1. Joey R. says

    I just realized the success of our national LGBT rights campaign:

    the idiots who claim to be our allies can now list /with ease/ our demands.

    As for anyone actually fulfilling any of them, well…you know the story.

    I guess I should apologize for only realizing this now. -___-;;

  2. Robert says

    The way to press our case and our cause is not to reward anti gay behavior with $1 million.
    Until I see the list of who donated what amount of money, forgive me if I treat anything the DNC says regarding gays with some suspicion.

  3. Let'sFaceIt says

    The Dems basically see gays as a bunch of Brunos. Seeing the turnout of only 25 protestors, I’m starting to agree.

  4. Bryan Irrera says

    “drags heels”? In a headline about the anniversary of Stonewall? BAD pun (whether intentional or not)!

  5. FunMe says

    Is there a Gay/Lesbian Center in DC?
    Why the heck didn’t they organize a protest. This is really sad that only 25 turned out. I salute them! If I lived in DC, I would have definitely been there.

    And yes, I want a list of donors who paid the $1M. Somehow I doubt they raised that much.

  6. Mark in Colorado says

    What a great picture. Awesome for this article.
    Sadly, unless the idiot repubs can field a real candidate, Fiercy Fraud will be re-elected. Lincoln wasn’t as special as we like to believe too.

  7. Oppressed American says

    Yayee! They got a million? Now they can totally bitch slap us on the 29th when the next brief is released.

  8. says

    WTF is wrong with local Gay community leaders? Here in Vegas our Center is much more adept at getting a crowd than what I’m seeing in other places and we have the most hidebound, unoriginal leadership there is. 25 people!? The average Facebooker can do better than that. Was there no outreach to neighborhoods within the larger Gay community or was it just another example of the A-List Gays deciding what to do? Was there even any appetite for a protest to begin with?

    I am beginning to to wonder if the average Gay really has any issue with President Obama or if it’s just our own talking heads who are drumming up the chorus to hear themselves? I often rail on my show about injustices we Gays suffer, but, am I just blowing in the wind?

  9. Name: says

    Not only should we stop donating to the DNC until they start making good on their promises, but we should also stop supporting the gay organizations that attended the event and gave money.

  10. theron says

    I’m disappointed. I’m sad. I’m tired of waiting. I try to think of why its taking the DNC and Obama so long to move forward. But mostly, I’m just absolutely unbelievably confused about why the DNC can’t move forward. There’s been a lot of people that say they gave a lot of their time and very hard earned dollars to elect the latest slate of DNC candidates. But there have been many of us that have given our time and resources for 20, 30, 40 years to these very fine politicians. Waiting, waiting through all of the talk, through all of the “we love the gays”. Its tough being president, speaker of the house and majority leader. We know. There’s a lot going on. Health care, Iraq, people losing their homes. But, when it comes to LGBT folks, and our families, you can do better.

  11. Glynn says

    Who the hell did they have counting the donations collected? The President of Iran?

  12. Skott says

    25 people? As a former resident of our nation’s capital, may I say shame on the gay people of DC, Maryland and Virginia. Guess you were too busy with your fabulous dinner parties to stand up for yourselves and the rest of us that could not be there.

  13. says

    More carefully worded crap from the Dems. Notice they talk about the repeal of DOMA, not the legalization of same-sex marriage (there is a difference), and the pretend to commit to “the march towards equality” rather than the actual “arrival at equality.”

    Don’t trust these bastards.

  14. observer says

    Do you want to know why so few people showed up to protest? Because most of the protesters were from the gay community in DC, a town so besotted by O’Fraudma that they can’t even see the nose on their faces. Unless Obama rapes a gay man or bombs China, the queers in DC will not complain too much about his constant flip-flops, incompetencies and screw-ups.

    Obama knows that liberal queers have nowhere else to go politically. What are they going to do – impeach him? Vote for the GOP? He has them by the short and curlies. Three months ago, he muzzled them with the fiscal crisis. Next year, he’ll muzzle them with the midterm elections. It is an utter waste of time expecting much from the gay leadership, let alone the grass-roots, in gay DC.

    Earth to the gay and lesbian community in DC – you got what you wanted. Happy Pride.