Perez Hilton Says He’s Saddened GLAAD Further Victimized Him

Following GLAAD's condemnation of the assault against Perez Hilton, which was accompanied by a request for him to apologize for using the word "faggot" during his altercation with's manager at the MuchMusic awards, Perez Hilton tells TMZ that he doubts GLAAD will apologize for taking it one step further.

Will Said Hilton: "I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent. While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you. I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me."'s manager Polo Molina, is due in court on August 5 on assault charges.

GLAAD Condemns Assault on Perez Hilton, Asks Him to Apologize [tr]


  1. Hank says

    The next time Hilton flames Isiah Washington for using “the F word” he will cement his reputation as a disingenuous misogynistic bastard with borderline racist tendencies.

  2. JohnnyP says

    Ugh. First the Carrie Prejan thing and now this. Why does that douche continue to be relevant or news worthy? He’s a fucking blogger and a drama queen. Quit posting about him and maybe he’ll diminish back into obscurity.

  3. Al says

    Homo said WHAT?!?!!

    Is he batshit insane?

    Time to lay the Isiah Washington pressure on Perez. He deserves it!

  4. Matt says


    This SMACKS of hypocrisy.


    He’s so against violence, yet completely convinced that “faggot” is not a violent word?

    I guess he should apologize to that Grey’s Anatomy dude who called T.R. Knight the same word. Perez criticized him enough for it.

  5. JeffRob says

    Perez should know that he’s wrong when he says he dealt with the situation “non-violently”. Using that word is an act of violence, and he knows that. Shame on him.

  6. Jonster says

    When it comes to people like Perez Hilton, as a gay man I have to ask: “Who writes my manifesto?” Not Perez Hilton, that’s for sure. Who elected him to ask questions on my behalf at beauty pageants? Who elected him to draw ejaculate coming out of the mouth of people he doesn’t like (i.e., Fergie) on his website? He used to smoke. Now he puts down smokers. He used to be fat. Now he puts down the overweight. Apparently he used to be gay, because he’s now out there calling people “faggot.” How many “gay marys” should I recite for laughing at the photo of his (barely) black eye?

  7. liz templin says

    “I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you..”

    ^ yeah, i usually walk the hell away when faced with people screaming at me.

    calling someone a faggot or any kind of slur has nothing to do with being rational. slurs are used for hate and to get a response. he knew damn well what he was saying and why he said it

  8. AndyWarholsWig says

    He really considers calling someone a faggot non-violent? It’s verbally violent if nothing else. And any self-respecting homosexual wouldn’t call anyone else a faggot out of hatred like that. Wait.. I forgot who I was talking about here… “Self Respecting” is not in his vocabulary.

  9. says

    GLAAD needs to give PH an apology. For some weeks now, GLAAD hasn’t done a damn thing about a radio host who called Perez a sodomite and thinks gay and transgender babies should be aborted. Yet they go apoplectic when Perez defends himself from people threatening and attacking him.

    What kind of message does that send?

  10. elcamino says

    Calling anyone a “faggot” in any context is reprehensible and should be called out. GLAAD made the right call. Hilton is acting as badly as the people he stalks.

  11. says

    I’m honestly sorry if he was physically INJURED, but this guy would be completely unknown if not for his penchant to put himself in the middle of ugly situations THAT HE HIMSELF CREATES.

    The guy is mean. I try to avoid his blog. I’ve read some of the shit he posts. He thinks that if a person is famous, it’s okay to post horrible shit about them. I don’t care whether it’s true or not, people DON’T need to know!

    This current situation is a direct result of shit he said to and about Fergie. Unfortunately, it’s the manager that’s going to suffer because of Lavanderia’s ugliness. Yes, the manager took it too far, but I can’t blame him for being angry. Lavanderia is relentless in his hate-spewing. He has his favorite targets that he gets off on degrading and disrespecting, and Fergie is one.

    Lavanderia, reap what you have sown.

  12. Sean says

    I agree with GLAAD’s statement wholeheartedly. When you say to another “you’re gay” in a pejorative manner, you are in effect by example legitimizing the use of a slur that is often linked to violence against the LGBT community, and when you’re a very public gay figure, the effect can be potentially profoundly damaging.

    I am a bit shocked that Perez would respond to GLAAD the way he did. If he wanted to take the high road, he would have said something like “Yes, I agree what I did was wrong. Maybe it is a little hard to be in full control in very heated situations, but it doesn’t make my actions anymore right or wrong. I apologize for what I did, and I support our effort to strongly discourage anti-gay slurs in our society.” Such a statement would be an adult response of taking responsibility and turning a leaf towards good.

    Instead, he appeared to care about himself, much more than anyone else, and was very defensive. This shows me that without a doubt he does not appear fit to be a leader among the LGBT community.

  13. says

    No one is criticizing him for how he dealt with a situation. They’re criticizing him for CAUSING the situation with his hate speech. The only way this whole thing could be considered a hate crime is because anyone with any sense hates Perez Hilton.

  14. Patrick says

    There is not excuse for using the word whether Perez was scarred or not. He should not be throwing it around as an insult to instigate something. Not to mention, tweeting something instead of calling the authorities is not the proper way to deal with it.

    I agree with GLAAD about asking Perez for an apology but think they should have waited for all the information as to what happened before responding. The fact that they even mention they do not know all that happened should be enough to keep quiet.

    Perez is not doing

  15. rayrayj says

    My mamma always told me “You reap what you sow.” Hopefully she’s right and Perez Hilton will be reaping a whole lotta shit.
    Now let us leave him in the shadows where he belongs.

  16. Clay says

    Cunt. Real people suffer real harm because of homophobic violence and abuse and this asshole starts a fight and has the fucking nerve to try to milk their tragedies to cover his own ass. Piece of trash.

  17. paul c says

    I’ve never understood why Towleroad has a link to Perez Hilton’s hate site and in light of this incident, now I REALLY don’t understand why Andy Towle would still choose to promote Perez Hilton’s website.

    How is he different than Fred Phelps? Oh, because he’s actually a gay man spreading anti-gay hate….all while degrading and bullying women with his third-grade-dropout vocabulary and spelling skills. He presents a 100% negative image of gays by his words and actions. But Andy Towle links to him. Okay. That’s mind boggling.

    Everything that was done to Isaiah Washington should be done to Mario tenfold. He needs to lose his advertisers just like any other homophobic hatemonger.

  18. says

    Perez is such a sad, pathetic little piece of shit. This is more of his usual attention-whoring. He got exactly what he deserved. Gay or Straight… you call someone a ‘faggot’ you should get your face based in.

  19. Robert says

    Andy, its time that you removed Perez Hilton from your blogroll. Why do you continue to support a man like Perez who has done so much harm to the gay community? You are sadly revealing to us that traffic to your site is more important than standing up to what i know you believe in. Start practicing what you preach and stop supporting this hating, loathsome creature.

  20. JimmyD says

    GLAAD and Hilton irritate me. GLAAD is hypocritical in it’s own right.
    Hilton was wrong and needs to apologize… because it’s the RIGHT THING to do. I can understand resorting to name calling in such a situation. I’m not saying it’s right. I’m saying I can understand the situation. I’m sure many have been in a situation where you’re at a loss and stammer well, well, uh, well FUCK YOU A-HOLE!
    Not adult, just reactionary.
    Adult is admitting you were wrong and apologizing to the person you did wrong to.
    And not because BTLG* police are telling you to.
    Hilton needs to make right and then go away.

    *Yes: BTLG – Who really cares which order the letters are in? Oh yeah… too many people. So the L has to come first? Why? Whay are the lesbians more important than the trannies or the bi-sexuals? Just throwing that in.

  21. Bryan says

    Don’t we have enough problems? Why is this clown even allowed to play in our play-ground.
    Everything he does is for publicity. Please he and those celebrity D list breeders who stand around with H8 signs posing for photo ops need to go!!

    They dont give a shit about us

  22. Beth says

    I wish this troll would go away. He hurts gays so much. People think we are all like him. I despise this guy. He should also go to an AA meeting. He is a drunk that brought this shit on himself.

  23. yeah right says

    i have NEVER heard more disgusting, anti-gay slurs than when perez hilton talks about lindsay lohan and samantha ronson. he does more damage to the gay community than the straight haters do.

  24. JimmyD says

    So… with the comment posters that are calling Hilton names (troll, shit)… isn’t that just as bad?

  25. Nathan says

    GLAAD victimized him? How about all the other gay people in the world he has victimized by using words of hate and legitimizing their use?

    Really, we’re all working hard to overcome the things Lavandeira supports. We get to be out there in the real world dealing with homophobia, while he hides safely behind money and a blog. He needs to apologize to US.

  26. joe c says

    Andy Really? Why do you keep reporting on this as if Perez is anything but a pathetic Hollywood hanger-on. The video, the assault are both a sad statement about who he is. I’m honestly shocked it took this long for some one to clock him. Can we please move onto something of some actual importance? The exposure that he gets saddens me.

  27. says

    I pray that somehow this court case goes to Judge Judy so she could wipe the floor with Perez. “But they were saying mean things to me,” he’d say and she would eviscerate him for all of the awful/mean things he’s said about countless others.

    Perez will never learn a lesson and will try to further his career with this crap.

  28. arch says

    Honestly, when I skim read the first post about this I thought it said Paris Hilton, I realised my mistake when I reached the bit about Hilton using the F word, then I realised that for all her faults ms H probably would not sink so low…and low and behold when I bothered to read the piece properly it was not her but a somewhat less entertaining self publicist.

    What drives gay men like him to use this sort of homophobic language? Perhaps a deliberate attempt on his part to irritate and further anger a straight man he is in an argument with? Well it looks like he got what he set out to engineer by using this language. The term is offensive to anyone straight or gay, although perhaps for quite different reasons.

  29. Louis says

    Perez Hilton had it comming to him. He has smeared, discredited a lot of people. He is a social climber, a demi- tasse, a bore and a bully. Do not purchase from the advertisers on his site to support this talentless guy is to only support stupidity.
    Even tackiness has it’s limits.

  30. Paul says

    Can somebody explain to me why anyone cares about Perez Hilton? He’s a self-absorbed, rotten human being with nothing to contribute to this world. He’s setting our cause back years. Please no more posts about Perez Hilton.

  31. Tralfaz says

    @ Robert – I agree. I love this site and quit Piglets site years ago. (DLISTED ROCKS) I hope Andy will dump La Hilton’s site and let the festering slug dry up and float away. (sorry for insulting nice little slugs)

  32. Davey says

    He totally deserved it. You can hurt and bully people with words just like you can with violence. Perez wants to pull the “I can say anything and that’s ok, but no matter what you can’t touch me”.

    I don’t agree with that at all. Sometimes you cross a line and you need to get your ass kicked.

    God bless men.

  33. Trace says

    I agree.. Mario sowed hateful violence with his words and violence is what he reaped. Doesnt make the attack right.. but the fact that he is talking about it as he is a complete innocent victim is sad.

    Andy.. this person represents everything that we dont want to see.. dont connect to his site for stories and please take him off your blog roll. Your site is to worthwhile to tarnish it with the likes of him.

  34. David says

    Look at that, always about Perez. I wish he’d go away. He outs people without persmission and gives our community a bad name. Why is he famous? Clearly he took Paris Hiltons name, she should sue him for defaming her character. hahahaha

  35. says

    Okay. This is gone on FAR TOO LONG!
    I mean no one is truly the victim, it’s a draw.
    Shit, I was gay-bashed in 2003 in one of Indiana’s supposed liberal universities. Did rage on and draw attention to myself? HELL NO!

    Quit feeding attention to this twerp known as Perez Hilton! Let him do his own damage on his own!

  36. xman says

    Prez Hilton is such a Freak’n drama queen and he gets paid for being a drama queen, Question: who is this benefiting? Not anyone in the GLBT community, we need to stop paying attention to this sad example of representation of someone who thinks he’s representing us and put him back in his little shoe box.

  37. Johnny says

    GLAAD needs to give PH an apology. For some weeks now, GLAAD hasn’t done a damn thing about a radio host who called Perez a sodomite and thinks gay and transgender babies should be aborted. Yet they go apoplectic when Perez defends himself from people threatening and attacking him.

    What kind of message does that send?”

    GLAAD’s all about kissing celebrity ass so of course they hold Perez in disdain, since he’s all about knocking celebs off their pedestals.

  38. Dave says

    “I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me.”

    Yeah, and I’m just very disappointed and let down that nothing more serious happened to him. From day one in the limelight, Hilton has seemed like nothing more than a miserable, self-hating and deeply-unhappy person that has built a career on being an inarticulate, juvenile shit. This talentless creep more than had his knuckle sandwich coming and I don’t doubt that he still hasn’t learned his lesson after this incident. Hopefully the next “thug” he purposely provokes will take their fury and indignation much further.

  39. Sharon says

    The first thing that Perez needs to understand is that he is NOT an intellectual! And as for GLAAD victimizing him further makes Perez the laughing stock of the world. Who is really the victim here, degenerate Perez or the people he smears and lies about in his tasteless vile blog? This sick pig is NOT a representative of the gay community and it is time people stood up to this filth!

  40. Andalusian Dog says

    While it is in GLAAD’s mission to demand that anti-gay language and negative portrayals of gay people are stopped, I have to admit that it’s interesting to think about the whether gays have the right to reclaim the F word and deploy it when they are being bullied by homophobes. What does it mean when a gay person uses a slur normally used against her/him, when s/he turns it around on the offender? I don’t think it necessarily means that the gay person is self-loathing. Sometimes I think it can mean, what are you so afraid of if people think you (offender) are gay? How does it make you feel? It’s a really complicated semantic twist.

    In short, I suppose GLAAD had to demand that Perez Hilton retract and apologize, given their mission, although I feel somewhat ambivalent about their work, which has largely yielded positive results for the community, but which sometimes makes me uncomfortable insofar as it involves policing speech. Further, I DO NOT agree with PH’s choice to use the word in that situation, nor do I support his “business” of writing hateful, really uninteresting, really childish blogs. But from a personal perspective, I would not go so far as to chastise PH publicly for what he said.

    Finally, of COURSE Andy is going to report on this story, as it impacts the community, no matter how unattractive (personality- or other-wise) the subject of the story is. I agree, however, that he should get rid of the link to PH’s website, which is really garbage.

  41. MT says

    Andy, you’ve got class. Mario does not. Sure, cover this in as much as he’s a semi-famous figure, but the fact that you have him in your blogroll along with respectable members of our community is just a total joke. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that the Perez Hilton character is just an act drummed up by an anti-gay bigot. He couldn’t do any more harm to the things we believe in if he was trying.

  42. Tyler says

    So Perez Hilton is the new spokesperson for gay rights? There is no one else out there? This is what we’re all stuck with. Then we’re in real big trouble.

  43. mike says

    So, um, Perez honey, maybe this is God’s way of telling you to keep your dumb ass at home. Sorry, fool, but GLAAD has it right. You want respect for your sorry ass? Then you gotta give respect. Which is something you obviously do not have. So, you call someone “faggot” then you better be prepared to back it up. If not, then take that smack in the head like a man and STFU with your wussy-whining. Also, take it as a hint that your 15 minutes are over, girl!

  44. Joe says

    The Gay Mafia has spoken, Perez you have met your maker it is time to step down…Ding Dong the Witch is dead.
    This man is so hateful and mean spirited that it is shameful that he believes he represents the Gay Community. I for one am GLAAD decided to finally go after this tired queen and call him on some of his remarks. The next few days should truly show Perez for what he is …. a vindictive spoiled brat who believes he is above everyone else… Oh how the mighty have fallen…

  45. Sarah says

    Why is he implying that Will.I.Am is a thug? If one gets to know a little about Will, you’ll know he isn’t one. You won’t find any criminal record.

    He has more talent, and real talent than Perez could ever dream of. Just because he got in Perez’s face to call him out for his lack of respect for his group and Fergie’s appearance, doesn’t make him a thug.

    Using that word reeks of racism, and you can add that to Perez’s long list of flaws including homophobia through his use of the word ‘faggot’ at Will, his sexism when he calls women bitches and hoes and his obvious hypocrisy when he outs people but at the same time condemns those hateful to the gay community – and somehow Will is the thug?

    I don’t think so. He’s the real thug with all the pain he’s inflicted through his website. And the punch wasn’t that bad. Everyone has gotten into a fight, he’s in his 30s – its about damn time!

  46. Stephen says

    Frankly I find it hard to believe the hateful bile pouring out on these comments pages. Its quite disgusting. You dont have to like Perez Hilton/Mario Lavandeira. You dont have to like his site, or anything he does. And I certainly disagree with his using the “F” word. However, I agree with Hilton that violence is NEVER the answer. Strangely enough many here seem to be advocating it, or suggesting that he deserved it. I think that is disgusting. Perez gave his opinion about everything. He is entitled to his opinion however much anyone, including Will.I.Am may disagree with it.

    What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to “I may not share your opinion but I will defend to the death your right to express it”. All of a sudden that all goes out the window just because you dont like it? Its acceptable to thump Hilton/Lavandeira just because you dont like him? Where does that stop?? Isnt that what we have been fighting against? We want freedom of expression, the right to be ourselves but if we dont like you then its fine if you get beaten?

    People like Tralfaz ought to be ashamed of their trolling and hate. Mario Lavandeira is not a shining example of all that is good in the world. Thats not the point. Nor is he the perfect example of moral leadership for the gay community. But then, based on the bile posted here, there is a lot of throwing of stones in glass houses. Hilton doesnt make himself out to be a saint. If Lohan or whoever does something stupid, he exposes it, same as he did with the hypocrisy of Dustin Lance Black – who it appears is untouchable here just because of his talent and his gay activism. Dustin Lance Black is a great advocate for and of the gay community, and he works hard for safe sex causes. But based on the images that came out [on many sites, not just Hiltons] he is a hypocrite and he apologised for it. As he should, because it damages his credibility unfortunately. But why should any gossip columnist not report on that? If its good enough for the straight stars, then its certainly fair play for the gay ones. Thats what it means to be equal. We get to take the good with the shit. Just like everyone else.

    And for all those who dont like the idea of Hilton being a spokesman for the gay community, get out there and do better! For better or for worse, he has a voice that is recognised nationally and internationally. And even though he f*cked up this time with the slur he used against – for which he certainly should apologise – he has certainly done his best [however poor] to draw attention to and to support LGBT people and their issues and causes. Do I always agree with what he says or how he says it, no! But I defend his right to express himself as he wants. I am extremely disappointed by the level of bile and expressed violence here. You should be ashamed.


  47. grey says

    We need more headlines with the phrase “Perez Hilton victimized.” I hate that this sad, sad clown is seen by some as a spokesperson for gays and gay rights.

  48. Stephen says

    Andy: Please don’t sully your great site with news of, or references to, Perez Hilton. He is such a negative force.

  49. Peter says

    Hilton is proving to be a wounded, talentless, unintelligent bully.

    He has done, and continues to do, considerable harm to the gay community.

  50. Stephen says

    You know, I get that many people here dont like Perez Hilton, but I cant understand how little condemnation there is for the violence shown by Black Eyed Peas manager, Polo Molina.

    Sure, Perez is a mouthy bitch. No contest. But surely that doesnt give Polo Molina the right to hit him just because he doesnt like what was said. By the reports I have read, it was Will.I.Am who pursued Perez and forced the confrontation. Obviously the police take it seriously since Molina has been charged after handing himself in. It was extremely unprofessional of Molina and should be condemned strongly.

    Perez’s opinion of the Peas or of Fergie is just that, an opinion. The opinion of many here is that Perez is a talentless hack. Thats valid. To suggest he should be beaten, or that he deserves what he got is not. There are laws against exactly that, fortunately. Perez may be a mouthy bitch and certainly there are those here who dont like him being seen in any way as a representative of the gay community. But there have always been people who come to represent us who some will seek to disparage. Back in the day there was a lot of snide commentary about the mouthy drag queens at Stonewall who finally decided enough was enough and fought back. There were plenty then who decried their actions and felt that drag queens let the whole community down. 40 years later we have Anniversary galas to celebrate that day and what a lot of pissy queens at the time decried cos the drag queens who marched in parades werent good representatives. Where were they, then!? Like any community, we have to accept the bad with the good, the out there flashy mouthy queens with the conservative, Log Cabin Republicans. Perez is gay. So are we. Sometimes you just have to live with it and accept it, even if you dont agree with it. This community is way too diverse for everyone to completely agree about who the best representatives are.

    Perez was right about one thing though. Violence is NEVER the answer, and on this occasion it would appear that the law agrees and Polo Molina may have to pay for the consequences of his actions. As he should!


  51. eleanor says

    How dare Perez Hilton ask GLAAD for an apology and basically imply in his statement that not only does he deserve an apology but a pat on the back for thinking of using such a heinous word in such a quick manner. It’s as he has never heard of gay-bashing. He talks of his little slap down in front of many people and bodyguards as a life and death situation.
    From the video I saw (yes I looked. I’m not proud) the “thug disguised as a musician) wasn’t doing all the yelling in the face. Perez was giving as good as he got. I believe that in his head he has morphed from a fat kid who provided the gossip about people he loved to a celebrity in his own right, who doesn’t have to follow society’s rules. He’s talked so much shit about his “peers” that he truly believes he’s better than them.
    Getting punched in the face obviously didn’t knock any sense into him. It as just given him a bigger martyr complex.
    But I think it also made people realize his words and actions (Showing the pics of Dustin Lance Black etc.) are more hateful and abusive in the grand scheme of things than a pop in the eye. It’s my hope that people will just say NO and read something that has a bit more positivity in it. (it can still be gossip)

  52. Stephen says

    Just curious, Eleanor, do you think a punch in the face would knock sense into you, or would you be upset? NOT that I am in any way advocating or accepting violence as the answer which you seem to be condoning, nor am I suggesting you SHOULD be bashed. Definitely NOT. But how would you be feeling if you had been?

    Oh and by the way, when did Lance Black get to be a martyr? Even he conceded publicly his hypocrisy in preaching [a very important and life-saving] safe-sex message [which I fully support] but not practicing it himself? Im not defending Hilton or the other websites for publishing the pics, but if we can call Larry Craig et al. out on their hypocrisy why are our own guys immune?

    Im betting if the stories about the HRC lobbying the Obama White House not to push DADT prove to be true there will be blood at HRC, why is Lance Black not held to the same standards? He is a public figure, just the same as many others who have the same thing happen to them. And Perez is right when he says that if you do something like that it WILL get out and it WILL get published. And its not only Perez who published it either. Im not saying Hilton is particularly a good guy, I just dont think he deserves this baying for blood, especially since he was the victim of violence. However provoked, violence is not the answer. I think that IS a message well worth repeating.

    So, back to my original question, Eleanor, I will be interested in your answer.


    PS. Im not blaming this on you Eleanor, but Im interested in your response. Hilton got bashed. Perhaps he felt it was life or death. I watched the same video you apparently watched and he looked fairly shocked to me. I dont condone what he said at all, but I can see why he might have said it given the circumstances. Friends of mine have been gay-bashed and have not been particularly coherent and have frequently been very angry, and in supporting them and being there for them I could certainly see why, cos I felt very angry on their behalf.

  53. says

    GLAAD asking for an apology from Mario Lavandeira for an apology is almost laughable. Not laughable that they see that words, like fists, are an act of aggression. But laughable in the sense that a man who makes a living of defaming people’s characters and being degrading towards women and other minorities would ever excuse himself by apologizing for initiating an aggression towards anyone.
    While it saddens me that anyone would use physical violence towards another human being, I honestly find his very existence to be an affront to the progression the rest of us in the GLBT community have strived for decades to achieve. This coming ahead of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots turns my stomach.

  54. The Phoenix says


    The only one who is victimizing you is you. Until you break from your Thom Lambingesque behavior you will continue to be ridiculed and treated like an immature child.

    Grow the fuck up! You’re long overdue.

  55. eleanor says

    that boy has got to go. Boycott Perez.

    He made a statement after saying he was going to sue the guy who hit him for 25,000 that he was going to donate the money to the Matthew Shepard charity.
    And June Shepard, Mathew’s mother wouldn’t accept it because Perez was the one who started with the words of hatred.

    Boycott Perez