Palin’s Messy Exit Speech: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Sarah Palin's full resignation speech, above, is rambling. She sounds quite rattled, she attempts to pile more scorn on Blue Oasis blogger Linda Kellen Biegel for "maliciously desecrating" a photo of her son Trig and she even snarks about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's naughty "overseas international trade missions."

When will tickets be given away to the funeral for her political career?

Watch the whole thing. Then ponder this: Eight months ago, 45.7% of America's voters thought she'd make a heckuva veep.

The somewhat less wingnutty official press release is here.


  1. jimmyboyo says


    Alaska is definitely the meth capitol. her speech was too fast, rambling, choppy, repetitive


    One old time mccain repub consultant was on MSNBC and said it might just be because they are stupid. That her team “….do not have laser precision…” Probably thought it would be brilliant like the deaniac’s dean scream but the rst of the nation = HELL NO!

    Repubs are saying she is toast

    Either scandal or total stupidity in thinking this would be brilliant (it isn’t)

  2. Dillon says

    I love the ducks quacking in the background. Also, anyone else seem to think she was rushing through meaningless point after meaningless point? I wonder if Tina Fey will be back for this one?

  3. Larry says

    Good ol Sarah, still a rambling mess! I’d like to think we’ve seen and heard the last of her but, somehow I don’t think we’ll be that lucky.

  4. Scott says

    There’s a poll over at, where they love her. First thing on page. Asking Why did SP resign. It leads off with “Had enough of the attacks on her and her family.” But there are other, more likely, reasons. Head over there and vote.

  5. Leonard says

    I’m with everyone else in suspecting that something else is at play here. I was just listening to a strategist on NPR actually suggest that she the GOP might be grooming her to run in 2012 (not that I think she’d have a chance in hell), and now this? Puzzle me confused.

    Her hopes of being on ANY sort of presidential ticket are now lost because she choose to abandon her post and disappointed the voters that elected her. Hmmm? Her confession that this move, her resignation, I presume, has been in the works for awhile now is very telling. So, instead of actually governing, she’s been thinking of ways to get out of her political responsibilities?

    The word scandal comes to mind. I can’t wait until whatever dirty laundry she’s hiding is aired. Though, I don’t know how much more of a mockery she could be at this point.

  6. Glynn says

    She spoke lots and said very little! despite telling us she had given us her reasons for stepping down again and again – what?

    Is she is going to follow the British press and try to expose how much money is claimed on expenses?

    She can do more outside government? Oh god, wasn’t it was nasty enough when she was in? And the guy who is taking over will continue to do what? What she can’t do anymore?

    Is she going to try and throw that ball up through the hoop……..for a change?

    And, did she say something about….Alaska?

    I loved her in Nailin’ Palin and I will miss those great specs.

  7. my2cents says

    “Say it ain’t so Joe!”
    David Letterman must be ROFLMAO… and the Barracuda’s timing… this is probably a desperate strategy to steal air time from MJs funeral news cycle.

  8. willie says

    such a bullshit artist … so her two choice are to quit or do a bad job ?

    how about she stay on the job and keep working … scum bag politician … actually admits she would not work as she did not have a re-election to work for

    knock knock.
    who is there?
    narcissistic personaility disorder

  9. says

    She says she won’t run for re-election, so she’d be a lame duck, and she doesn’t want to subject her poor constituents to having to put up with a lame duck, so she’s ducking out. But then she wants people to put her into the White House? At some point, she’d become a lame duck president, so is she indicating she’ll quit as soon as she’s re-elected to a second four-year term as president (I know, it ain’t gonna happen, but if I’m just trying to follow her “logic”). Personally, I think there’s a scandal about to hit the fan.

  10. Andy says

    I think she’s absolutely insane. Just a rambling, incoherent wingnut mess. No Sarah, we’re not disappointed you’re going – the sooner the better. And trust has never been an issue with me, I wouldn’t trust you with any elected office!

  11. jimmyboyo says

    The funny thing is that she said Hillary Clinton was NOT tough like she is.


    – The media was mean to her ….HA HA HA try decades of it like Hillary went through

    – a possible scandal that is causing her to want to hunker down in wasilla….HA HA HA

    Hillary has weathered many a scandal. hell, she plowed on through sniperfiregate/ Ireland peace deal gate international arena gate and ended up the freaking Sec of State . LOL Hillary isn’t tough??? LOL That woman goes through shit storms and ends up on the other side smelling like roses. Oh and she is doing a heck of a job as Sec of State


    I will lift a beer to the sky tonight and toast the toughness of Hillary vs sarah the freak palin crazy coo coo

  12. paul c says

    At least she kept it brief and made it very clear where she was coming from.

    I’m sticking with the “packing up and getting out of Alaska before the North Korean nuke hits the ground” theory.

  13. LUMOS1313 says

    There was a crowd of about 5 people. Just be careful not to underestimate the fundraising and further evil that she is capable of doing. There are lots of wingnuts who would love to see her in office and all gay people marginalized. If she runs in 2012 and wins, we all need to become expatriates. Don’t think for one second that this isn’t her primary reason for leaving office right now. She can now accept contributions from very wealthy oil companies without it being a conflict of interest.

    Let’s just hope she implodes before a campaign can begin.

  14. robert ryan says

    How appropriate that a duck can be heard quacking in the background ! Please go with Gods blessing just go! If you think the GOP is going to nominate you in 2012 after hearing this speech-you really are a quack-quack-quack!

  15. Paul R says

    That is a meth-fueled move and speech if ever I’ve seen one. Too many Republicans are very opposed to her; there is no way she’ll go further on the national political stage. I hope she tries, because everyone recognizes that she’s even dumber than Dubya.

    News of cheating on her husband, anyone? Or more lawsuits about her spending and habits? Or more info about her kids being or raising bastards? Or about the fact that she is a painfully stupid person? Keep her in the public eye, please!

  16. alex in boston says

    OK so she says she cannot serve as governor with all that she has to handle in her background (she claims AN Ethics probe)ok so then as Governor you state you cannot govern and serve the state WHILE you juggle AN ETHICS claim?? Correct? OK then how the F**K is she going to serve the USA as President?? Will she jump ship when Medicare bankrupts, or SSA income dips to a level that the government cannot send out monthly checks, or she has to fight two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and then N Korea bumps Hawaii or Alaska, ask Obama there are dozens of issues A DAY which are cause for great leaders to work with and solve – do we really want someone who “Quits” because of one issue!! The GOP historically HATES Losers – you run, you loose GAME OVER! The GOP will not support an almost ran!! She better prepare for her stint as a commentator on FAUX News because at the minimum that’s all she is worth!!

  17. jimmyboyo says

    After sobering up this morning, I think the reason behind this is simple.

    There is no scandal

    She is simply stupid. A fly by the seat of her pants hillbilly backwoods small time politico with small time ignorant staff.

    They probably thought this would be brilliant

    They are that incompetent and stupid.

    Its obvious from everything after her return to alaska. Her handlers and she blow up every little thing that is trivial. Seasoned politicos would have ignored David lettermen etc.

    They stupidly thought this would be brilliant, and are completly surprised that a large chunk of repubs aren’t buying it.

    The latest polls showed her at 21% support amobgst self identified repubs

    self identified repubs are only polling at best at like 26%

    21% of that = 5.46% of the nation…….I can’t wait to see that number drop next week as repubs drop their support of her and switch to Romney or Huckabee (the top 2 repubs for 2012)

    SIMPLE ocam’s razor

    She is stupid and crazy

    Her staff is stupid

  18. says

    Jimmyboyo: I do agree that she is that stupid and erratic, but I think there is a scandal, too, based on her scared-to-death demeanor. If she were just being dumb and throwing a hail Mary, she’d do it with more confidence. Another explanation might be that gay marriage has caused this—let’s see if Rush floats that theory.

  19. zinc alloy says

    Oh, I get it! Any politician in the last half of their term should just resign for the good of their state as well as the good of the country.

    Governors, ready? RESIGN!!

    That anyone can possibly see Presidential material in this woman is dumbfounding. And one “Hell, yeah.”

  20. johnny says

    Yes, she seems scared, who wouldn’t be with the deserved media outrage storm coming after all that B.S. bravado during the election?

    It’s typical of soccer-mom, backwoods politico mentality: “This isn’t fun anymore, I want to do something else now. Hmm, talk show? How about lobbyist? Fashion designer? Ballerina?”

    I just know somehow this is Obama’s fault.

  21. ChrisM says

    Here is my take. I’ve read previously that Alaska law does not allow elected officials (at least at the state level) to make any outside income. Palin was offered a book deal, some say as much at $7 million was offered, but could not accept because of her position. Obviously putting off such a book until her term was over would not have brought anywhere close to the amount of money a publisher would pay today while she is still “hot”. Guess resigning could suddently reactive such a lucrative offer – so I’m saying that if we suddenly see a big money book deal on the table then maybe her dedication to Alaska wasn’t great enough to pass up the big bucks! Of course this is speculation and I obviously could be totally wrong but personally I can’t think of a job I wouldn’t quit for a few million dollars.

  22. Jeff says

    lol…I love the camera scan to the ‘crowd’ at the end. There’s one poor soul who doesn’t applaud. She’ll have his head…or his hands.

  23. DVM says

    That had to be one of the most inane speeches I’ve heard from anyone, ever. Sarah, since you’re an expert on trite quips, try this one: “Winners never quit, quitters never win.”

  24. says

    “If she runs in 2012 and wins, we all need to become expatriates.”

    I don’t think we need to line up the moving trucks any time soon. If her 2008 running-mate performances weren’t enough, the trail of ethics violations, general incompetence, extreme narcissism, and–now–breathlessly rambling and incoherent speech should definitively put the nail in the coffin of any Palin 2012 dreams. Sarah and the rabid right and some droolers in the media can hang onto the delusion if they want, but she’ll be President when lipsticked pigs fly. She’s a skilled entertainer, in the trainwreck sense of the word, I’ll give her that much.

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