North Korea Behind Cyber Attacks?

C5f29db9 North Korea, until now content to threaten to blow up the United States and recklessly test missiles, might be moving into a more aggressive phase. According to South Korean intelligence, "North Korea or pro-Pyongyang forces" are behind cyber attacks that knocked out American and South Korean government sites. China is also a suspect.

Affected sites include those at the Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commision and Transportation Department, and all the issues occurred over the long holiday weekend. A good time to test one's abilities, when one's opponent is watching fireworks and eating barbecue.

The attack's effects lasted for days, indicating remarkably sophisticated hacking.

South Korea is "one of the world's most wired countries." Nearly every home (95%) has high-speed Internet access.


  1. David says

    Damn them! Is that why I couldn’t log onto Towleroad the other day? Oh wait, that was because I forgot my laptop. My bad.

  2. Daniel says

    Something I read about YEARS ago was that NKorea was also counterfeiting US dollars, which is technically an act of war because it seeks to financially destabilize the economy of another nation. I’m not surprised NK is always in the news about it’s nuclear program, but i am surprised i never see much coverage of the counterfeiting story. I also can’t stand how China repatriates escaping refugees back to NK–so sad!!