1. my2cents says

    isn’t it time the whole celebrity endorsement/modeling thing was given a rest? corporate america might do better by employing a few people (models) that resemble [without your glasses on] a variety of the “hubby”, “boyfriend” and “fantasy” types that subconsciously drives sales.

  2. James in Charlotte says

    Poor David Beckham. His handsome arms are imprinted for life with hideous tattoos. Perhaps they could be removed with sandpaper (the tattoos, not the arms.) After my bad comment, I must add that I respect him greatly for being a friend to his gay fans.

  3. David in Houston says

    There is absolutely nothing appealing or sexy about either one of them. Mr. Beckham should focus on soccer, where his only real talent lies.

  4. nic says

    i would caption the first picture, “oh gawd, get this skank off of me”. well, i guess this is what happens to people who surrender their souls to media-ocraty.

  5. Fix It Again Tony says

    Is it just me, or do others think they look as real as mannequins? Especially the “rope” shot. Too much shiny stuff spread on them both.

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