Neither Kay Bailey Hutchison Nor Rick Perry Want to Be Associated with the ‘Offensive’ Word ‘Gay’

Yesterday, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R-TX) gubernatorial campaign website was discovered to be filled with a variety of hidden "metatags" intended to draw internet users from search engines, one of which referenced the current Texas governor: "Rick Perry gay".

Perry Naturally, the camp of the homophobic governor was outraged: "Perry spokesman Mark Miner said he hadn’t seen the site. Speaking before Sadosky said the hidden phrases would be removed,
Miner said: 'If they’re behind this, it’s outrageous. They should pull
it down immediately. It shows the depths they will seek for their own
political gain.'”

Here is the list of hidden metatags.

Hutchison's aides said they would remove the "gay" tags immediately, but not before labeling them "offensive".

Hutchison Said Hutchison spokesman Jeff Sadosky: "We did not know these offensive word associations were being searched
for by hundreds of thousands of Texans everyday nor do we condone the
computer-generated existence on our Web site."

Think Progress writes: "Hutchison did not clarify what exactly she finds 'offensive' about the
phrase 'rick perry gay.' Is she offended by the very notion that her
state could be governed by a gay man, or does she simply find the word 'gay' itself to be offensive? In either event, her initial mistake was
nothing more than an innocent attempt to monitor search engines. Why
she felt the need to respond with anti-gay rhetoric is anyone’s guess."


  1. bostonian queer in dallas says

    You see folks the problem here is that Rick Perry IS gay and very much closeted. About ten years ago his wife caught him with another man and about a half hour before her news conference, a million dollars showed up to call her off the exposure of him. He is publicly homophobic, anti gay rights, and a true asshole. I hope this campaign outs him totally. Hutchison is an airhead but Perry has worked to stop gay rights in TX.

  2. Ren says

    Allegations of Perry’s homosexuality have followed him for years. I remember hearing a legislator (I’m in South Texas) recounting the rumors about 6 or 7 years ago at an event here.

    If you’ve ever seen Perry’s entourage when he goes anywhere, he doesn’t do himself any favors with his staff: they’re all extremely attractive, young (around 25 years old), white men. I’ve never seen a woman in his entourage that he wasn’t married to.

  3. Marlin Bynumm says

    Well I am hoping Ann Richards rises from the dead, so we can vote for her. LOL.

    Do we in Texas even have a good Libertarian or Progressive candidate? I have been eyeing our local state race here in my city and hoping to oust our Republican Conservative representative, who worked to curtail voter’s rights this session — didn’t pass, thanks to the demos and chubbing.

    The conservative agenda is very strong in Texas, no gays, no evolution, no minorities, no science, no real history. Boy this is fun LOL.

  4. Disgusted With The Lies! says

    The real issue of the Perry/Hutchison op-ed is the fact that their IT protocol is so out of date! Do you REALLY want these people running your state? This version of S.E. optimization is so 1990s that it’s not even considered optimization but drawback.

  5. mark says

    Good grief. The offensive word(s) is “Rick Perry”. Perry is a closeted George Bush wannabe – but without the totally stupid look on his face. Besides, its obvious he knows a nice cock when he sees one!

    KBH?? Met that twat years ago at a company in Dallas. She does her Texas grandma “well ain’t that precious” rhetoric whenever there are dollar signs flashing around the room.

    Personally, I’d bet Perry would be a good fuck – at least once – and then dump him like he’s dumped on our rights.

    I realize you’d have to read between my lines to note I wouldn’t cast a sock of shit their way…say much less a vote….metatag or not.

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