for gay dance music. Pairing Adam’s vocals with a Tina Turner classic is just pure dance floor heaven! Now, if I could only have a cocktail while I listen to this at work.

  2. nic says

    great cover. good on Adam, bad on Andy. i did not hear any shrieks. instead of lame music criticism, perhaps you should concentrate on cutting the download time of your website. if you want to play with the big boys, you need to pay attention. you apologized for the slack-jawed handling of your own website, you asked for suggestions, yet you have done nothing. lookit, i am a big fan of yours, but i am going to ride your ass until you fix it, or you ban me from this site. fix it goddammit!

  3. says

    According to UK site Juno, this was released internationally October 2008 on Mena Music. Fonzerelli does some hot mixes, with my particular favorite being his rework of Henrik B’s “Soul Heaven”.

  4. JayDub says

    Plenty of shrieks – most are background vocals. Quite honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I still won’t buy it, but it wasn’t horrible.

  5. Rick says

    Nice to actually hear Adam sing. And being Tina’s biggest fan ever I was biased before hearing it. But he does a nice job. I also have to agree with Nic…this site takes forever to load.

  6. ZnSD says

    I just got the “cannot accept that data” message trying to leave a comment about the passport story. What’s the deal??? Since when are Gem and the Holograms offensive?

  7. MikeyDallas says

    I don’t comment much here, although I am on the site 5 days a week. I would like to let you know Andy, that I find myself not “jumping” nearly as much as I used to due to the length of time it takes to reload your site. That is a shame for both of us.

  8. nic says

    yes, i get the “cannot accept that data” error message too. it is quite annoying. i then have to cut and paste my comment to e-mail, because my opinion is sacred, and everyone is entitled to it — well in my head anyways — then paste it back to Towleroad.

    Andy, u knows i luvs ya, and you’re doing a good job, but fix it already. ex’s ond oh’s to you, my friend.

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