Blogimonde: PopMuse and Bloghungry Become Bloggy Baby Daddies.

Los Angeles blogger husbands Popmuse and Bloghungry announced today the birth of their first child.

Onscale AdamlilysleepWe join the two longtime-friends of Towleroad in welcoming Lily to the village, and congratulate the couple on their recent anniversary celebration of 5 years together. There was also an official marriage ceremony in the last days before last November's election, and the couple has supported No on 8 and other efforts to overturn Proposition 8, which took away the right of Californians to marry legally.

Clearly, Lily is unlikely to want for love, strength, delicious food, the latest remixes, and companionship (there is, of course canine, Carrie Fisher), but rest assured of the support and love that's out there for the whole family.

Sometimes it does take a village, people.


  1. RONTEX says

    That’s awesome guys, she is beautiful

    Like Elizabeth Taylor said, “the best smells in the world are babies and bacon…and boys (I added that last part).

  2. says

    congratulations! i’ve been reading all sorts of nasty political forums tonight, full of dangerously deranged and ignorant people ‘discussing’ everything from guns to gay marriage to slavery, and it’s SO GREAT to end my night with this little bundle of love. welcome to the world, Lily, and great big hugs to the new daddies as well. and that might just be the best name for a canine i’ve ever heard. peace and pleasant dreams!

  3. shane says

    I’m going to get flamed, but so be it: for fuck’s sake (no pun intended) stop breeding. If we’d been meant to breed, our reproductive biology would have allowed for it. You’re fucking up ecology and adding to the overwhelming population that’s killing the planet.
    I’m just sayin.
    Cute baby, btw.

  4. jay says

    Shane, your comments are more fitting for the Duggars, who, just because they have the “correct” biology have “bred” way beyond what is “ecologically” sound, based on your statement. Sheesh, a child is beautiful, and a gay person has just as much right to experience and enjoy that aspect of their life as any straight does. You sound as bad as some of the bigots blaring away. Obviously this child was a wanted child…what a blessing. Congrats!

  5. Bart says

    As the fathers of two three year old boys, my partner, Joe and I, wish you many, many sleepless nights, lots of diaper changes, many tears and smiles, and all the other wonderful events that go along with raising your daughter (she is beautiful!) We have both done many, many amazing, cool, wonderful things in our lives but none are as amazing or as wonderful or as cool as being fathers to our sons. God bless, guys! We are happy for you!

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