1. MT says

    Why don’t we just call it what it is: a defense of bigotry. They need to stop hiding behind this “family” nonsense.

  2. says

    These people are wasting so much effort on this. This vote is not a referendum to ban gay marriage. It will only roll back the passing of the marriage law. It can just as easily be passed again the next year and the process must go on all over again. People are going to be tired of putting money into an obvious lost cause. We however, will never stop fighting till its won and our numbers are only increasing with time.

  3. Roger Ramjet says

    It’s Funny ’cause his sash looks like a vagina and he’s stuck his head through it.

    And how gay does he look? They should rename their org The Bloody Merries

  4. Joe says

    Don’t those sashes have something to do with The Knights of Columbus? Is this group a Catholic organization? And I laughed at that comment too, Jim. I know some women who can cuss a blue streak.

  5. DR says

    The sashes are based on their symbolic standard, a rampant lion on a field of red.

    Group is based in Hanover, about an hour or so away from me. I remember seeing these guys at the opening of The DaVinci code; same group protesting.

    They are *very* Catholic, and *very* traditional. They are not openly affiliated with the KoC.

    But it’s nice to see that no one can be bothered doing their homework and just calling them whackjobs. Way to give these guys more ammo!

  6. paul c says

    Aww, they didn’t take their bagpipes with them to Maine? That’s like Stevie Wonder without his harmonica! The poor people of Maine don’t realize what a show they missed.

    I’m one of the people who was “not so nice” to these dorks in the past, when they regularly set up their little side show at Penn State every few months. Ninety nine percent of people generally ignore them, but that was difficult for me since they had my gaydar going off the charts. And because I love their sweet bagpipe music.

  7. Andrew says

    More Religion making homosexuality WRONG.

    Religion is the enemy – not Republicans, Conservatives or bigotry, they all got their beliefs from RELIGION.

    That’s the fight – the fight to re-define gays by rejecting silly religion. Until then, no equality for gays.

  8. says

    Don’t they think god is everywhere? So that would include in City Hall?

    Oh, but that would be logic within religion and that’s just silly.

  9. DR says

    Religion in general is NOT the enemy. The Episcopal Church is about to schism because the Americans was full equality for LGBT members while the Brits don’t. The MCC, Unitarians, UCC and many other mainstream denominations constantly push for LGBT equality; and others with national neutral or negative stances are not afraid to take a stand on our side. Lancaster, PA (where I live) even has an open and affirming Mennonite church.

    I’m getting very tired of this attitude that ALL religious people/organizations are anti-LGBT. That’s stupid, ignorant, and intolerant. All the stuff many of you claim not to be.

  10. Tyler says

    I kinda like the sash. I would wear it with a pair of red high heels and the lower part cinched at the waist. A pair of understated earrings — and voila!

    He’s gonna have to work on that 5 o’clock shadow, though. Electrolysis?

  11. DP says

    Don’t they know that the worst thing you can be in Maine is “from away”? If they really wanted to succeed, they would find ways to clandestinely funnel money to in-state groups. Mainers are not very appreciative of outsiders coming in and telling them how to run things.

  12. Mark says

    Agree with above comment about outsiders, that is people who are bused in to another state to meddle in and disrupt that state’s business. It just seems wrong and it will backfire on them Down East.

  13. Mark says

    Oh, the suit with the sash doesn’t work. One or the other. Lion rampant is nice, although it does make him look like a Peugeot.