1. michael says

    YUCK! It looks awful. Makes him look like a slacker pothead, but I guess that’s what he’s going for.

  2. Jeff NYC says

    Sorry, guys. I think he looks like someone who enjoys having a good time having sex.

  3. David in Houston says

    If he’s still dating Carrie Prejean, he’s a dick… and ‘yeah’ the ‘stache looks stupid too.

  4. Cristián says

    File under US Magazine’s “Stars, they’re just like us!”.
    Today’s caption: “They have love handles!”

  5. jimmyboyo says

    yeah that looks like the top of his ass hanging out over partly pulled down too tight bottoms

    Not love handles at all. The dude barely has any body fat

  6. Marco says

    He has that nerdy, sweet look down pat. I’d blow him for every gold medal as a thank you for his Olympic performances.

  7. paul c says

    Fugly. Like Taylor Lautner. A hot body doesn’t make up for a heinous face. But Carrie Prejean and some of you guys think otherwise.

  8. TikiHead says

    The porn ‘stache will result in a poor air seal on the mouth of a bong. He’ll shave it off soon.

  9. Henry Holland says

    “The porn ‘stache will result in a poor air seal on the mouth of a bong. He’ll shave it off soon”


  10. yeah says

    yeah phelps we’re looking at you. the guy who f-ed up countless endorsement deals b/c you’re too much of a tool, wannabe dumbass. yeah you’re friggin’ flipper in the pool, but out of it: douche w/pornstache

  11. Brian says

    why do so many gay men find it necessary to be so hateful and judgemental..please look within yourselves and try to find the answer to this question..your future happiness may depend on it.

  12. Danny says

    i can’t believe the people posting here are silly enough to believe what PEOPLE tells them about him. Have you any idea how juvenile you sound? Or worse, you sound like gum-popping 14-year-olds at the mall.