1. 24play says

    Do these queens shoot up with HGH on camera, or is there some off-camera location in the house conveniently provided for such medical necessities?

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    LOL! Of course there just had to be roid comments, but these boys look pretty damn
    healthy to me and without hormones.

    Beef…it’s what’s for dinner!

    I don’t normally watch the show but they both actually seemed like normal human beings, knowledgeable and just into their physiques. I didn’t feel the urge to finger my throat. Not even once!

  3. George says

    The guys look great and they should be proud of what they accomplished with their bodies. What i don’t like is the show reenforces sterotypes across the board. The producers tell them this is the role your playing to draw viewers in. Reality shows are not reality or shows……….DISCUSS!

  4. Bart says

    All natural? HAHAHAHAAHAn! Really? Really guys, come on? If I had a dollar for every guy that was doing GH, testosterone or deca, I would be able to buy a second home. Neither of these guys is “natural”. I’ve been in a gym for 30 years and competed in body building…these guys are juicing. Or have juiced. Maybe they are natural while they are in this situation because they can’t get hold of anything but come on. But I’ve heard the “I’m natural” comments for years from plenty of guys who were juicing in one form or another to only be amused by it.

  5. says

    Can somebody explain bodybuilding to me? It’s been around for a while but why is it now that these extreme bodies are so common? Arnie was the first with that huge “impressive” body and he has admitted to steroid use. He set a president of what muscle bodies should look like. Now every bodybuilder looks like him, whether “natural” or not. I just don’t understand how people can achieve that look and say they’re natural when before steroids were available nobody had that body.

  6. Toddy says

    Russell (who is straight and from the SF area) also called out Jeff for repeatedly using the word faggot as a slur. He said “call me a bitch, call me what you want, but why do you have to disparage gay people?” Last night he also admitted to owning a vibrating butt plug and said that “it feels good on guys too!”

  7. northerner says

    Chicken legs is right. Guys who work the upper body and not the legs are not training for themselves, but to impress others. Jesse says “to look good” but all that meat standing on skinny little sticks looks ridiculous.

  8. Tralfaz says

    Jessie is a fucking closet case. If you watch Kathy Griffin’s show a few seasons ago Kathy and her mom hook up with “her gays” in WeHo. Well guess who’s sitting in the table behind them with another beefed up gym bunny? Miss Jessie.

  9. Bart says

    No one says they don’t look hot. I think both of them are great looking guys. Sort of wish they didn’t speak, that sort of ruins it but that could be said for a lot of people and everyone on Big Brother. Do they have to cast every idiot off the short bus on this show? It’s like adult remedial reading class. Every glimpse I catch of this show makes me wonder if we’ve actually evolved far enough from apes to really call ourselves a different species. It’s a fake house full of people I wouldn’t want sitting next to me on a plane ride much less watch week after week. They should retitle the show TOOL SHED.

  10. Tralfaz says

    BB is known for casting some of the biggest jerk offs. La Jessie is in line to be the queen of them all.

    For those of you that watch this train wreck (like me) I think La Jessie comes close to Dr. Whats his name, Mike “Boogie” and that slag Dr Whats his name was fucking (I call her the Hog Princess) as the person on BB I’d love to slap the shit out of.

  11. ZnSD says

    oh Alan. Do shut up. Not everyone is attracted to roided out neanderthals. If that’s your gig, great, but don’t start name calling just because not everyone worships at the altar of the almighty muscle. Give me a man with a brain that is more than just a life support mechanism and a fit body over some caricature of a man any day, thanks.

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