Alleged Perez Hilton Assault Photo Released


Here's an alleged photo of the Perez Hilton assault at Toronto's MuchMusic awards. That's Lady Gaga on the far left, and that certainly looks like a fist to the left of his head to me.

(via drinktheglitter)

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  1. Bud says

    I always figured he’d get his faced punched sooner or later. You can’t rip people who actually work for a living the way he does without eventually having to eat humble pie.

  2. taodon says

    So, the story about regarding further verification of a deal brokered between HRC and the White House was removed from this site, and apparently in its place, a third story about Perez Hilton was put up.

    Pardon me, but it seems that the priorities are a little off-kilter here at the moment.

  3. JM says

    I agree with comments on the earlier posts about this. Perhaps if the blogosphere stops posting about him, his prominence may fade. I know Towleroad consistently posts news of hate crimes, however I think this lacks a news worthiness as this was not an attack based on his sexual orientation. This was an attack which he provoked by both crudely and disrespectfully criticizing people in the music industry and using reprehensible language for which he has previously condemned the use by others. It is laughable that he has issued a statement faulting GLAAD for holding him to the same standard we would expect from anyone in the straight community. He is a very visible and extremely poor representation of the gay community and, by his reactions and treatment of this incident, nothing more than a self-aggrandizing hypocrite. Giving this incident any more attention on a truly respectable blog such as this one does nothing more than to take away from all those REAL hate crimes posted about of which people should be aware.

  4. says


    This creep has always been a hateful piece of shit and always will be. I’d like to give him a serious punch in the head just because he keeps advertising that he’s gay – – can’t we vote him out or something??

  5. Marc says

    THAT’S what she’s whining about??…getting her ear boxed?…geezus…she did’t call someone ‘gay’, she didn’t say “quit acting like a faggot”… She said “you’re not a fucking artist … you’re a fucking faggot.”…Hilton deserved a bigger beat down than that..

  6. Mike says

    Taodon: WTF are you talking about? do you know how to use this site? The DADT article is still on the site. You just have to follow the days events.

    Sweet Jesus! Save us from the morons who can’t ignore the articles they don’t like and have to cry about it. The rest of us know how to use a scroll wheel/bar.


  7. philberto says

    That whinning little twit Perez will get no sympathy from me.

    I have been hoping someone would slap the shit out of him for months.

    He is a leech and deserves every slap he gets.

    Makes me want to tell people I am straight just so they won’t connect me with this scum of the earth!!!!!!

  8. Maverick69 says

    So now that GLADD has called him out on his use of the word faggot and asked him to apologize, he keeps calling Will a thug. Hilton is nothing but a pussy in my book. He gives gay men a bad name.

  9. Mammarice says

    No one is deserving of physical violence. No one ever.

    That being said, i am SURE Miss. Perez is not faultless in this beat down, and the fact that she twittered it BEFORE she called the police, means you can’t take it that seriously.

    Plus, that is clearly NOT Will.I.Am’s fist. His body guard, maybe. But not his.

  10. says

    i’m shocked at all the people that seem to feel it’s OK to HIT someone when you’re pissed at them. watching the View this morning, no one spoke up against violence, even Whoopi seemed to think it was OK for someone to resort to fisticuffs. what’s next? it’s OK to shoot someone that disses you on the ‘net or in a newspaper? c’mon people, PHYSICAL VIOLENCE IS ALWAYS WRONG, IS NEVER THE ANSWER. i’m doubly shocked to read comments HERE that don’t have a problem with Perez being punched. wtf is wrong with you people? WORDS ARE WORDS, period. that’s why we have freedom of speech in this country. we are not Iran-the most obvious and glaring example right now, of what happens when speech is met with physical violence. i’m too old to be shocked, and yet, shocked i am almost on a daily basis at the stupidity and ignorance of people.

  11. Ford says

    I guess just shows how people are or not..using derogatory words like the F word or the N word or any other multitude of words is an ignorant way of trying to get a low blow which just makes you look like an asshole in the end.

  12. Beef and Fur says

    Shameful, people! You can’t decide which violence to advocate. Any and all violence against our community should be condemned. Don’t even try to tell me that Perez asked for it. That’s exactly the type of defense the phobes use to defend themselves.

    Yeah, Perez has a big mouth and he’s annoying sometimes but at least he’s willing to put himself out there and not choose to hide. He could have used another word, but that still doesn’t defend an assault.

    Good thing the Stonewall gals/guys had the bravery to act up as did many of the activists that have followed in their footsteps over the years. Our community needs the big mouths as much as we need the worker bees and letter writers.

    He’s not viewed as a macho tough guy. Do you think if Perez wasn’t an effeminate gay man that someone would have been so quick to deliver a beat down? This just sends a message that it’s OK to assault someone and it’s even better if the person is annoying or a weakling or gay.

    All violence should be condemned!!

  13. east 55th street manhattan says



    You call me a faggot,Ill set you fire ya douche-bag.

    Maybe if more gay men stopped walking around with that goddamn passive attitude,and actually took control and showed these str8 pussies that we aaint toleratin’ dat bullshit and knock them a few,maybe they would think twice about who they fuck wit.

    I grew up in a high rise apartment building in the nicer areas of NYC,but Ill take it str8 2 the ghetto when I have 2.

    Violence aint the answer MY ASS.When it comes to defending myself,Im taking care of business.Fuck that!!!

    Perez got what he deserved goddamn your soul.GET OVER IT

  14. Giovanni says

    I am not a big fan of violence either (in fact I loathe it) but truth be told if more ACTUAL gay men reacted this way when confronted with faggot or any other sexually derogatory insult it would probably happen less often. Turning the other cheek may work for Jesus but I can’t grow my hair that long.

  15. Matt says

    Well, East 55th, when someone calls you a bad word and you just can’t handle yourself, then go ahead and hit them; it’s obviously all you can do.

    Me, words get words or silence. Violence gets violence. But punching people because of some crap they said when they were obviously trying to get a rise out of me would be pretty weak, in my opinion.

  16. says

    hey East 55th Street: people like YOU that don’t use their real name online, make it easier to bash gay people. and by my NOT condoning violence of any sort, THAT makes it easier to bash gays? you’re an idiot. i certainly don’t condone anyone calling anyone else a faggot. i’m a 52 year old connecticut gay man that has been out for close to 35 years. i’ve been gay bashed, i’ve been tormented and abused and i’ve read history. VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER.

  17. JeffRob says

    Casey- Most people sympathize with non-violence in general, but in a world where we see acid dumped on the masses from helicopters in Iran, and kids using assault rifles to argue over jeans and shoes in Chicago, it’s hard to get upset at “fisticuffs”.

    Hand-to-hand combat, literally, with no weapons, is the most honorable way to fight, if ever there was such a thing. In fact, “puttin your dukes up” would be a welcome trend at this point.

    Non-violence is ideal. But faced with Perez Hilton, I can’t argue with knocking a few teeth out.

    And to echo an earlier challenge to your claim, self-defense is a crucial tool for today’s active gays, and shouldn’t be underestimated. Feel free to turn the other cheek, but even Gandhi knew sometimes it’s wiser to fight back.

  18. Zach says

    You know, I don’t condone physical violence in response to words, but please, no praise for Hilton. He’s not putting himself out there, he’s manufacturing a career for himself because he can make no useful contribution to society. He is a leech who feeds off the success of other people and viciously attacks anyone who doesn’t tolerate his delusions. He’s not a hero, he’s not courageous. He has done nothing worthwhile. He does not deserve respect, or admiration. He does not even deserve pity for this attack. Shun him like the social leper he should be.

  19. Cj says

    Does anyone else see the comedy in this? We have Lady Gaga, holding what looks like a black furry toilet seat cover, a fat bald stoned guy, and Mario with pink hair and stripes and what appears to be a lavender striped flag (was he flaggin’ outside the awards show???). And I’m sorry but could Mario’s mouth and bottom lip be any bigger??? The image above looks like something out of a bad UCLA art student final piece.

  20. says

    Jeffrob-let me get this straight, no pun intended. you think to throw a sucker punch at an aging queen with pink hair, late at night, in or outside of a club full of inebriated (most likely) people is the HONORABLE thing to do? no, the honorable thing is to fight for gay rights in the newspapers, in Congress, throughout the world. i’m all for self-defense, but punching someone is NOT the appropriate response to WORDS. if WillIAm or his manager has a problem with the words coming from Perez, it’s not as if they don’t have their OWN voice. Do something about it the right way, using their public voice, not their private fists.

  21. MissNee says

    I have a strong feeling if it was lance bass or danny bonaduce screaming in his face, he wouldn’t be repeating “thug” over and over again. Don’t think I can’t see the blatant dog whistle, Perez And since when did screaming in someones face make them a thug?

  22. RDW says

    Bound to happen sooner or later. I can’t stand Perez lately. His site used to be fun, ever since the Miss CA thing it seems he feels he speaks for all of gay america. What an ass! Yes he should have just walked away, but I can’t say as I wouldn’t have done the same.

  23. Sharon says

    It’s too bad this disgusting pig had not been cold cocked. Perez is playing the victim roll now and the gay press with suck up to him in all their disgusting glory. Disgusting worthless filth!

  24. Rami says

    I can’t believe that this act of violence is getting any sort of praise whatsoever. Sure, Perez Hilton is so-very-hateable, but we should remember that aside from his occasional stupidity (did he really call him “faggot”!?), he doesn’t hurt people. Honsesly, I find it comforting that even someone as outlandish and cartoonish as him feels comfortable in his own skin. Y’all are shady.

  25. says

    @ Rami:

    Doesn’t hurt people? Maybe not physically, but he verbally abuses people every single day, and in fact verbally abused the person who hit him. When you get up in someone’s face and scream faggot, it doesn’t make it okay for them to hit you, but you sure as hell shouldn’t be surprised and ask for sympathy when they do.

  26. says

    I am shocked that people are even remotely connecting Perez with Gay rights, Bashing and Homophobia. He’s the one who yelled “faggot”.

    You know, some of my people are quick to call “Racism” whenever a Black person has an “issue”. Some of my Gay people are no better.

    The only one used a slur was Perez. Worse part is, he’s so wrapped up in himself that he did not see the inherent danger in calling a Black man names in public.

    I bet SAMantha Ronson would truly kick his ass if she got a chance too. I will not stand up for him because he’s Gay. I will walk away smirking from him because he’s a douche.

  27. Matty says

    I agree with everyone, please stop posting about this f#cktard, you’re just giving him more free publicity and that’s all he wants. This has nothing to do with him being gay and everything with him being a loud mouthed, disrespectful a-hole.

  28. Bernadette says

    It’s interesting to read that gay men, who actually should be aware of the feelings of pain, anger and impotence, which come along with experiencing discrimination, still use words like ‘pussy’ with the aim to degrade other men and to give them the feeling of inferiority.
    It must be wonderful to know that – no matter what – there are still human beings you gay men can feel superior to.

  29. griffin1573 says

    Can we get something straight here.
    Fat boy called “faggot”.

    Will turned and walked away.
    It was the bands manager that clocked the walking mouth.

    I don’t like responding to words with violance.
    In a perfect world…it would never happen.
    But it’s not a perfect world.
    If that walking hair product had been able to see past his own ego.
    He’d have probably seen that no one cares how untouchable he thinks of himself.
    Someone’s going to knock him down.
    His sleazy notoriaty did’nt protect him.

    And like any school yard bully…eventually some ones going to push them back.

  30. Tralfaz says

    Casey – He is not a “aging queen”. You try and make him out as some frail elderly man. He’s a young man with a big mouth. I don’t condone hitting people. I was beat up by two ex-boyfriends. And I’ll tell those that say words don’t hurt. They sure as hell do. One of my ex’s was very verbally abusive and when I see pricks like Perez Hilton mouthing off insults like he does it takes my back. And YES if I could got back and would have knocked the living shit out my ex’s not just for hitting me …. but for the hateful words.

    I have NO sympathy for people like that. If you’re going to mouth off and get in people’s faces … be ready to get that smart ass mouth slapped.

  31. Felix says

    Hate breads hate.

    By people condoning this or any act of violence, we are just falling into an endless spiral of anger and retaliation.

    Just ask the Jews and the Palestinians. its NEVER ENDING

  32. Joe says

    He deserved it coming up and attacking and he kept calling the guy a faggott it was so obnoxious and so sophmoric. What the best part was that no one came to his rescue he basically had to go out and tweet to get some respect from his pseudo 10 year old fans. This character had it coming to him and who died and left him Queen anyway…. I for one will be happy that this man will be kept from representing our community in the very near future… Perez your 15 mins just hit the number 14… so long!

  33. Matty says

    You know Perez is shreiking at the top of his lungs like a little school girl in that picture.

    To everyone going on about the violence etc etc etc, if you look closely it looks like he’s getting a sucker bunch to shake him up more than a serious beating. This action was brought on by something HE provoked, not an anti-gay hate crime.

    The fact that he’s going on about it to anyone who’ll give him air time and looks perfectly fine on TV with only minimal marks on his face (which look suspiciously like make up to begin with), just says he’s milking all this for publicity.

    Perez is a scumbag who’s using the issue of violence against gays for his own personal, greedy gain. Don’t feel sorry for him, gay or straight, it’s people like him that give the human race a bad name.

  34. nic says

    no, no, no! violence is never the answer, unless if it is in self-defence. JIMMYBOYO, i thought you were better than this. i am really disheartened by your joining in the parade supporting violence.

    imagine someone punching ann coulter or sean hannity in the face. while the imagining might be therapeutic, the actual act demeans us all.

  35. Nick_archer says

    He’s a GOSSIP COLUMNIST. He contributes nothing to society. He’s not going to negotiate peace in the Middle East. He’s not going to solve global warming. In short, he has no reason to live. Therefore, we should ignore him.

  36. Tralfaz says

    “imagine someone punching ann coulter or sean hannity in the face.”

    mmmmmmm pretty thoughts, pretty, pretty, pretty.

    Let’s add Rush Limpballs and Freddie Phelps and company.

    OOOOO I’m going to my happy place !!!!

  37. B-rod says

    A shame it was only a glancing blow and not a full-up smack in those oversized horse teeth.

    He is setting back gay rights by years. Join the facebook group “Boycott Perez Hilton”

  38. Davey says

    Reading this board does give me hope that gay men will finally starting realizing that they don’t have to sacrifice their manhood because they are gay. Everytime I read a gay bashing story I wonder whether the gay guy fought back or just did the passive thing. Sure, you may think in some Ghandi like way that you’re above it all, but in the end of the day, you got your ass handed to you. In the world today, gay men are being attacked in record numbers. Learn to fight back.

    Perez totally deserved this. He wants to pull the gay card and act like some abused woman when in reality he provoked it. Good on or the manager who clocked him.

  39. Daveynyc says

    GLAAD is useless…they want Mario to apologize?? HA!

    What if he were in the hospital, in a coma, would they still ask for an apology? This organization is beyond clueless.. He is the VICTIM

    stick to your guns Mario you are NOT at fault

  40. LARS says

    As anti-violence as I like to think I am, the photo above seems just considering how poisonous and hateful he is. I’m expecting far worse to happen to him in the future.

  41. dvdinorl says

    Note to Perez – You’re reading this here as no more visits by me to your site.

    If our community has had enough of this destructive individual, the best punch we can land is to simply ignore his platform for nastiness and the advertisers who support him.

    There’s a whole universe of of celeb gossip blogs to discover…

  42. chapeau says

    Everyone who is cheering an assault ought to be ashamed!

    Doesn’t matter whether you like Perez or not – using violence is never the answer.

    Shame! Shame ! Shame !

  43. paul c says

    I still can’t fathom why a seemingly intelligent and thoughtful gay man like Andy Towle would link his reputable, pro-lgbt website to the vile hate site run by the borderline-illiterate, anti-gay, talentless, humorless, witless, worthless, misogynistic embarrassment to the gay community and society as a whole, Perez Hilton.

    Perez Hilton hurts the gay community, period. Why would anyone other than Fred Phelps or Pat Robertson promote such a person? This is the equivalent of the NAACP website having video links to clips of Amos & Andy or old minstrel shows.

    I feel ashamed for Andy Towle as long as he links himself to Perez Hilton’s hatesite.

  44. Sarwa says

    I am so sick of all these comments!”Perez is lucky it all went down in Canada with stricter gun-control laws.
    His days are numbered.” WTF?! So you don’t like someone, so that someone should be shot? So does that go for Kathy Griffin, The guys behind South Park, The Soup, Joan Rivers, Don Rickles, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Chelsea Handler, and the tens of thousands of people who work at gossip magazines/blogs. I don’t agree with everything P Hilton post’s on his site. But I make fun of celebrities and musicians just as much as he does in the privacy of my own home. Oh yea I forgot everyone at SNL and Mad TV! Also I am so fed up with the comments concerning what is posted on this damn website! Towleroad isn’t the only place for news! There’s Pams House Blend, Queerty, etc! Way to many to mention in my post. Also most of which have direct links you can click on that are posted on the right side of this website. Whine. P Hilton is a bad gay role model. Cry. He doesn’t represent the community. There are so many glbt people out there to out weight whatever negative impact he has on our cause. Ellen is one of the most popular people in America! People who are anti-gay are going to hate our guts P Hilton or not. So tired of the stupid bitchin here on the site. It’s so ridiculous. U guys are just full of hate for no reason. No one is perfect. it’s not the end of world. don’t want to read about P Hilton skip over the post’s on this site re:him.

  45. Matt says

    Growing up, I was verbally abused by classmates. I was called “fag” so very, very often. Today, I’m a proud & successful gay man (according to my mother…)

    When I heard a prominent member of my gay community verbally abuse someone else with the gay slur that was responsible for so many of my tears growing up, I saw the face of each and every bully who ever uttered that word towards me in the early 90’s. As a CA resident, having this happen during the peak of Pride month in a year with the battle against Prop 8 was adding insult on top of injury.

    I was wildly disappointed when I read his self-serving mea culpa this evening. This man is completely unaware of himself. Mario needs to take a sabattical from his work & realize his place in this world. It could be substantial.

    Speaking from an unofficial viewpoint, it seems that that there is more support for the beating of Perez Hilton than voting NO on Prop 8. We all need a reality check & to glavanize against things that matter.

    That said, Perez Hilton is insignificant. If ever there was a gay mafia, I PLEAD WITH YOU to shut that smut site down & highlight sites like that elevate the intelligence and debate of gay issues.

  46. jason says

    A lot of you are self-loathing queers who reside in your gay coffee shops reading your gay magazines and visiting your gay saunas. Perez, on the other hand, is a gay man who is prepared to go out into the mainstream and criticize homophobes wherever he sees them, even if it means bringing notoriety onto himself.

    The violent attack on him should be denounced by everybody. If you don’t denounce it, don’t expect me to come to your aid next time you get gay-bashed.

  47. D says

    The fact of the matter is that Perez Hilton’s 15 minutes of fame are up. Considering he is unemployable anywhere outside the entertainment world, he is scrounging for every last second in the spotlight he can get.

    He is a talentless bitchy parasite, who feeds off of, and creates entertainment scandal that appeals to the LCD out there. He instigated a verbal attack on someone, crossed a line, and got sucker-punched. That’s the risk one takes in the entertainment world. Just look at Bjork and Sean Penn who’ve attacked the paparazzi for crossing a line with them, at the wrong time.

    Is physical violence ever the answer for verbal abuse? No, but that’s a possible consequence for stepping across that line. He thought he knew his audience, he was wrong. Hard lesson learned. Maybe, just maybe, next time he’ll choose his words more carefully. Considering the source, probably not.

  48. Susan says

    Finally, someone puts that obnoxious little twit in his place! Jail time would be worth it if you got a decent hit in. He should shut his little girly mouth and go sulk in a corner.

  49. Sarwa says

    Yea I’m P Hilton. Whatever. What an asinine comment. Just because someone doesnt agree with you, you jump to the wildest assumption possible. Yawn. I’ve encountered so many gays worse than PH. People who dislike guys that are fem, guys that use the “n” word for black people, drug addicts, liars. Also LET’SFACEIT, you didn’t address the correlation between PH and many other people that do the same for a living. Kathy Griffin (who I love but has pissed me off more than once), Joan Rivers, South Park, Mad TV, SNL. Making fun of celebs/musicians has been going on since before PH was a sperm in his pappy’s ballsac! If PH is such a detriment to the glbt movement then we wouldn’t have such victories like in Vermont, Connecticut, etc. He is a small pebble in a sea of so called “taste makers” who have blogs making fun of celebs/musicians. I don’t like the fact that most news outlets cover mostly missing children who are white. You rarely see alot of attention paid to missing children of color. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to punch Nancy Grace in the face if we got in an arguement over the subject. Don’t like his site. Don’t visit it. Don’t like stories about him on towleroad. Skip over them.

  50. BradMcM says

    Considering Perez spends his time campaigning against hate, all whilst delivering it daily about everyone and anyone… Is this not a true case of irony? Perez seems to suffer from poor self esteem and a true lack of identity. The fact that he” sort of got hit” doesn’t surprise me. Watch him now defend himself as a victim of hate, despite the fact he used the word faggot. Perez is a bad and outdated example of what a gay man in today’s world is. Perez does a disservice to every gay person through his lack of intelligence and inability to understand and thus assimilate the term hate.

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