1. Nick says

    It is time for Bill O to go back to what he does best- host “A Current Affair” –

  2. Nick says

    shall we analyze Tonya’s lip-licking, hair-tossing and voice-pitching? all while wearing a tight red blouse with a plunging neckline?

    or should we just say her horse teeth need a grinding more than Frank needs a manicure?

  3. Let'sFaceIt says

    A Bill O’Reilly is the only type who can corner Barney Frank and not let him try to blubbery-talk his way out of it as he usually does (and Frank’s playing with his nails really does make him look like a dope). Now if only we can have a gay version of O’Reilly to go after Frank on his Uncle Tom b.s. for the Obama administration.

  4. Patrick (OTRDriver) says

    Like always, Mr. O’Riley brings on someone to try and discredit Barney Frank and make himself look better. I find it interesting that the person who was analizing Barney’s mannerisms was only a study somewhere. Not really a professional person. I’m sure Bill gave her a little somethi’n – somethi’n after the taping…if you know what I mean.

  5. Bill says

    Why wasn’t Bill O’Reilly in that casket yesterday instead of Michael Jackson? It’s time for Bill O’Reilly and his bigotry to be buried.

  6. chasmader says

    Like Rush, Bill O’Reilly is an entertainer. His audience is geared to the Hillbilly Belt(Appalachia, down through the Ozarks and into Texas). It’s not news, it’s just offensive noise.

    I have a feeling the reason Barney goes on his show is for comic relief and not much else.

  7. BC says

    Guys, regardless of how you feel about O’Reiley, look at Barney! He has completely lost touch with anything he has said in the past he stands for. He has no answers. He has no clue what life is like outside of DC. Its about time someone call Barney out on his BS – I don’t care who it is. However, I do agree that it would be better heard by us (gays) if someone in our own community held him accountable. Which, as usual – we don’t. I’m tired of the “Well he’s a gay politician so he can do whatever he wants.” Ridiculous.

  8. Willie says

    French tennis player Mathieu Montcourt (pictured) found dead by his girlfriend in his Paris apartment’s stairwell…. somewhat sad …. and if this guy was not young and trim/attractive Andy would not have posted this story about a straight athlete’s death … but once a Ptown Boatslip poolboy and life with the rich and base the focus on looks I guess never ends.

  9. ulf says

    In Frank’s defense, I would rather pull out my fingernails or stare into a solar eclipse than watch Billy’s neck fat quiver indignantly or listen to him howl about how effete Liberals can’t handle him because he’s “too real” or whatever.

    He’s a man who wants to be hated, and so he is. There’s no mystery in that equation.

  10. Jack L. Crain says

    Please, this man calling someone else rude and borish? Everyone I know feels disdane and contemp for Mr. O’Reilly. Why would he expect Barney Frank to be any different from the public at large?

  11. JT says

    Everytime Michelangelo Signorile and Wayne Besen are on O’Reilly (a show which just pummels the competition, btw), THEY have the sense not to look at their nails.