1. Chris says

    I think the smaller Fox stations aren’t as bad as the large Fox station that hosts O’Reilly, and such. They aren’t as right-leaning, or at least from my experience of watching various Fox channels.

    The piece was good, and I’m glad they were able to show families with children, and straight couples also in support

  2. says

    Ray, when I organized a marriage equality protest in LA last December, we got positive coverage from all the local stations, but the FOX report, to my surprise, was the most favorable of the lot.

  3. Keanonn says

    I also find myself enjoying the local Fox news when I happen to watch(i.e. when I’m to lazy to turn the channel, Hee Hee) and I’m always surprised by the topics they cover. I always expect it to be like Faux News. Oh and Rob Tisinai I love your website! You manage to explain things so well. I appreciate your work.

  4. RSD says

    I lived in this area for years before I found out that was an LDS temple. I thought it was just a strange looking catholic church. I don’t really understand why it is here because from what I can tell there are almost no Mormons living in this area. However you do see the pairs of guys walking around in their white shirts and pamphlets. I have never actually seen them talking to anyone, but they are always walking around.

    Our local Fox new station is gay friendly from what I have seen.

    Glad the even went off without problems. I rode by early and things seemed happy.

  5. says

    I think it’s unfair to everybody else in the country that, to date, only California and Utah have had kiss-ins in front of Mormon temples.

    And now that these two states have had their fun, it seems like the leadership is starting to say, OK, that’s enough, time to back off and show how nice we can be to the Mormon church.

    That would be the wrong call in my opinion for the planned August 15th nationwide kiss-in.

    Let the LDS moan and gripe. Targeting their church does not bring the downside they claim it does. And, in any case, holding a kiss-in on a public sidewalk in front a church building is not exactly “targeting” … it’s more like taking advantage of a visual that will have more impact for viewers than say, kissing in front of a downtown gov’t building.

    Keep this in mind about the Mormons:

    1) They’re uniquely vertical (i.e., every congregation follows the exact same instructions, which all come from Salt Lake; and all funds are controlled by Salt Lake as well). You don’t have to worry about accidentally protesting in front of a friendly congregation’s building … all congregations send all their funds to Salt Lake for redistribution and the LDS command-and-control structure is such that the risk of friendly fire is eliminated.

    2) They’re uniquely geographical, which, combined with their vertical organization, is why they’re such a potent political force (the LDS might not be a huge % of the population, but they’ve got buildings and members located in nearly every district in the country). We should be taking advantage of their huge investment in building construction and using it to further our own goals. C’mon, Mormon temples make great backdrops for kisses. My advice would be, no matter where you’re located in the country, get yourself to the nearest Mormon temple on August 15.

  6. Fran says

    It seems as though everywhere you turn people are complaining, protesting or unhappy about something or some persons. Why do we have to spend so much of the precious time that is given to us and waste it. Please leave the Mormons alone and make better use of your time. It is their belief that is being attacked, that is Jesus Christ.
    God Bless All of You.

  7. scott howard says

    i would just like to make it clear that the two men who were detained for kissing in salt lake city where not arrested. they were simply detained for trespassing by LDS security for violating a rule set by and enforced by the LDS church on their private property. the LDS church didn’t break any law and didn’t disrespect them in any way. i would say that the disrespect was displayed by the two individuals.

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