1. D says

    How is it at all possible that anyone could buy into the reasoning: “allowing LGBT soldiers to serve openly could have some kind of detrimental effect on family values, and that wartime might be an inopportune moment to move on this.”

    I just don’t get it. A LGBT person is willing to serve their country, fight for their country, and die for their country, and yet their country considers a LGBT person a 2nd class citizen with limited to no rights?!

    With that kind of reasoning in the military I just wish that LGBT people everywhere would either up and quit the military, and/or refuse to sign up. I’d bet those enrollment numbers would drop sharply.

    That’s it military, go fight your religious wars without the LGBT people. Let’s see how tough the military is then? Strength in numbers, baby.

  2. matt says

    Not So Admirable Admiral…congress has not declared war, so this is not a “war” so your claims are just a cop out, probably much to do with the homophobic tendencies of yourself and others that are currently serving and in positions of leadership inside the military itself and the religiosity that is being promoted amongst those that serve

  3. Isa Kocher says

    same old same old: grab your ankles and assume the position. Powell is the guy who didn’t know he was lying at the UN. he’s lying now. Gates and Obama and all of them afraid of the American mullahs in collusion with its robber barons. i don’t see much difference between here and Iran or China and it’s getting less with alito in the supreme court.

  4. Dawid8611 says

    These were the same arguments used to prevent the racial integration of the armed forces.

    Why is the joint-chiefs-of-staff now a pundit or talking head? Does the military now publicly get involved in political issues?

    Admiral Mullen should go the way of MacArthur, who also questioned his President and Commander-in-Chief…he should just fade away.

  5. says

    So I haven’t done any “extensive review,” so I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but we should take a “measured approach” because the old bigots and their families have to have their precious biases protected.

  6. says

    Obama fire Mullen [or Gates or Jones or….] the way Truman fired MacArthur???????

    That would require the same thing he’s already shown he lacks in comparison with Truman ordering the military racially integrated when the generals, the ranks, Congress, the public, his own friends and members of his family were rabidly racist . . . 5’9″ Harry Truman’s balls.

    But before that . . . it would require DISAGREEMENT with them instead of subservience to them.

    Less than a year after Obama declared in November 2007 that “America is ready to get rid of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. All that is required is leadership. That work should have started long ago,” and promised, “It will start when I take office. I will task the Defense Department and the senior command structure in every branch of the armed forces with developing an action plan for the implementation of a full repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And I will direct my Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to develop procedures for taking re-accession requests from
    those qualified service members who were separated from the armed forces under DADT.
    I will work with Congress and place the weight of my administration behind
    enactment of the [DADT repeal bill]” . . . his language shifted to make it clear that the tail had already started to wag the dog.

    Last week, in an astonishing about face from his earlier insistence that they were just too busy to even talk about DADT, Defense Secretary Gates suggested that they might create a new discharge exception based on how one was outed. That his comments were driven by the fear Obama Inc. is feeling as more and more gay checkbooks snap shut is all the more transparent when one sees that desperation drove them to publicly suggest such a thing without considering the many ways such a limited modification could blow up in their faces from losing public credibility to losing lawsuits filed by others arbitrarily discharged.

    Now the gates of Jurassic Park have opened again and out lumbers another one of their dinosaurs, Mullen, who’s generally credited with being a new breed but, just like his peers, he spun another new and no less indefensible layer to their web of excuses. I long for the day when a reporter responds, “Just what the hell does that mean? Where’s your proof?”

    Mullen is playing a classic charade . . . speaking ex cathedra. “It’s true because I say it’s true.” Colin Powell . . . who should have been tarred and feathered out of public life long ago for myriad reasons having nothing to do with DADT but his continuing homophobic lies and distortions about DADT would be reason enough . . . did the same kind of thing in 1992, even before Clinton got the Party’s nomination, and repeated the pseudo Wise Elder tactic over the weekend. After Powell, after Gates, now it Mullen’s turn to spin the Wheel of Fear.

    While conceding he’s done no research, we are to accept a priori that there WOULD be problems. Compounding his insult to our intelligence is that after already announcing the “verdict,” he, just like Powell, just like Nunn, wraps himself in a phony red, white, and blue rag of concern and sworn allegiance to his Commander-in-Chief’s ALLEGED desire, and wants to play pick a jury to evaluate such problems.

    TRANSLATION: stall, delay.

    Trust me. They never go on these shows without what they might say being stamped “Approved by the White House.”

    BOTTOMLINE: until Obama freezes all discharges keep the pipes that once flowed gay money to the DNC frozen tight.

  7. says

    Sweet Jesus , is he stupid or just another piece of homophobic shit ? Haven’t we waited long enough ? Or how long do we have to wait to end a policy of deliberate discrimination that European countries ended decades ago ? No more gay contributors to this back peddling Neanderthal junta!

  8. says

    Please don’t use the term “beg the question” if you don’t know the meaning of it. Begging the question was a specialty of our former President and is a logical fallacy of an argument. What you clearly intended to say was raise the question. Misuse of a phrase like this makes you come across as uneducated and weakens the point you are trying to make. You are doing good work, but don’t let yourself get sloppy with language because that is your weapon!

  9. says

    Michael, I tried to email you. I would like you to call in and give us your opinion. 702 888 0072 Derek

    Same goes for anyone else. I spoke to Cleve Jones today and he would love people to call in as well.

    Once again, apologies to the Towleroad staff.

  10. Infovoyeur says

    Forgetting for a moment the Human Rights Minority etc. issue, what about Sheer Basic Incompetence? We desperately need Arabic translators for NATIONAL SECURITY which IMHO trumps “minority rights” if crucial, and yet the military ejects same. This seems dangerous–well, I said it above, gross professional incompetence.

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