1. says

    Everyone please go to the link below and read a new, outrageous Washington Post editorial OPPOSING a stop-loss order. Then e-mail them and tell them how stupidly written it is because 1. Obama’s DOJ already has DEFENDED DADT in their brief to the Supreme Court, and 2. they claim that there would be a backlash if Obama issued one just like the backlash Clinton experienced, and then, unintentionally, makes the case why that WOULDN’T happen because of the many ways attitudes about gays in the military in 2009 are the reverse of what they were in 1993 [save for some dinosaurs in the Jurrassic Park that is the Pentagon]. They, in fact, make NO case for opposing stop-loss because there ISN’T any. They don’t even question the legality of such an order, as some have tried in the past, because it’s entirely legal and various forms of stop-loss re gays goes all the way back to WWII.

    Their anti stop-loss/let’s just work on repeal blah blah blah angle could have been written by WH Excuse-Maker-in-Chief Robert Gibbs, and totally ignores that while repeal is stuck in the mud gays like those referenced in this demo are being discharged daily.

    It’s mindboggling coming from the Post which has been progressive on so many gay issues, and when their main competitor, the NY Times, has said that stop-loss SHOULD be considered, and countless others, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [hardly a Molotov cocktail thrower] and at least 77 Congressmen have said Obama should just do it!

    Hopefully, someone will point out to the WAPO’s editorial board the 265 WH demo and stop THEM from playing word games with peoples’ lives.

  2. Erkek adam says

    Please donate to SLDN at this time.
    Momentum is building every day for repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Please be generous and provide the support necessary to step up the pressure and we WILL see DADT repealed soon.

  3. RAY says

    I heard Lt. Choi speak at the “Meet in the Middle Rally” in Fresno,Ca. He is a commanding presence an execellent speaker an he speaks for all current an ex-military gay members. Hopefully, his message will be heard by the Power’s that Be,an the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy will be eliminated by our Military Officials. It is TIME…!