1. JR says

    ENOUGH! Seriously, one positive thing I can say about this bullshit is that it’s nice to be given ample information in order to make a decision on whether or not to see a movie. Glad I won’t be wasting my money on Bruno.

  2. Neh-Neh says

    I found the Bruno character amusing until friends and I were at the movies and the trailer came on. In our fairly progressive town (Emeryville, CA) just over the bridge from San Francisco we heard reactions from people in the audience that were definitely NOT laughing WITH Bruno but instead laughing AT him. It was very uncomfortable for all of us. While the image was on the screen it was as though the inner homophobe of everyone in the room came out. Every pun in the movie exploits a very inflammatory portrait of a stereotype. Not once during any part of the preview do you actually believe Sacha Baron-Cohen is a gay man. There is nothing about the film that is sympathetic to the very real struggle of LGBT people. I really hope the movie completely fails at the box office.

  3. Paul R says

    As one who has defended Bruno quite a bit in the past, I readily admit that even I’m getting tired of this stuff. I won’t make a final judgment until I see the film, but has any movie ever been promoted like this?

    He did tons of interviews for Borat, both in and out of character. I think he’s going overboard with these public spectacles, and will inspire a backlash not just among the annoyed gays, but among everyone.

  4. Kiwi says

    Fantastic! Can’t wait for the movie to come out. Some of you need to get over yourselves and learn to take a joke.

    Before you get the claws out, I’m gay myself, and I know we’ve had a rough deal lately (more than a rough deal, more like a painful backstabbing). But please, save the moral outrage. It’s all a big fucking joke, not some stereotype-enforcing movie that is trying to promote some “straight agenda”. I’d like to know how many of you felt as strongly as this when Borat came out… he didn’t show Kazakhstan in a very favorable light, did he?

    In fact, by being outraged by this movie, you’re showing the gay community as an uptight, politically correct group of twits who can’t take a joke. I know I don’t want to be known as that.

  5. Dan says

    STOP — I’m not coming to for THREE days in protest! Maybe a boycott will work. Well, it probably won’t :) But I’m still not visiting the site for 3 days. Farewell, I’ll check back in on Thursday and pray there isn’t the “BRUNO PREMIERES IN DUBLIN” post. Towleroad is better than this crap – isn’t it?

  6. says

    Bruno’s erection will be appearing in Sydney tomorrow morning.

    An irreverent billboard campaign featuring soon-to-be released movie character Bruno “in all his glory” will be launched in Sydney’s Taylor Square this Tuesday.

    The playful nature of the APN Outdoor billboard, which will be unveiled by four workman dressed in pink shorts and hard hats, aims to reflect the spirit of the film. It also aims to build on the hype and media attention already surrounding the film.

    “He’s had such fun with the character,” said Suzanne Stretton-Brown, marketing director of Universal Pictures Australia. “And we wanted to capture something of this ahead of his visit the next week”.

    The never-seen-before Bruno image will run exclusively on the Taylor Square billboard.

    Bruno will launch in Australia on July 8.

  7. Jim says

    I’m sorry… but although the jury is still out for me about this whole Bruno movie, I do have to say that this has been the most amazing PR junket to promote this movie. The way he has visited all of these major cities is pretty awesome. I just wish that the movie could live up to the hype. It just strikes me as a turn off because of all the stereotyped gay BS. Perhaps I will be wrong.

  8. overher says

    Stop giving this freak the free publicity already!

    ENOUGH! Seriously, one positive thing I can say about this bullshit is that it’s nice to be given ample information in order to make a decision

    Grotesque. Without any interest at all……

    He is so uninteresting to me.

    Not funny. A repulsive stereotype of the most offensive exhibitionistic people. Offensive in the extreme.

    STOP — I’m not coming to for THREE days in protest! Maybe a boycott will work. Well, it probably won’t :) But I’m still not visiting the site for 3 days. Farewell, I’ll check back in on Thursday

    are you guys talking about Lady CaCa or Adam Lambert???

  9. says

    I still watch the Ali G dvds from time to time, with the original stunts, and I have to say I WILL be attending this film. The fashion show where Sasha/Bruno got the designer (wearing a BK paper crown???) to contradict himself repeatedly, then answer the final question–“Do you believe consistency is important?” with a firm “yes” is CLASSIC.

  10. rovex says

    overher.. Both, and Bruno.

    The problem with bruno is that his character is so extreme that its bound to brig the worst out in people. Id treat him with the contempt he deserves to, does that make me (a gay man) homophobic, or just intolerant of annoying gits?

  11. SydJames82 says

    I saw Bruno at a test screening in Sydney and thought it was hilarious! Dont judge until you’ve seen it. It shows just how ridiculous homophobia really is.

  12. says

    I think he’s a moron. His stereotypical portrayals are crude and not the sort of humor that I find attractive in any sense of the word. I won’t pay a cent to see anything he does found I couldn’t stand more than a few seconds of any of the clips of his material that I’ve seen. The sooner his fade is over the better.

  13. Angela Channing says

    I too, was enjoying the Bruno appearances but now they make me yawn. If Bruno was a real person and that was his real personality, I would cheer him on with his crazy antics. However, since Bruno is a character and these appearances are calculated to promote the movie, it makes me say “Meh.” It makes one wonder, however, how parading down the street in this getup is satire?

  14. Rob says

    This guy is a freak in the worst way. He hurts most gay people who are just trying to live their lives honestly and open without all the stereotype crap. This guy makes it much worse. I hope the movie bombs, and this guy go’s away.

  15. Drake says

    Just how is “Bruno” good for gays? I can’t believe that in the month of Gay Pride that there are people who like this debasing crap. Speaking of debasing crap, this site is really slumming it with the constant Bruno barf. Towleroad used to be several notches above running unlabeled infomercials like it has been doing here.

  16. Felix says

    @ ROB

    You sound like someone trying desperately to be a ‘straight acting dude’…Be yourself and let be others be themselves without caring what people think of you.

  17. Bill says


    Heterosexuals are not capable of knowing what is anti-gay. A study a few years back had heterosexual students judging essays of heterosexual and gay participants. No matter what the gay participants wrote even if it was the exact thing heterosexuals wrote the gay men’s essays were always judged to be “feminine” and the lesbians always judged to be “masculine”. Heterosexuals are outsiders with prejudices to homosexuality.

  18. jamie says

    OMG! You ppl seriously need to take a CHILL pill! No wonder why he made this movie in America cause ppl like you! This movie is gonna be the funniest movie to come to the theaters since BORAT! It’s gonna be a huge hit just like Borat! HELLO Everyone that is posting hate comments this is statical comedy and AMerica and every other country loves him! He plays a flamboyant GAy guy that to me is funny as hell!

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