1. 24play says

    Not sure why Andy’s reporting there will be a vote on marriage equality this afternoon. Paterson has set an agenda for today’s special session, and he’s put marriage equality at the top of the list. But Paterson can only force the senate into session; he can’t make them vote on anything. Yesterday only 5 of more than 50 pieces of legislation on Paterson’s agenda were actually voted on.

  2. John says

    It is doubtful any of the legislation they actually voted on are valid any way.

    There are two separate bodies – both claiming to be the “New York Senate” – right now. Each has 31 members. The Democrats stole the podium early on and were holding a meeting at the front of the chamber. While the Republicans were meeting in the back. Each Senate voted on and “passed” several bills yesterday. But since they were meeting as separate bodies (even though they were in the same room), it appears neither side had a quorum.

  3. JimSur212 says

    This is not a case of the State Senators being a bunch of clowns. This is a case of one State Senator named Pedro Espada being a self-serving snake.

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