1. woodroad34 says

    I watched that last night and Mechad with his shirt off, tall like a redwood and that puppy-dog personality–impressive.

  2. Gregoire says

    I actually didn’t think a body like Mehcad Brooks’ was humanly possible without some type of airbrushing. Poor Tara, she has no chance with that kind of temptation walking around!

  3. Disgusted American says

    was an awsome episode last night- tho I had to turn away when Lafeyette tore that Metal thingy/hip replacement? from that dismembered leg? ..and the sounds…sounded like chicken bones snappin…..aaargh!(how he didn’t puke I have no idea) otherwise AWSOME episode!

  4. cd says

    oh, my goodness, girlfriend licking her lips while he going on and on about doing time, he should be doing time on her if she got any brains not with the devil. If he hits it with Anna Paquin, she damn sure gonna have a gap in them teeth. Somebody, pull off them pants and take Mechad now.

  5. Chitown Kev says

    Andy, you needed absolutely NOTHING after the jump. I’ll be the strawberry ice cream in that chocolate and vanilla neopolitian sandwich. But put me in the middle. Mechad and Ryan are both hot, hot.

  6. Derek says

    Mechad showed this same incredible body during his stint on Desperate Housewives and I have been in love since.

    I was super psyched when he joined TB’s cast last season knowing full well him shirtless (and hopefully less) was coming…..

    hot hot hot

  7. MarioFL says

    Yes Ma’am!!! Last nights episode with a shirtless Mechad was the business!

    Now I’m ready to see that ass!

  8. Chuck says

    Nelsan Ellis has a slight tan line, which is sexy but highly unlikely if you’re a vampire who hasn’t seen the sun in 150 years.

  9. Chuck says

    Yikes, I meant Stephen Moyer, of course! That’s what I get for typing with one hand.

  10. Jack M says

    It’s no secret – True Blood is the hottest show around, whether you’re gay, lesbian, bi or straight!

  11. jack says

    at least i’m not so gay i didn’t get a bit of titillation from a little sookie boobage on last weeks episode.

  12. mike says

    Mechad was also in “In the Valley of Elah”. It was a small part but he was impressive. Baby’s got a nice body, but he can act, too. Sigh. What a beautiful man.

  13. jimmyboyo says

    Last night’s episode was the best episode so far for both full season 1 and 2 episodes of season 2. For the story alone, last night was awesome.

    The flesh…………………….
    aghhhhhhhhhhhh…………mehcad (drool)

  14. brentbent says

    The manflesh parade was spectacular as was the overall episode; I especially like far more happens plot wise in each episode.

    And what’s up with Jason’s psycho-jesus room mate? That’s a smackdown waiting to happen just like Jason has to have sex with that singer or the honesty ring girl.