News: Barney Frank, Astronauts, The Unborn, Mark Sanford, Mariah


Michelangelo Signorile talks to Barney Frank on gay rights issues, DOMA, etc.



Astronaut Alan Bean now paints the moon.


Mariah Carey wins Photoshop Lifetime Achievement Award for new album cover.


Queens, NY man killed over gay hustler fee.


If Daniel Radcliffe wanted to shock people, he wouldn't go nude, he'd play a gay drug dealer.


Thousands march peacefully in Jerusalem Gay Pride parade: "In past years, the gay pride event in the holy city
provoked violent protests, even stabbings, by ultra-Orthodox Jews and
extremists. But this year, except for one egg-throwing incident, there
were no clashes.
Police said they arrested the egg-tossing protester. Others put up
signs and demonstrated in an ultra-Orthodox section of Jerusalem, far
away from the parade."


Poland gets openly gay rabbi.



New technology creates model of unborn child using ultrasound.


Perez Hilton sues Black Eyed Peas manager, apologizes for using slur. Matthew Shepard Foundation rejects donation from Hilton: "We do not know the details of the lawsuit, whether it has been filed, the nature of his claims or the likely outcome. But because the lawsuit presumably involves the physical attack prompted by Mr. Hilton's admitted use of an anti-gay slur, the Foundation will be unable to accept any funds obtained in such a manner."


Madonna reveals title and release date of upcoming greatest hits album.


Nicole LeFavour, D-Boise, Idaho's only gay legislator, kicks off first-ever Pride Week in Twin Falls: "Tuesday's evening event downtown at Pandora's drew about 60 people.
LeFavour commended the group on holding the event in a conservative
area not known for progressive politics. 'To see this community
do what you are doing this year – and against all odds – is so
powerful,' she said. 'And I can't overstate how powerful it is to
changing policy in the state of Idaho. Nothing gives me more hope than
what is happening this week.'"


Governor Mark Sanford and mistress: emails. Rush Limbaugh says South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's infidelity is Obama's fault.



Almost Famous: 24 hours with Max Steele.


In case you were wondering: models do diet.

More insight into the phone call the Obama administration had with senior members of the LGBT Caucus: "We expect our president to lead, not follow. Support is something you
do when you run for president. Actually work towards passage of
legislation is something you do when you ARE president. What has Barack
Obama done since taking office to advance ENDA? And finally, not
a word about the anti-gay DOJ brief comparing us to incest and
pedophilia. Apparently, we don't even merit an explanation, let alone
an apology."


Eddie Cibrian tools around on his hog.


Alexis Arquette hangs around with 'Hung' dude Thomas Jane.


Randi Reitan: I ask President Obama for full equality for my gay son. "My youngest child is gay. As parents we were ignorant about
homosexuality when Jacob came out to us as a 16 year old young man
eleven years ago. We embraced him and we told him we loved him that
night, but we were clueless about what it meant to be gay. We had to educate ourselves. Another part of your message on Sunday
addressed the importance of education. I ask you now to educate
yourself about homosexuality."


  1. Tom says

    The Perez thing is a mess and the Matthew Shepard Foundation does great work but it’s a little late for them to get sactimonious about donations seeing they’ve taken money from Coors for years.

    Coors was forced to clean up their act for gay employees years ago but the money some family members make from the company still goes directly into the coffers of rabidly antigay groups like the Heritage Foundation on whose board the family matriarch still sits as far as I know. It’s all complicated now because Coors has merged with gay-friendly companies but MSF took money from them for years before then.

    Heal thy own self!

  2. paul c says

    People who are actually giving money to charity to be charitable don’t send out press releases announcing it. Especially when they don’t even have the money yet.

    I guess the p.o.s. thought he could sway the jury down the road and attempt to make himself look better in the present all in one fell swoop.

  3. Paul R says

    I’d never heard of him before, but now I want to be Max Steele for a few days. Too bad I didn’t take my offer from Sarah Lawrence lo those many years ago.

    Daniel Radcliffe is far too obsessed with gays. Does he ever do interviews where he doesn’t bring up gays in some way?

    Keep talking, Limbaugh. You’re helping the Republican party as much as its cheating elected officials.

    The Coors thing is complicated, but the company itself has cleaned up its act. What individual members of the family do with their fortunes is beyond the company’s control.

  4. Tom says

    “What individual members of the family do with their fortunes is beyond the company”…

    Perhaps, but what money gay groups decide to take IS within their control and NO gay group, including MSF should be taking money from the same profits that also gives money to people who promoted the very homophobia that helped lead to Matthew Shepard’s death.

    It’s called not having it both ways.

  5. Gabriel says

    I went to Sarah Lawrence with Max Steele (and unfortunately I cannot claim to be a lesbian of any shape or size). This was only 3 years ago… So bizarre to see him featured here, but not entirely surprising! He’s always had that it-ness thing going on.

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