1. Daws says

    Lame. My opinion of Obama is sinking…fast. He doesn’t believe that the government should step in and define marriage but that’s exactly what it did with interracial marriage. Of course the government should step in when our constitutional rights are being violated.

  2. Terry says

    Unfortunately, the stated committment to repeal DOMA has been stricken from the White House website

    This White House is going to be increasingly left behind on marriage equality in this country. New Hampshire just voted for marriage equality. That’s 6 states now. New York State can very well be the 7th. I still don’t quite understand how President Obama can say that he’s a friend of gay and lesbian people who want to get married and still push civil unions at the same time. Civil unions are still, however he wants to frame it, separate but equal in this country. And as long as we have separate but equal in this country, we’ll always be second class citizens. Period.

  3. sparks says

    It’s odd that he sanctions a “Gay Pride Month” before gays even have full civil rights. Can you imagine a politician suggesting a “Black History Month” in 1965?

    I mean, it’s not like gays are being denied their right to vote or anything else as obvious, but we’re certainly not being treated as equal citizens, either.

    Just another reason to despise the organized religions which expect the world to adopt their versions of morality — based on ancient text which also happens to condone slavery and dictate murder for marital indiscretions that those same religious people are willing to overlook or accept.

    When someone suggests “God’s word” as a reason to deny gays full equal marriage, I think it’s important to point out what OTHER laws are commanded in their very own bible, and ask them why THOSE laws were “just for that era” but why a few bits of misinterpreted text (not even commandments) are given eternal carte blanche when it comes to men laying with men.

  4. says

    OMG! These brief but illuminating words by Obama have finally clarified for me, where he truly places the concerns and needs of LGBT people in America. There was absolutely no passion, no heart, no real connection to our cause and struggle for civil rights in his anwswer. His response seems particularly cold in the shadow of his speech to the Muslim world just delivered in Cairo. This is bad news for us all around and a clarion call to take our cause to the streets. I was on the fence as to whether Obama was just waiting for the right time to do what’s right for us, but after that dead fish response I got the feeling that we are a more a nuisance to him than anything else. I am chilled to the bone.

  5. Blitze says

    Why doesnt he stop recognizing blacks and white marriages and call them civil unions. I am disgusted at Obamas non reaction to the gay plight for equal rights given his background. What happened to all men are created equal? Religion has no place in politics…. haha God Bless America. Thank GOD I live in Canada

  6. realitythink says

    Hope has faded. I didn’t think it would happen so soon, very disappointing.

  7. Wayne says

    He supports so called “separate but equal” civil unions (though he failed to mention his own home state of Illinois failed to enact even those attempts at pretend equality). And the federal government shouldn’t be in the marriage busines? WELL WHAT ABOUT THE FEDERAL DOMA LAW? WTF?!

  8. Nick says

    This is not news. Obama does not care-period. He lacks passion in almost everything. He is more of the same- just a different package. I feel genuinely sorry for the folks that believed in their heart he was different than the rest. Irrespective of parties -the politicos don’t care about civil rights for LGBT people. They will pander to the religious reich first, last and always.

  9. John K. says

    As others here have alluded to, if Obama thinks the federal government shouldn’t be determining what marriage is, then the federal government needs to accept each individual state’s definition of what marriage is, even those states which have defined marriage as the union of two consenting adult persons regardless of gender. And, Obama’s federal government does NOT recognize the states’ definition of marriage. I’m getting so sick of Obama because he’s obviously a smart man, so he knows he’s full of shit when he says this stuff, which makes these responses simply insulting to our intelligence.

  10. JEZ says

    Apparently, Obama wants to have shoes thrown at him as well! Keep at it Barack, and before you know it, your term will end in you dodging a shoe as well.

  11. PM says

    Good comments :)
    Bad, bad, bad segment though – the smart thing to have done would have been at least pretending to care.

    As pointed out by many of the above folk, it also doesn’t help that he clearly has no actual intent to get federal government out of “the business of determining what marriage is”.
    Pretty shameful overall.

  12. Voet says

    We recently received a mailing from the DNC. It asked us to mail back (in a postage paid envelope they provided) a “letter to President Obama.” Of course the purpose was to raise money.

    My “letter” said that until Obama did something substantive for LGBT folks, the DNC should not expect any more money from our household. I suggest others do the same. Maybe if Dems see us withholding money and know the reason why, they will pressure Obama to make good on some of his promises.

  13. woodroad34 says

    I watched the first part of this series on Monday and was not impressed. He seemed arrogant and detached. He even dissed Brian on air at one point when Brian tried to get the cameras away from Obama and Michelle saying he wanted to give them some privacy. My honeymoon with him is over and I don’t care how long he’s been president, he seems to turn on and turn off with alarming frequency and I’m beginning to feel more manipulated than I had been warned I would.

  14. sjorgl says

    So if the Federal government has no role in defining marriage, Obama should actively be seeking the repeal of DOMA, right?
    Didn’t he pledge to lead? On what issues is he leading exactly?

  15. excy says

    “I don’t think that it makes sense for the federal government to get in the business of determining what marriage is, that isn’t traditionally the federal governments role.”

    Can it be any clearer? This guy is NOT going to advance the cause. He obviously does not see this as a civil rights/equality issue. But he and his advisors will eventually be proved wrong. NEVER accept civil unions.

    So, do it state by state. It seems that that is how things work in the USA. Keep positive. Good things happen to honest people. Love will always prevail over hate.

    In Canada, two devout practising Catholic Prime Ministers recognized the importance of granting equal rights to all citizens. The first, as Minister of Justice in 1967, introduced the omnibus bill which states, in a nutshell, that the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. The second, stated that “”We’re a nation of minorities and in a nation of minorities you don’t cherry-pick rights.” On July 30, 2005 the Civil Marriage Act became law. Obviously, in order for these bills become law, the majority of elected federal representatives believed in the complete separation of church and state.

    In essence, the USA is a much more conservative country than Canada. It will take more time, there will be more resistance. Keep up the pressure.

  16. MikeMick says

    @ VOET
    Agreed. I’ve done the same thing to the DNC, Obama’s campaign and Time to take some scalps.

  17. Phil says

    I’m a British guy and my husband (legally married here in England) is an American guy. We were forced out of our home in the US last October because my visa ran out and, of course, the real reason – gay marriage is not federal law. We lived in New Jersey and PA for 16 years. “Well, can’t you just…? say people. No, we can’t just….it’s not legal. For you, the straights, yes. For us? NO.

  18. Rafa says

    Do you guys really think thats he is going to take such an important stand while the economy and the market are in such bad shape… he wants to be re-elected and if the str8s find out that he fixed gay guys what they wanted but not the economy or the market… all hell will brake loose!

    He cant help the gays until he helps the str8ties.. thats just the way it will work! he has to seem pre-ocuppied with the economy and security! and if that goes well… then he can make the rest of us happy.

  19. Eric says

    I’m glad I didn’t vote for him.

    If he doesn’t think the federal government should determine what marriage is, then he should be more than willing to repeal DOMA and take away all the federal benefits given to married couples.

    I never understood why everyone thought that Obama represented HOPE and CHANGE. It’s just the same old shit. Just because he says some words a lot doesn’t mean that it is true.

    If it were that easy, I would have the body of a Greek god already.

  20. Rafa says

    Maybe we should stop being such a big group of sorceres who only care about gay marriage and thank him for being very busy at fixing this country in a way that helps every man and woman. gay or str8.

  21. liz templin says

    uh….is marriage (for heterosexuals) a federal issue or a state issue?

    if the federal level shouldn’t determine what marriage is, why should the states? i must be an idiot, because this doesn’t make sense

  22. says

    I told y’all so. Nobody wanted to believe me, now he is showing his true colors.

    But I agree with Rafa, at this present time I need money in my pocket. Let him fix the economy so we all can afford our big lavish weddings.

    Maybe if you queens start showing selflessness and come together with the country to fix the economy, people would start thinking of us differently. I know it’s not fair but most of these people hold our future in there hands.

  23. says

    Obama is like FDR when women wanted the right to vote. As a Democratic president FDR was clearly dragging his feet on suffrage and the Democratic Party had the most power it had ever had in years. People were wary of confronting him because he was a wartime president and the economy was in need of fixing. Women were told to be silent and wait and win their rights “state by state”.

    Had women listened to that poppycock back then, they’d still be chattle today! Gay people today should do what the women did back then. Boycott everything and annoy the hell out of Congress daily. Line up in front of the front door of the White House and pledge to boycott the Democratic Party and all support of the president whatsoever until something significant is done. No other group in history got their rights while being patient and kind.

  24. Jeffrey says

    What a terrible dodge his answer was.
    The federal government HAS to step in to fix this whole mess. Every state recognizes every other state’s ‘opposite’ marriage because it would be absurd not too. Straight couples would never stand for their marriages not to be valid in the entire country. But this absurdity is precisely what we have to deal with, so we need federal uniformity to recognize our marriages, DPs, and civil unions. Plus the federal government is involved when it comes to Social Security, taxes, immigration, etc. What utter bullsh*t! Obama continues to let us down at every turn.

  25. stephen k says

    Rafa, stop being such a sycophant. It’s embarrassing.

    Besides, what part of bailing out Wall Street and taking owner of ship of shitty, broke companies and pretending to come down on credit card companies and shutting out single-payer advocates was helpful to the average American? Give me a break.

  26. ichabod says

    @Andy: “Imho it was perhaps the most hesitant, the most uneasy the President had been in the entire two hours”

    Well, I’ve yet to watch the whole 2 hours, but he seemed like his usual dry, tweedy self to me.

    As far as throwing up our hands and saying “we’re screwed” take that energy and hold his flipping feet to the fire. Unbridled complaining works best when it’s applied constructively. Obama is in real danger of having egg on his face on this issue very soon (he’s already pretty sticky). If he has to be embarrassed into action, then so be it. Call. Write. March. Drill this man with some hardcore tough love. As a politician he is NOT going to want to be seen as “behind the times” and the louder we and our allies are, the more he will be pressured to step up and do what he should’ve done in the very beginning.

  27. peterparker says

    Jim Messina is 100% correct when he says the president’s commitment has not wavered. It was never there to begin with.

  28. jjasonham says

    Interesting comments here, as usual. It is absolutely mind boggling to watch commenters declare Obama as the worst president, an incompetent politician, and a secret gay-hater. You speak in hyperbole, and you have no real interest in being productive in promoting the cause, it seems, just the end results. But then again, I do remember the deep study of civil rights I had in one of my undergrad classes. Malcolm X and Dr King wanted the same things, but who earned more influence in the larger scheme of things? Who’s words and actions were weightier with the ones who could bring the change in the lives of African Americans? Dr. King, and his realistic, pragmatic, analytical, political positioning. He most certainly didn’t get there by berating the ones he needed to convince, and he certainly DIScouraged others fighting for the cause from doing so. What is interesting, though, is that the actions Malcolm X made Dr King’s revolutionary ideals seem more reasonable. Maybe we all have a place in this movement.

  29. MikeMick says

    @ RAFA and CAJIVA
    Thanks for letting us in on the secret; Obama is such a dumbass that he can only do one thing at a time. Or maybe it’s not that. Maybe he doesn’t have anyone else in the White House working for him. He’s so busy making the coffee, sharpening the pencils, changing the toner in the West Wing printer, saving the auto industry, bailing out the banks and walking his new Portuguese water dog all by himself that he can’t give an encouraging answer to a major civil rights question concerning A GROUP HE ACTIVELY COURTED DURING THE CAMPAIGN. Fuck the both of you ass drools. Go join the Fox News blog.

  30. Marc C says

    Obama is done for in 2012. I don’t care if a Republican DOES get elected. I can be just as spiteful as that stupid nigger is.

  31. Jeffrey says

    @Rafa and Cajiva:
    There are plenty of other folks on his ass about the economy. We need to be on his ass about our equal rights. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, nobody else is going to do it. If he needs to deal with the economy first and plans to help us later, he could have SAID so.
    Quit trying to make excuses for his empty promises and backpedaling. The people who are content to sit and wait are part of the problem.

  32. Michaelo @ says

    “reversing the gay ban”???? WRONG Politico! You haven’t been listening closely or consistently enough.

    The verb [STILL only in the form of another “promise”] shifted weeks ago from “repeal” or “reverse” to “change.”

    Neither “Repeal” nor “Reverse” are synonyms for “change” in any published dictionary. But perhaps our next weekly request for more donations to Obama Nation will include an opportunity to buy the new OED—”Obama’s English Dictionary” where “full equality for LGBT Americans” is already a synonym for “separate but equal.”

    Then there’s the line in his recylced proctological Pride statement [as in “you’d have to have your head up your ass to believe it”] claiming he will “end the EXISTING policy.” TRANSLATION: tweak it NOT throw it out entirely and let open gays serve.

    What’s bubbling in the mostly male witches’ cauldron deep in the impacted bowels of the Pentagon?

    Someone is trying to imagine a way the sow’s ear of DADT can be turned into a silk purse, a new “version” of the policy that civil libertarians, gay and straight, will swallow. DADT Lite anyone?

    Some may recall that before the existing half-century plus-old policy was tweaked a bit and reborn as a law called DADTDP in 1993, the government suggested they might try a “separate but equal” version of the ban…gays could serve but they’d be housed separately, etc., etc., much like blacks served but were segregated before Truman’s courageous Executive Order.

    That balloon was immediately shot at by outraged gays and straights but probably fell to earth primarily from the weight of its own financial and logistical absurdity.

    Others suggested that gay soldiers would only have to be closeted while “on duty”….and COUNTLESS people, including many gays and some straight mainstream media think that’s, in fact, the law now. Sounds ALMOST reasonable until one thinks of the inequality, lies, subterfuge that would be enforced on them…and not on straight soldiers…during the majority of their time in the service.

    But even that wasn’t bad enough for Sam Nunn and his homohating Pentagon pals. And “Don’t Tell” means “don’t tell anyone, anytime, anywhere.” There are a couple of exceptions but even your own mother isn’t one of them. And even if it’s discovered you’d come out to her BEFORE enlisting, you’ll be discharged for the “crime” is simply “being gay.”

    Until REPEAL, or even the entirely LEGAL interim freeze of discharges that he REFUSES to do, even were he NOT now defending the DADT in court, Obama is guilty of the same bowing “to fear and
    prejudice” for which, in 2007, he indicted others in 1993.

  33. says

    What a bunch of whiny pants. I would rather the President be working on the economy and keeping his 64% approval rating long enogh for things to get so good that the Republicans can’t block whatewver efforts he makes on our behalf later.

    Remember what happened to Clinton. You bunch call Clinton all sorts of names because he didn’t fight till the death for us. He tried and got beat back by the beasts on the right.

    Run for office. Join your local political party. Get off your moany little asses and make your own change. Volunteer for local campaigns of people who are on our side. Until you do, STF.

    I learned as a Hillary supporter, this man seems to play politics like chess. While we are bitching (and until recently I was one of the loudest bitching) Obama is looking four moves ahead. If we keep up with this moaning and complaining the right wing will use it and exploit it to drive a wedge between gays and Obamas base. That means they will turn to Blacks, Hispanics and women and say, “look, the gays are trying to bring your guy down.” It has already started with this constant stream of press on any Gay who grabs a megaphone.

    I’m not saying roll over and play dead by any means. We should all really apply our best letter writing skills to the President. More importantly, we have to start right in our local precincts and city halls with hard work and our time.

    The civil rights movement worked for two reasons. There was a strong leader and no one thought it would happen over night. We have no leader in the LGBT community and we , in the modern world, want everything at internet speed.

    That aint how life works.

  34. jjasonham says


    Women won their right to vote in 1920, 13 years before FDR even became president. Please clarify what you’re talking about if I got it wrong.

  35. jjasonham says

    INAPPROPRIATE MarcC. Wouldn’t be surprised if you just googled Obama and posted that on every board that would let you. You weak, bitter person.

  36. jjasonham says

    @ Jeffrey

    “If we don’t stand up for ourselves, nobody else is going to do it. If he needs to deal with the economy first and plans to help us later, he could have SAID so.”

    It’s one thing to stand up for your rights and hold a politician’s feet to the fire. It’s another thing to hold that same politician to some unreasonable standard that wasn’t absolutely explicit. To think that there just isn’t enough “change” to go around is just ridiculous.

    “It’s the economy or gay rights! It’s the environment or gay rights! It’s world peace or gay rights! No way we can do both by prioritizing! All at once or not enough!! RIGHT NOW OR YOU HATE GAYS!!” That’s what I hear when I read posts like that.

    And another thing, no one has showed me the quote from the Obama campaign that explicitly told us when to expect a repeal in DADT or DOMA. Where was it that Obama said, “Gay rights first, then the economy” ? Until then, hold feet to fire, and don’t expect the house be finished before the building contract ink is dry. If you haven’t noticed, the gay rights momentum is snowballing.

  37. ugotmeinsd_619 says

    SO when he married Michelle it wasn’t about love & starting a life together & family together, it was about having legal rights & shared benefits???


  38. says

    Derek and JAson:

    The Civil Rights movment in the 1960s advanced only because there were both MLK and Malcolm X. Both inspiration and fear were necesary. Our rights will only advance when our enemies fear us.

    Terrorism works. Look at how effective it has been for the Catholic church and others who oppose abortion.

    Because of people like you who will support Democratic candidates as they celebrate pride by paying tribute to Ronald Reagan, our political threats have no muscle.

  39. stephen k says

    BTW, I hope no one has forgotten his 90 second “meeting” (photo op) with Judy Shepard as an example of just how much Obama cares.

  40. AS13 says

    I don’t feel let down because I never supported or believed in his “CHANGE”. We’re already creating our own change state by state. Look at how far we’ve come in the last few months without his help. Please stop your support of Obama. During the next election only give support to a candidate that has shown concrete evidence of their support for us.

  41. Jeffrey says

    That’s disgusting. Take that sh*t to your favorite neo-nazi blog and never come back.

  42. Kugel says

    Just a recommendation before some of us start listening to the siren call of the Log Cabin: take off safe search on Google, and search images: “Iraq War Dead” and “Katrina”. Really.

    There’s a lot more going on than this one issue, which we are going to win anyway.

  43. Michael @ says

    “what happened to Clinton”??? DEREK, DEREK. You REALLY need to buy a new calendar. They should be more than half off by now.

    When you do you’ll discover that it’s no longer 1993. Hasn’t been for 16 years during which time America’s support for gay equality have progressed to such a degree that not just we stupid, pathetic, whiny gays but even STRAIGHT mainstream media are calling Obama a hypocrite for his broken promises and chicken shit hiding behind bumbling talking heads who keep contradicting each other about what’s really going on.

    Brian Williams would have done better to remind Obama of what he told Ellen in October of 2007:

    “You know what I would do is IMMEDIATELY set up a civil union that is equal in federal rights so that all the states, all the rights that are conferred by the states are the same for gays and lesbians, same sex couples as for any other couple.”

    Now that is STILL a variation of “separate but equal” but it is the OPPOSITE of what he is DOING now which is

    N O T H I N G.

  44. Ben says

    He took our money and our votes. It’s time to get both back. I have just registered as an independent and canceled my affiliation with the DNC. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us hundreds of times, well…

  45. jjasonham says

    Really Landon? Really? So these politicians are our enemies now? We want politicians to fear us? How about the rest of America? Since they aren’t actively progressing our cause, they’re our enemies…and we want them to fear us? Wrong. That is not how you win your rights…especially as a minority group. It is especially enlightening that you see the Gay Cause as a terrorist cell, when, clearly, there are many people (NOM for example) who would be more than willing to flat out call us that on live broadcasts. Malcolm X (or at least his followers) thought MLK’s approach was weak and passive. MX’s approach probably increased the urgency of the cause, but it’s most important effect, IMO, was how it stood as a foil to the MLK approach. MLK was no less persistant, even though he protested. It was reasonable and reasoned, diplomatic and forecful, analytic and impassioned! All at once. Fear is taking the Bush route to solve a problem….and we all see how that worked out.

  46. Chitown Kev says

    Marc C.

    Uh, if you think you can get as many national votes as that “stupid nigger” you go right ahead, sweetie. We see what out and out silly ass racism is getting the Republicans: nothing.

    We are doing a pretty good job venting here without the racism. Shut the fuck up.

  47. Rocco says

    No MarcC, President Obama is NOT stupid, one would have to be stupid himself to imply otherwise.

    What IS stupid is racism. You represent the worst among us.

    The President may be many things, some of them not very pleasant, but he is not stupid or spiteful. I do not claim to know him, but I would guess it would be indifference, arrogance, or maybe fear. I think his behavior could also be due to other, more important (to him) concerns. As much as I hate to admit it, I also think that others here have a reasonable point. The man has been in office less than six months!

    As much as I think he deserves some slack, his lack of any significant encouragement/comment is more than troubling.

    As a contrast, look at what he has(or not)
    done for African-Americans….a community to which he himself belongs. What tangible things has he done for them thus far???
    He received considerable criticism from that group during the election for not doing more public advocacy.

    As a couple of commentators here already said, we must help ourselves also. What have each of us done about this? A look at the disasterous results of Prop. 8’s passage in California provides a good indication of what can happen if we care so little ourselves about obtaining equality.

    I have rambled on long enough, but I think he deserves much more time and consideration than what this board is affording him. A lot of these commentators have been against him from the start.

    Oh, and MarcC, I hope to God you have not reproduced, or that you never will. I hope you have no children in your sad, little life. Your hatred, ignorance, and racism
    need to end with you. STFU unless you have something constructive to say/suggest.

  48. Jake says

    Jim Messina is almost as full of it as Obama. Funny how the WH is supposedly “working with congress” or “working with the Pentagon” but when you ask congress or the Pentagon they don’t know WTF the WH is talking about.

    O has lost the support of any self respecting LGBT person, because we see what he really believes now and it isn’t pretty.

  49. BC says

    Obama loves the gays!! Obama loves the gays!! Oh wait – Obama loves the gays’ money!! Obama loves the gays’ money!! In 2012, he will love the gays again. And how many will fall for it, again?

  50. Rocco says

    Regarding my post above: when I wrote that Obama “has not made any signifcant comment/encouragement”, I was referring to marriage equality.

  51. Jake says

    Also, Mr. Pres, if it isn’t the Feds role to determine what marriage is, and my state recognizes my marriage, I can send in a joint federal tax return this year right? Finally, no more gay tax?

    So much BS, so little progress. 2012 will see no money or votes for chickensh*t Dems like O from me.

  52. Bart says

    So bottom line, the answer to THE QUESTION ASKED is a big fat NO. Obama, Obama…where is the man who ran for office and what did you do to him? Oh, that’s right, you’re a politician. You lied.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it here, when it comes to gay rights, the Obama mantra is “Yes We Can, But No I Won’t.”

  53. Michael @ says

    JJASONHAM: your comments reveal you know NOTHING about MLK and the black civil rights movement post 1950 except what your pansy Pollyanna toy box for brains chooses to remember.

    I trust Landon did not mean “terrorist” in the sense of hijacking planes and blowing people up. He meant it in terms of the weapon of instilling “fear” in the enemies of justice and that is EXACTLY what MLK and others did.

    The Montgomery bus boycott, along with the boycott of some white-owned stores, instilled fear in the white racist government and citizenry of Montgomery of everything from their “colored” maids being late to work to the bus company going bankrupt to having the light of international attention illuminated their rank bigotry.

    The FEAR of that illumination, plus the disruption of their incomes when handfuls of blacks sat in at “whites only” lunch counters, restaurants, bus station waiting rooms and other public accommodations DESTROYED Jim Crow segregation laws.

    It wasn’t “please open your hearts” letters to the owners and mayors and governors and the President. It was “we have been waiting too long; we have believed your hollow promises too long; we have accepted being treated like inferiors too long; we have accepted business as usual for too long and now we are going to DISRUPT business and keep doing it until we FORCE you to change out of FEAR of that continued disruption.

    And, if you’d bother to read one document alone, King’s soul-moving letter from the Birmingham jail you would learn that “good people” even “Christians” condemned him for his lack of patience, for moving too fast, for breaking the law even if it was an immoral law.

    Forget what Gibbs says and Obama told Williams and someone wrote for him in that pitiful Pride proclamation. The real writing is on the wall and it reads:


  54. says

    Landon, if your history were more up to date, you would know that Malcolm came over to the light side.

    Terrorism is what killed thousands of people on 9/11 and a whole lot of kids in Oklahoma. I would rather work from the inside rather than throwing bombs (literal or rhetorical).

    Your cavalier attitude towards violence tells me you have never experienced it. Go live in Ramallah or Baghdad and get back to me in the two weeks it will take your all hat no land ass to come crying back to America.

    Btw, don’t you ever refer to me as “people like you”.

  55. says

    Michael, I bring up Clinton because if you read almost every post about Obama and Gays there are snarky hateful comments about The Other Great Democratic President of the last 30yrs. Maybe, I didn’t make that clear.

  56. says

    If the idea of being a friend to gays means ignoring us while leaving in place all the lawful discrimination put in place against us, then what a great “friend”. Just because this administration isn’t the Bush administration — just because it’s not trying to ban us from even more parts of normal life — does not mean these are friends.

  57. Michael @ says

    The Clinton thing, as you now explain you meant it, is fair, Derek.

    I thought you were parroting the same spin [read LIE] of Obama Inc. about how he moved too fast, didn’t consult the Pentagon, etc., etc.

    Little of that is true but what few get is that my “gut feeling” about Obama during the primaries has now been reinforced by all the signs and symbols that are going on now that DO remind me of Clinton’s failures.

    OF COURSE he’s better than McShame would have been in SO many ways, but, in gay rights terms that is, SO FAR, only marginal.

    Brian Williams’ question was stupidest at its core. We don’t need a FRIEND in the White House….we need the ELECTED to keep at least some of the promises of the CANDIDATE and fight to get legal protections and equal treatment for us in federal law.

  58. steve says

    Obama should “not” count on my support any longer based on his negligence in promoting equal rights for the LGBT community. At least with Mccain we knew not to expect anything! Smells of bill clinton all over again…time to ACT UP !!

  59. Godfrey says

    Let us remember that it was not the “Federal Government ” that settled the issue of Interracial marriages, but the Supreme Court!

  60. says

    Derek and Jason:

    Read a book. Read a news account. If you think civil rights in the 1960s would have advanced without the threat of violence, you are too ignorant to engage in an intelligent discussion of it. Yes, MLK’s approach ruled the day but only because Johnson knew Malcolm X was down the road.

    Derek, I was raped when I was five and have been beaten up because I am gay on three different occasions. I know plenty about violence, thanks.

  61. Michael @ says

    @ Godfrey.

    Let us also remember that the Supreme Court decision was in “Loving v. [the state of] Virginia and that there was no FEDERAL law banning recognition for any purpose of interracial marriages as DOMA bans same of same gender marriages OR civil unions OR domestic partnerships.

    Thus, THIS issue is two-pronged…laws in the states and federal law. True, the Supreme Court could cancel both but….

  62. Rafa says

    @MikeMick, Listen to yourself! You my friend, sound like every idiot fox reporter on the 5’clock news accross this country!

    Just like jjasonham said: “RIGHT NOW OR YOU HATE GAYS!!”

  63. Derrick from Philly says

    Any homosexual who doesn’t appreciate a Democrat in the White House, Democrats in Congress, federal judges appointed and approved by that President and that Congress has no memory of what it was like with a hostile federal government. That kind of homosexual is little whining bitch who doesn’t really give a shit about anything except whining.

    Barack Obama’s very presence in the White House makes white, racist, anti-immigrant, anti-gay bastards in this country seethe with hatred and frustration; and that proves… there is a God.

  64. MikeMick says

    Yeah right, Fox News reporters are famous for screaming pro-gay-rights messages. I gave you too much credit calling you an ass drool.

  65. says


    Obama’s presence in the White House makes some very hateful, bigoted happy, too. That you lump in “white” with “racist” “anti-immigrant” and “anti-gay” should embarrass you.

  66. M in NYC says

    I’m still prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to a guy who just delivered an incredible speech to the Middle East and, as others have pointed out, is dealing with issues that affect all of us and can’t risk complicating his political life with a divisive issue right now.

    I would also be willing to consider that, knowing he was addressing the Muslim world this week, and trying to highlight similarities of the America and the Muslim world, might not want to make the most liberal of points on videotape the same week for some critical journalist to juxtapose. (Not that anyone would EVER do that.)

    I know we all want him to be a beacon of GLBT rights, but we must remember, this is politics, after all. Things are moving in the right direction right now (e.g. New Hampshire and the rest of the Northeast) and before Obama starts taking political hits to try to be a gay rights catalyst, it might be worthwhile for him to let momentum carry the cause until it really needs his help (and other domestic matters are shored up a bit.)

  67. Derrick from Philly says

    “That you lump in “white” with “racist” “anti-immigrant” and “anti-gay” should embarrass you.”

    Well, could you describe to me those that truly hate this President who has only been in office for 5 months? The poster, MARC C, pretty much represents the fierce anti-Obama element in this country.

    Obama’s victory was made for garbage like MARC C.

    “Obama’s presence in the White House makes some very hateful, bigoted happy, too.”

    No….’cause the President isn’t “very hateful & bigoted” enough for those who are bitter about the last 400 years of American history.

  68. says

    I read Jasmyne’s column today. . . She’s pretty happy.

    Marc is bigoted slime. I expect nothing from him. He is an embarrassment to himself and to me.

    That doesn’t excuse Obama, and it doesn’t excuse those of you who are counesling patience when the game for this term is pretty much over. Obama has not put any gay people into places where out voices where our voices will be heard by his team on policy issues. We have very, very few allies on his Cabinet– other than Arne Duncan, there is no one on the Cabinet that actually has any record of anything other than footdragging and punting on gay issues.

  69. jjasonham says

    2. I will never EVER condone using fear as a tactic to get something that I want. Yes, make people uncomfortable. INFORM them of how your rights are violated. Don’t use your energy to energize people against someone unless they are a DIRECT THREAT. NOM for instance is a direct threat. However, if you notice, they’ve done enough damage to themselves, as has the GOP.

    That is not being Pollyanna. That is being rational. Fighting for rights is NOT exclusive to gay people. It’s been done before. We have major advantages…a changing and increasingly more accepting electorate, for one. Look at what worked before: pointing out examples of injustice; organizing persistently; boycotting…whatever. Being a terrorist doesn’t work. Being a terrorist and demanding through fears implies that all means justify the ends.

  70. jjasonham says

    2. I will never EVER condone using fear as a tactic to get something that I want. Yes, make people uncomfortable. INFORM them of how your rights are violated. Don’t use your energy to energize people against someone unless they are a DIRECT THREAT. NOM for instance is a direct threat. However, if you notice, they’ve done enough damage to themselves, as has the GOP.

    That is not being Pollyanna. That is being rational. Fighting for rights is NOT exclusive to gay people. It’s been done before. We have major advantages…a changing and increasingly more accepting electorate, for one. Look at what worked before: pointing out examples of injustice; organizing persistently; boycotting…whatever. Being a terrorist doesn’t work. Being a terrorist and demanding through fears implies that all means justify the ends.

  71. jjasonham says

    Somehow the first part of my comment got cut off.

    I hope you don’t think you are the only person who knows anything about the civil rights movement. And I knew exactly what Landon meant by fear. Obama is not an enemy of justice. If you think he is, you’re clearly out of your mind. Those civil rights movement people certainly did not drop any allies simply because a promise wasn’t kept in some ambiguous time frame. That’s cutting your nose to spite your face. Get real. Obama is an ally, whether you think so or not.

  72. says


    Neither Lyndon Johnson nor John F Kennedy were enemies of justice, either, despite the fact that they had to be pushed hard before doing anything for African Americans. Nor was FDR, despite his indifference to the Jews his state department refused to give amnesty to, literally sending Jewish people who arrived here from Nazi Germany back to their deaths. I do not believe that Barack Obama will ever do anything that evil.

    To me, FDR is still a hero. To me, Barack Obama is still a hero, not an enemy of justice. I love him. I am proud he is my president. I cannot imagine not voting for him again.

    That does not excuse his failure to give gay or transgendered people a significant voice in his administration.

  73. RB says

    Civil Unions are about death benefits and MARRIAGE IS ABOUT LIFE, HOPE AND FUTURE! I want hope. I want a future. If the federal government is not in the “business of marriage” then stop the IRS from offering tax credits to married couples and begin charging churches taxes! I am growing tired of hearing what the federal government is not in the business of. Hell, what is left? I want my civil rights and I want them recognized by the same federal government that recognizes Michelle and Obama’s marriage AND civil rights! Enough of the BS, enough of the “great speaches” and commence with ensuring that all men are created equal with equal protection under the law! CIVIL MARRIAGE NOW! Nothing less will work.

  74. Paul Weidig says

    Why is this a surprise to anyone? Obama will do nothing for gay rights in his first term and defer any action to his (he hopes) second term when, because he would be a lame duck, he could entertain equal rights for us. That is not to say he actually would. He knows that the GLBT community has no choice but to vote for his second term, so there is no down side if he does nothing for us even then.

  75. Elizabeth says

    Obama’s response came off very detached. To me. The translation was: ‘those people’ can expect full legal benefits (no promises of when or how) but f*ck them if they think they’ll get the equal dignity that comes with marriage.

    A little mellow dramatic, perhaps. I’m pretty young and have only begun reading about the outrages perpetrated against gays over the past several decades. I know I’m very lucky to be coming of age now, but I’m absolutely fed up politicians dicking us around.

  76. JLH says

    Time for I told you so to everyone that supported him over Hillary. She actually had a record of supporting glbt rights and had actions to back up her records. Obama had rhetoric and nothing more. I warned my friends about this, but they got caught up in his fancy words…which has translated into not only no action but actively supporting anti-glbt actions. His administration defends DOMA, said nothing about the don’t ask don’t tell case that was turned down, and he personally supports “separate but equal” policy. Hillary in 2012!

  77. PlanetSpinz says

    Candidate Obama during a LOGO tv debate promised preachers that he would uphold their right to not perform same-sex wedding ceremonies. His promise to those sun rotates around the flat earth bronze age bible thumpers galvanized them to lie to their sheep, telling them that same-sex marriage rights would result in preachers being jailed for refusing to perform those ceremonies. Those sheep joined the tyrannical lynch mob voting for Prop Hate in California. President Obama is keeping his promise to those preachers and the Obama supporting tyrannical lynch mob.