GLAAD Condemns Assault on Perez Hilton, Asks Him to Apologize

GLAAD yesterday issued a statement in response to the altercation between Perez Hilton and manager Polo Molina at Toronto's MuchMusic awards.

Will Said GLAAD Senior Director of Media Programs Rashad Robinson: While not all the facts in this case are known, the violence that
appears to have been committed against Perez Hilton is unacceptable and
ought to be condemned in the strongest possible terms."

The group has also asked Perez to apologize for language he used during the altercation: "I don't need to respect you and you're a f**. You're gay and stop being such a f***ot."

Wrote GLAAD: "These are vulgar anti-gay slurs that feed a climate of hatred and
intolerance toward our community. For someone in our own community
to use it to attack another person by saying that it is, quote, ‘The
worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,’ is incredibly
dangerous. It legitimizes use of a slur that is often linked to
violence against our community. And it sends a message that it is OK to
attempt to dehumanize people by exploiting anti-gay attitudes.”

UPDATE: Perez says GLAAD further victimized him.


  1. Mark says

    The “violence … against Perez Hilton”? What BS. He ran his mouth in someone’s face and that someone popped him with their fist. Been happening since the dawn of man I’d guess. Also makes for some great movie scenes – wish he would have gotten those two Mommie Dearest slaps.

  2. Steve says

    As far as I’m concerned, Lavandeira got what he deserved. Even another f using the “f” word so vehemently against another f deserves to get his ass kicked.

  3. Dan says

    If someone called me a faggot I’d punch him in the face, too. (Or at least have one of my straight friends do it!) I hate Perez Hilton and FINALLY someone knocked him out. He should learn to not run his mouth so much!

  4. Rovex says

    Hes just jealous because despite being a ‘fag’ (in PHs eyes anyway) has a successful music and acting career and despite being a ‘fug meth face’ fergie has that hot piece as her husband. Its typical of the bitchy ugly queen mentality.

  5. Larry says

    While I don’t condone violence of any kind, there is a little sweetness in this considering Perez was such an asshat over the whole Dustin Lance Black thing. The only people hungrier for fame than Perez Hilton is that douchebag couple Spencer and Heidi.

  6. Marc says

    Why, oh why, are the folks over at GLAAD so incredibly worthless? They really are about as relevant as NOW these days.

    Perez Hilton has a pattern of bigoted name calling and actions…bitch, cunt, faggot, thug…all within the last few weeks…add to that the Dustin Lance Black photos that he published, as well as his daily actions on that website.

    He is just another bully, in a society which seems to exalt the worst possible behavior seeking attention. He gives no respect, he has earned no respect..I would say boycott him if I felt he was remotely relevant…he certainly does not, at this point, deserve our support or attention..

  7. Mark says

    I’m sure there are a multitude of women who consider his spats with females and his ultimately resorting to online videos and screaming “fucking bitch” and “fugly bitch” at them to be as offensive as screaming “faggot”. He did it again with Fergie in his most recent videos (that are getting hoots and hollers on sites from liberal leaning to moderate to ultra-conservative) and Fergie ought to pop him, too.

  8. Qjersey says

    Gee someone got punched in the face for calling a straight guy a f*ggot. Shocking.

    Perez provoked the entire thing… just to further his own celebrity.

  9. east 55th street manhattan says

    Rovex its funny you bring up the “typical bitchy ugly queen mentality” because thats about half the douche-bags who read this blog.Except they are old.

  10. David says

    perez needs to keep his mouth shut or else, he will get more fists in his face. what did he want? an ice cream?

    nobody can get away with calling another person a hateful name and not expect to get something back.

  11. mike in oly says

    When is this idiots 15 minutes going to be over? And why is his hateful spewing considered news and the deserved response?

    I think I’ll buy some BEP tracks just as a thank you.

  12. nic says

    to rave against perez hilton makes no sense. no one, no person has a right to lay his/her hands upon another without permission. as someone once said, “your freedom of speech ends when your fist hits my face”. as much as many of us dislike perez, there is no excusing violence. if i were to punch everyone in the face that i find annoying, i would be constantly in the hoosegow. i am on perez’s side.

  13. Clay says

    I disagree with the blanket rejection of violence by some posters. This is not a gay bashing of some guy walking down the sidewalk. This is a vicious asshole shooting his mouth off, again, and finally being held to account for it. The only downside is that he gets to pretend he’s a martyr. Perez is a vicious, bullying, instigating bastard who frankly could have used a shot in the mouth a long time ago. Good for the little prick. The fact that he’s gay is irrelevant. He’s a shitstain first and foremost.

  14. Sean says

    1.) Why is GLAAD mediating a bitchfight between Will i am and Hilton? Have they nothing better to do?
    2.) Why on earth would we care what happens to Hilton? ever!
    3.) Hilton, an out gay man used the f word as an insult…Bring him over and I’ll punch him in the beezer once or twice on general principle.
    4.)Hilton is a waste of time and human flesh.

  15. casey nunez says


  16. Seth says

    I hope all the old perverts that write comments on this website get beaten soon. That’s what you wish to Perez, that’s what you all should get.
    You are all freaks !!!!

  17. Billy says

    I absolutely love Perez Hilton. He is nice and funny. I enjoy reading his website every day. Thanks Perez for all the nice things you have done for us, keep doing them.

  18. nic says


    i would like to punch you in your eye-sockets. does that cozy up to your comfort level? i don’t like what you say, therefore, i can beat you down. listen to what you are saying, asshole.

  19. paul c says

    This could have been a good excuse for the grotesque and still obese Mario to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife and try to have the face of a human put on to replace that porcine pustule he has now.

  20. 1fanboy2many says

    Most entertaining thing that’s happened all summer. I know that not everyone likes clowns, but who doesnt’s like fighting clowns? That’s funny, funny stuff. Thanks guys. By the way, I think it would work well on film too. Imagine… two clowns fighting over a rubber chicken, a couple of thrown pies, and one of those skits where Will i am’s posse can all fit in a VW.

  21. TJ says

    could perez also please apologize for being gay? we don’t want him… and apologize for being human? we don’t want him… and apologize for his very existence? we don’t want him

  22. Philip Wester says

    For the love of penises, it doesn’t matter if he called (or however the hell he spells his “nick”) a “fag” or whatever. It doesn’t matter that this was not gay bashing.

    It was an ACT OF VIOLENCE. Perez Hilton has a RIGHT to say hateful things. However, NO ONE has a right to lay a hand on him, whether he “deserves” it or not.

    You know what rational people do when someone calls them bad names? Walk away.

  23. Rudy says

    I’m so glad everyone here is happy that perez got punched in the face. he’s been emotionally damaging people for years, it’s about time he got a taste of his own medicine. I saw his side on his site and everyone was saying how sorry they felt for him. Uhm, perez thinks he can throw around the word faggot just because he’s gay? I’m sure the guy doesn’t even know the ORIGIN of the word…

  24. Wheezy says

    It’s all right to punch somebody because they called you a mean name? Are we still on the playground? Are we still 8 years old? Grow up. That goes for the majority of commenters on Towleroad, Will.I.Am, and Perez Hilton. I expect grade school kids to act this way, not adults. Grow up and act like *real* men.

  25. Jhon says

    The only thing more immature than Perez Hilton are the gay men that are grandstanding by slamming him. (you know who you are.) Please, let’s move on to more important topics.

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