1. cd says

    what is this guy doing and how do i get that job? Reminds me of filipino medicine man pulling chicken’s foot out of guts.

  2. says

    Well, judging by these photos and some earlier posts, Ronaldo certainly doesn’t mind being touched by men.

    Most days, I love my job. But seeing these pics makes me wish I was a Ronaldo’s personal masseur.

  3. says

    From where he’s massaging him, I’m don’t think it’s just a muscle massage. I think it might be a massage of his intestinal tract, a treatment for cramps, bloating, or just keeping things “working.”

    I also understand why Ronaldo’s shirtless… but why is the masseuse?

  4. rich says

    Everyone looks so serious, this looks more like a medical exam than anything else. He seems to be in pain.

  5. Mark J says

    Settle down boys, I’m a massage therapist myself. Tommy could be right, might be doing a colon treatment. But, me thinks the therapist is doing Iliacus/Hip flexor work through the abdomen. A personal fav, if I may add haha

  6. Rad says

    Actually, I am a licensed massage therapist. Christiano appears to have an issue on his ASIS; probably a strain, and the therapist, more than likely specializing in sports, is doing site specific work on the tissue. From the look of pain on CR’s face, he has it a trigger point.

    Trust me, when you have an issues with a trigger point, all you want is for it to GO AWAY.

    You, too, can become an LMT simply by completing the requisite amount of training required to become licensed and certified. I suggest searching on NCBTMB or AMTA for more information.

  7. Jason Knight says

    If he is trying to do psoas release or work on the iliacus, it would be much easier on the client to have his leg bent. But I don’t know. That’s what a professional would do. I think this guy is just rubbing him down.

  8. Jason Knight says

    How professional of the therapist to be doing work without his shirt on. How does that reflect on our profession?

  9. idk says

    The guy that rubs Ronaldo it’s AntĂ³nio Gaspar a renowned portuguese physiotherapist. Ronaldo is a pro and even on holidays and despite all the excesses he hired the guy to keep in shape. It was Gaspar that last year recuperated Ronaldo from the ankle injury..
    so people,stop asuming he`s something he`s not.

  10. Billy says

    Hey, everyone likes getting rubbed down by a shirtless, hairy daddy every now and then đŸ˜›

  11. jimmyboyo says


    Hasn’t commented yet

    Paging NIC

    paging NIC

    Time to drool over ur man Cristiano


  12. says

    i thought just like a couple of others commented that he was dealing with the Iliacus/Hip flexor when i first looked at it. but those who are trained, and my understanding is that it is very specific training, isn’t he on the wrong side? i’ve had it done and my masseur was very specific at how he did it, and, yes, with knees flexed. how can the guy get behind the internal organs to reach the Iliacus/Hip flexor from the opposite side? and why does he let Ronaldo hold his head up? this entire thing seems to be dangerous not only in how he’s doing it but where! i’d scream too…

  13. niles says

    As far as I know, it is against the law to be massaged by a member of the opposite sex in Las Vegas.

  14. MC says

    The massage therapist is shirtless because they are both by the pool.

    A “masseuse” is a woman. A “masseur” is a man.

  15. nic says

    ok, JIMMYBOYO, here goes:

    that man is beautiful; he makes me weak in the knees. bitch best take her hands off my cristiano, or i’ll cut her bad, real bad! i swear i will.


  16. mikeyj says

    He’s only one of the top three soccer players in the world. That’s why he’s news. He also has that “metrosexual” thing going, like most Euromen do. European male athletes aren’t as homophobic as American male athletes or American men, so a picture like this is no big deal. For them. However, for me, it IS a big deal! Woof! Woof!

  17. Gazza says

    Isnt Ronaldo having a bit of a hernia problem lately? I believe its a minor concern of Real Madrid. Last hurdle to the transfer type thing.

    Regardless, hes a poof.