1. Sean R says

    Danny La Rue was a legendary female impersonator, and i am sorry to learn he has passed away. I remember, when growing up, he would often appear on the BBC’s ‘The Good Old Days’ show, which mimicked the style of English vaudeville, and he was always great hit, getting people to sing along. RIP.

  2. says

    I grew up watching La Rue in his big flouncey pink dresses – thank God for colour TV aye!

    You always wonder where the old timers get to when they stop appearing on tv and then when word leaks out about their death you suddenly remember, oh yeah…I remember!

    Go with speed Mr La Rue, you were a card!

  3. Midland says

    I too grew up watching Danny during the early 80s. Where characters like Mr Humphreys in ‘Are you being served’ used to make me cringe, Danny didn’t. I never doubted for one minute that while he may have been decked out in makeup, diamante and heels, if you wanted to you could down a pint of beer with him and he’d deck any troublemakers that got in the way. Very very sad to hear of his death. He had a flat for many years above the famous Foyle’s bookshop on the edge of Soho. I used to pass it and wonder if he was watching the passing gays on the street below.

    A great entertainer and by all accounts a lovely man.

  4. ggreen says

    Danny La Rue’s “Our Miss Fred” is a great film and milestone for its time. La Rue does 98% of it in drag. Too bad its not widely available in the US. I got the PAL DVD last year and have shared it with everyone I know.

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