Michigan Lawmaker Launches Effort to Repeal State’s Gay Marriage Ban

Michigan State Rep. Pam Byrnes announced a joint resolution on Saturday that would have to be approved by 2/3 of the state legislature before going to voters on the 2010 ballot. The measure would repeal the state's amendment declaring marriage between a man and a woman, the Chicago Tribune reports:

Byrnes "The proposal would be opposed at every step by many of the same
groups that successfully supported the 2004 campaign, including the
Catholic Church. The 2004 ballot measure passed by a 59 percent to
41 percent margin.
Byrnes said same-sex couples deserve the same rights as
opposite-sex couples in state law.
'No doubt, it will be a fight,' Byrnes said. 'But we're
seeing some attitudes change.' 
Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of
Michigan, said he doubts even a simple majority of the Democrat-led
House would overturn the 2004 statewide vote. 'But it does make for high drama, as political theater goes, to
announce such radical legislation during a homosexual 'rights'
rally, even though it'll never see the light of day thereafter,'
Glenn said."

Byrnes announced the legislation at a gay rights rally in Lansing. Recent polls show a "seismic" shift in support for same-sex marriage and gay rights issues in the state.


  1. philberto says

    Even challenges that may well fail are important. Eventually these groups will realize the financial cost is too much to continue to fight the increasing acceptance of same sex marriage by society. So fight on even if it seems hopeless. When these hate mongers bank accounts are empty they will give up.

  2. Disgusted Gay American says

    hmmm, and I cant stand that commerical from actor Jeff Daniels promoting Michigan….I’d NEVER go there under the circumstances that exist now for LGBT people…they have NO rights at all in Michigan. ..and Mr Daniels keeps promoting businesses to move to that state???

  3. woodroad34 says

    Having grown up in Michigan (Kalamazoo, to be specific), I found it a great place to live — commonsense people, salt of the earth kind of thing. Then somewhere in the mid-to-late 70’s things changed. They started becoming the Idaho of the Midwest (radically rebpublican and gun crazy). I think it had something to do with Survivalist Viet Nam Vets. It made me glad I left. Now it seems to be slowly coming back to the Michigan I knew and grew up in. Good Luck to Mz Byrnes…I hope she’s at the forefront of a return to commonsense there.

  4. Marty says

    Despite his rampant marital infidelities, Attorney General Mike Cox will make it a personal mission to prevent this from going anywhere. Just wait and see. This is one of his pet issues and he’s running for governor in 2010. His own hypocrisy is, of course, completely lost on him.

  5. tommyboy says

    My family has been in michigan since the mid 1800’s..I have been kicked out of a career of 27 years due to the failures of the government, the auto industry and the banking system. I have paid taxes all my adult life, never been arrested or been a burden on the school system or local governments in any way, (until unemployment came along). I have been denied my rights when other progressive states like Iowa have granted them to their citizens. These people are not the ones I want to run into on a daily basis for the rest of my life. As soon as someone buys this house i am outta here, no looking back, and I can’t wait.