1. crispy says

    Uhhhh, that was terrible. It wasn’t remotely clever (seriously, did he make a “silent but deadly” joke?) and the whole thing sounded like he was reading from a script.

    The camo suits are pretty funny though.

  2. Jeff says

    did you gauge the audience..? The biggest, unrestrained (i.e. ‘comfortable’) reaction was to his joke about leaving his wife with a friend.

  3. Chitown Kev says

    Uh, what is Colbert trying to show in the photograph?

    Andy, shame on you for putting that bait out there!

  4. says

    I have this on DVR and can’t wait to watch it tonight! Regardless of whether you agree with his views or how he presents them, Stephen Colbert is a national treasure. He is an unselfish soul who deserves all the credit he gets.

    Stephen is a devout Catholic and holds his views dear, but he understands that he’s an American first, and the rights that he has should be extended to others as well. You can’t get any better than that.

  5. Matt says

    Go Colbert! I feel like he’s really using his comedy for something powerful in pointing out the absurdities in America currently. You channel that trickster spirit, Stephen

  6. Marc says

    @Jeff: that got the biggest laugh because he used a military inside joke by saying the friends name was Jody. In military cadences (also called Jodies) there is a recurring character called Jody always shown in the worst light.

  7. says

    The same episode, the “Stephen Strong” bit: Colbert is descending a wall. Colbert says something along the lines of “Do I have to do this if I’m gay” The drill sergeant, also at the top of the wall, says no. I thought that was brilliant as well.

  8. el polacko says

    colbert was brilliant as the closeted teacher on ‘strangers with candy’.. his colbert report, however, too often strays into lefty snark that has become rather tiresome. gotta give him props for this piece though…it took some balls to perform it in front of the troops..and they seemed to totally get it. too bad the obama administration doesn’t.. the fact that they DEFENDED dadt to the supreme court is an outrage.. very clintonesque: say pretty things to us to get elected and then stab us in the back.

  9. hadassah weinreb says

    How are all those hi-profile gays, who used the internet & their graphics skills to help elect O, feeling about him now?

  10. says

    Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea,GITMO, Torture, Financial Crisis, Health Care,. Thats a pretty herculean task for a US President. I’m willing to give the president a bit of leeway when it comes to DOMA and DOADT..(but not forever)

    Anyways Stephen Colbert is as great as ever. Been really liking the Iraq series so far

  11. Sgt. Stadenko says

    “How are all those hi-profile gays, who used the internet & their graphics skills to help elect O, feeling about him now?”

    We’d be saying this about any Democrat who got elected and, quite frankly, the alternative of John McCain would be worse. Or can you recall the last name of the president that signed DADT into law?