1. Mike says

    Andy, wouldn’t you agree that the interviewer kind of lead the celebs into a line of thought? Also, wouldn’t you agree that the overall consensus was “maybe” and not a solid “yes it is”.

    I was lucky enough to see an extended clip and I gotta say, it will be very interesting seeing the reactions and opinions of straight people during the movie…especially the men.

    I doubt people are gonna try to see past the “faggot fashion dude” and read the deeper message. It would be like a person watching the “Three Stooges” and coming away with a message on violence.

    we’ll see.

  2. Dandy says

    Let me get this straight: “I’m excited I got to see a bigger part of something that nearly everyone has seen part of, and it’s so exciting but it’s really terrible so I’m concerned. Deeply concerned. But I’m not going to say anything.

    I’m trying to decide if it’s the leading questions from the “reporter” or WHAT!?

    c’mon! you guys have to be smarter than this, right? Here’s an opportunity to NOT seem like a victim 24/7 and just say “it’s COMEDY, stupid . . . maybe not the BEST comedy, and maybe mean spirited, but NOT THE APPROPRIATE TARGET FOR YOUR ARCHED EYEBROW SNOOT.

    Ask yourself if you’d rather have it censored? Boycotted? WHAT IS YOUR DEAL? Can I not draw YOUR prophet with a silly hat on either?

    That said, I haven’t seen the movie . . . only an extended trailer . . . which I’m excited to tell you . . . so I really can’t say exactly WHAT I mean.

  3. crispy says

    “By promoting this loser, you send back gay rights 50 years.”

    It’s true. I was just at a gay bar last night, and the cops raided it and carted everyone off to jail.

  4. wilburforce says

    Mr. Cohen is brilliant, and if you read/watch any interview with him when he is not in character you would realize that he is an amazing satirist. His work on ‘Borat’ was extremely provocative, and perfectly placed in that moment in time. Personally, I feel honored that Mr. Cohen would choose to shed such a light on an issue that is very close to my life.

  5. Clay says

    Sascha Cohen isn’t funny. Bruno, Borat, whatever, he’s just flat out not funny. I wish he’d get off the planet, preferably smeared across the front of a speeding bus.

  6. Drake says

    Sasha B. Cohen promotes the acceptability of mocking gays and encourages taunting of stereotypes. This is very bad for all gays, but especially for the kids in schools who will be bullied and mocked and humiliated. In the past year, we have seen one middle school kid kill a classmate (Michael King) in California, and two kids commit suicide in Massachusetts and Georgia after humiliation and taunts for allegedly being gay. Cohen deserves demonstrators and boycotts of his films, not gay money to put us down. Haven’t you people heard of Gay Pride?????

  7. crispy says

    “This is very bad for all gays”

    Bruno is bad, mmmmkay.

    This message brought to you by your guidance counselor, Mr. Drake. Remember kids, don’t do drugs, and stay in school.

  8. Zach says

    I will gladly promote ‘Bruno’ if it will keep the hyperbole flying. ‘Bruno’ was not that funny, but the militant reactions to it are priceless.

  9. Dan says

    Obviously it often works on a comedic level. But to pretend that this is just satire – and that it’s not basically making fun of gay people period. That’s just stupid. It’s straight men ridiculing effeminate gays. Period.
    Do I think it should be “censored” as someone said above – Um, No. But was that ever a question? He’s free to do whatever he wants, but it’s not funny enough for me to promote it or go see it. And don’t give me the “don’t judge it until you see it” crap. We can tell from what we’ve seen.
    Plain and simple. It’s nothing but cheap “silly faggot” jokes at our expense – with a healthy dose of making fun of ignorant straight folks as well. I’m not going to get up in arms about it, but I’m certainly not going to promote it or even pay a ticket to go see it. (but I’ll admit I’ll probably catch it on HBO or something when it’s on, like I did Borat) But let’s not pretend it’s just satire – please. At least be honest.

  10. Domaq says

    Bruno may be satire, but so is the song “YMCA”. Somehow I doubt all those people at weddings, dancing to YMCA, are doing it as a celebration of gay sex.

    I suspect the same thing will be true of Bruno. All those straight people will be laughing at the funny fag and the satire of homophobia will go right over their heads.

  11. says

    “there were no ‘pro-Bruno’ in the following lopsided interview…”

    I posted the original podcast and totally admit that I did not include Jim J Bullock raving about how wonderful the “Bruno” billboard in WeHo is.

    I also didn’t include Greg Louganis, who didn’t know who “Bruno” was. Otherwise, it was a light night with celebs at the event, and this is what I got.

    I’m grateful that my podcast, and the opinions of the celebs, is able to enter the discussion.

  12. says

    All I ask is this: Someone, please tell me why the “Bruno” schtick is any different than ‘blackface’ was?

    And please express a knowledge of what ‘blackface’ was a show how what Cohen is doing IS or ISN”T the same.

    BTW – In what official press release from the movie does it ever say that “Bruno” is supposed to be “exposing homophobia” and is a tool for enlightenment?

    “Bruno” is just a way for Cohen and company to make more money. Its a movie. He’s a comedian. He has no public moral standing on LGBT issues.

    Are we all hypnotized into repeating the mantra that “Bruno” does Amercia good?

    For one, I’m glad that gays aren’t being sheep.

  13. crispy says

    “Bruno may be satire, but so is the song “YMCA”.”

    Uh, no it’s not. Satire does not mean what you think it means. Go back to high school.

  14. Bill says

    Bruno’s film crew participated with Yes on Prop 8.


    This movie will validate every prejudice heterosexuals have about gay men. A few years ago a university conducted a test where heterosexual students judged essays of heterosexual and gay participants. No matter what the gay participants wrote even if it was exactly word for word what the heterosexual students wrote they always judged the gay men’s essays as “feminine” and the lesbians as “masculine”. Heterosexuals are not capable of determining what is anti-gay because they are outsiders with prejudices to homosexuality.

  15. Zeeshan says

    Drake, this is the second time you’ve called him Michael King. His name was Lawrence “Larry” King, not Michael.

  16. dean morris says

    it might seem counter-intuitive, but polls show that the more the public is exposed to the gay cause, negative OR positive, the more support it gains. it does gays no good to try to pre-screen popular culture, it can actually garner respect that we let straights see the underbelly, fictitious or not, and see for themselves what’s preposterous.

    often they see their own views are preposterous and change them. so grit your teeth, let this be preposterous, let straights laugh at it or hate it, it won’t be the first time we’ve laughed at ourselves in the entertainment media. although it IS a fake gay clown in the first place.

  17. says

    I can wait for the movie to come out.

    But it’s not like the Bruno character is a completely fresh. He’s been around for years. Some people familiar with SBC’s work are using the existing Bruno repertoire from the “Ali G Show” a sound, reasonable guide of what to expect. Couple that with the movie trailer, and people can make informed entertainment choices.

    So, the movie is to educate straight people. Go to the “Bruno” website and find ANY place where person “waiting to be enlightened by Bruno” is going to find that addressing homophobia is a stated goal of the movie.

    It’s a bunch of bull, loaded on by Hollywood execs, that this movie is a work of social conscience. EVIDENCE people, where’s the evidence that Universal/SBC have a goal to raise awareness about homophobia? Cite the corporate webpage or press release. Show me something I can sink my teeth into, and not just the “it’s good for us” mantra.

  18. Fokker says

    I’m surprised no one noticed those hot guys behind him, especially the one on the right.


  19. exo says

    Maybe I’m crazy, but isn’t the whole point of SBC’s humor to elicit reactions from unsuspecting people trying to relate normally with a character that is completely preposterous?? Isn’t that what Borat was about? Let’s not forget that Borat, observed in a vacuum, was a pretty unflattering caricature of Eastern European stereotypes, but people (or at least I) laughed and sometimes cringed at the confused, uncomfortable, dumb and sometimes racist or sexist reactions of the people around him. Isn’t this just more of the same? How is this any different just because the central character is now an unflattering gay caricature?

  20. says

    Indeed, part of the humour in Borat was watching people react to him as if he WAS a normal regular person and that they (the people Cohen interacted with) thought he was just one of those crazy foreigners when in fact he was pointing out that people will mis-use, abuse, ridicule and treat them like the third class. He’s doing the same with “Bruno”.

    Nobody who actually knows a gay person will think the character of Bruno is representative of all homosexuals. And if the heteros who actually take a message from the movie of “the fags are stupid” (or whatever) will be only impressing their equally stupid friends and if they use the movie as a defense of their idiotic ideas then that will just act as further evidence of said stupidity.