Protests Over Gay Kiss Ejection Held in El Paso, Texas


A series of protests occurred late Friday outside Chico's Tacos in El Paso, Texas after news surfaced late last week that two men had been ejected for kissing there:

Chico2 "About 100 people picketed in front of the Chico's on Montwood, where they hoisted signs that read, 'El Paso is Diversity,' 'What About Our 1st Amendment Rights?' and '...With Liberty and Justice For All.' Protesters lined both sides of the street outside the restaurant, chanted and urged motorists to honk in support. Carlos Diaz de Leon, one of the five men and a leader in the protest, claims that about 12:30 a.m. June 29 he and four others were at Chico's when two of his friends kissed, prompting a private security guard to use an anti-gay slur in Spanish and to call police, who cited a statute on homosexual conduct declared unconstitutional six years ago. The five men are taking steps in possibly mounting a legal challenge against the restaurant, All American International Security and the city of El Paso."

A couple of brief clips of the protests, AFTER THE JUMP....