1. @bigolpoofter says

    Goddam! Could we have LEADERS, instead of political operatives of various persuasions spouting talking points that don’t inspire fundamental change to the status-effin’-quo?!

  2. adamblast says

    Why such angst, Obama? Gay servicefolk are being kicked out every day. Gay teens are killing themselves every day. Gay families are being denied the rights accorded to other families every day.

    Should we start sending ballpoint pens to the White House, the way blacks did to Kennedy when *HE* put civil rights on the back burner?

  3. David B. 2 says

    time to start banging on the front door of the White House or showing up each Sunday at Obama local place of worship in DC in pink maribou feathers… we’d get more action!

  4. Erkek adam says

    Why did Rep. Polis say people were discharged “merely because of who they choose to date?”
    Jared reduced being homosexual to being a choice of who to date. He also clearly made it sound like being gay is a choice, although I’m sure he did not mean to do so. Someone should emphatically tell him not to make that mistake again, as it plays into our enemies’ hands.

  5. says

    RE: JimSur212 “Hopefully Polis is an American first, a Democrat second and a homo third. That would be the appropriate order.”

    I think national identity would be an example of nurture and NOT nature.

    There is no patriot gene.

    I am who I am first and in theory my nation, the USA, is supposed to support and celebrate my freedom to be who I am and the right to express who I am freely.

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