1. DD says

    Andrew Sullivan is doing an amazing job covering the events in Iran. Glad to see it here too – it should add as a little bit of perspective for those of us who live in the west and take the freedom they’re fighting for as a given.

  2. Robert says

    I feel so helpless. I wish there was something I could do to help, but the only thing I feel I can do is hope that the brave men and women protesting can make some sort of progress.

  3. Terry says

    Did you guys see the video of that poor girl shot and killed in front of the cameras. It’s probably the most chilling thing I’ve ever seen, and shows what is at stake. (The video and related images are on Andrew Sullivan’s site.)

    I hope and pray the Iranian government doesn’t get away with this, and that the people keep fighting until the mullahs are toppled.

    PS If they can stand up to the Basij and all the thugs in Iran, we can stand up for our rights here…

  4. Paul R says

    So many of the photos on Sullivan’s site are absolutely wrenching. Still, they give me some hope that these brave people will succeed.

    The government has done so many awful things, but dumping acid from helicopters is just grotesque; a barbarism that seems medieval.

  5. jimmyboyo says

    Great article by Roger Cohen

    He mentions how many times it is the women at the fore front and of their pushing the men to rise up.

    I don’t know, but I do believe the regime is finished. If for some reason the regime survives, iran still will never be the same. These women will not go quietly back into submission.



    One way we in the US can help is by supporting protests here. DC, NY, and LA have protests going on. If nothing else pick up a crate of bottled water from your local store and drop it off for the protesters.


    I’ve mentioned it before…..Sullivan’s work makes me giddy over the irony of an open and proud gay man contributing to this. Ahmadine-crazy says Iran has no gays


  6. Chad says

    Um, excuse me, but what is this news even doing on this site? What does this have to do with gay news? Is Britney touring over there or something? Bitch please! Stick to things we want to hear about.

  7. unokhan says

    no one much believes anymore andrew sullivan’s take on international events after 2003. his reportage in this case should send up skeptical flags.

  8. Aaron Rowland says

    Ignore Chad. Many of us appreciate the update and link.

    Remember, it’s “More than gay news, for more gay men.”

  9. says

    I saw video of people being killed, and one is of a man dying in front of the camera and friends screaming, trying to help. I hate seeing things like that. I mean, I understand that the information must get out there. People have to know what is happening. I can’t watch it, though; it’s terrible and sickening. Just awful. I had to turn away.

  10. whiwo says

    I’m sorry Chad that you are so dense and shallow that you can’t appreciate any other news than who made a porn before they became famous or Britney’s public breakdowns, etc. This is REAL life and it breaks my heart to see these people fight for the democracy that we take for granted. Open your mind, there’s more to life than just your little self-centered world.

  11. Bayley says

    I have many Persian friends. They have been so supportive of who I am, my rights, and my freedom as a gay man. The younger generation see the struggles of their people in their home country and thus….GET IT. For that (and because I love everything about the rich Persian culture) this story really tugs at my heart string. This is a country that had freedom, liberation and was considered “The Paris of the Middle East” whose sole revenue was tourism during the Shah administration. How things change.

    I look at these KIDS risking their lives, having boiling water from helicopters poured on them from their own governemnt (whom they did NOT vote into office) coupled with acid, gun shots, and as of just hours ago information has come out that they are going into people’s homes and shooting the woman and children first in front of the man of the house; yet all this does not curb their bravery and passion to fight for justice. It only manages to fuel these brave souls fire inside them. As a young man who was interviewed said “we’re not fighting for us, we can die any second. We’re fighting for the next generation”….

    To think, our election in 2000 was rigged as rig gets and even when granted the freedom to protest the results, we instead relected that mess back into office for another 4 years. These people can (and do) get shot on the head for voicing their opinions and fighting for their share of equality in the world…and yet they still do it with pride.

    If you all live in major U.S cities, please do lend your support for this civil rights for the people in Iran and attend one of these protests. Best way to gain an ally from another group toward your cause? be an ally to their cause first and do it with heart.

    I’m proud of the Iranian *PEOPLE* today.

    p.s~ Chad. Go back in the closet or perezhilton. ccom. Our community is so much better off without the Chad’s wasting space in it.

    Oh…and….WORLD PEACE!

  12. jimmyboyo says


    for the more shallow amongst us

    There are 4 Hot persian men in the pics at the dkos link

    3 of the 4 I consider HOT have the “family” vibe which makes one wonder how involved in the protests is the underground gay community in Iran

  13. says

    “Um, excuse me, but what is this news even doing on this site? What does this have to do with gay news? Is Britney touring over there or something? Bitch please! Stick to things we want to hear about.

    Posted by: Chad | Jun 20, 2009 10:31:57 PM”

    I get it. You were being Ironic! Sarcastic? Mischievous? Stupid?

  14. jimmyboyo says

    Cincinati namja

    Hopefully nothing what so ever till all is settled and then we send medical supplies and food if needed.

    US history of interfering in Iran, overthrowing their democratic parlimentary system and placing the shah as dictator, makes it so that we dare not do anything. Anything our gov does to overtly support the protesters would backfire on them by giving the regime a PR club….”America is behind this attack on Iran” that would unite many in supporting the regime

  15. Paul R says

    Jimmyboyo, sorry but your comment about the HOT men made me shudder given the context of this story.

    Not to mention, if you’ve ever been to a Middle Eastern or Southeast Asian country, you’d know that straight men are extremely affectionate with one another, very publicly. It’s not a gay thing, it’s just culturally accepted because the sexes are so often sequestered.

    And no matter what ends up happening, good or bad, Iran will never accept relief supplies from the US.

  16. gwyneth cornrow says

    Bayley: very good point. Why weren’t Americans this exercised about voter fraud eight years ago?
    The violence in Iran is terrible but I am suspicious of Andrew Sullivan. What’s his sudden interest in Iranian politics about?

  17. jimmyboyo says

    Paul R

    The point about ‘Hot Men” was to appeal to the shallow twits like chad to maybe look at the pictures. One expects that no human could look at pics coming from Iran and remain an uninterested twit. My stab at a littler political manipulation


    Yes, I know about middle eastern male interaction being different from us. I did travel through Egypt years ago pre 9/11. Some of the nicest people in the world I have ever met were the Egyptians. One of the greatest discussions I have ever had was with an Egyptian Philosophy professor who happened to be an atheist though he was raised muslim. I was hitch hiking up the east coast along the red sea and he gave me a ride. At that time, the ONLY country I would have recommended hitch hiking being a safe option.


    On Iran accepting relief supplies from the US. I think they would if done through the UN. They most likely will need such if what looks like a general strike in the works actually materializes. Supposedly Mousavi is in discussions with the petro Unions to go on strike. Supposedly people in Iran are being told to stock up on supplies in preparations for a general strike.

    If it materializes it will be the final nail in the coffin for the regime and the people will definitely need aid afterward. Directly from us? probably not but via the Un? YES