1. gr8guyca says

    You know who is going to be the LEAST funny member of Congress? Al Franken. If he is smart – and he is – he will not
    make a single joke or quip because it would be snapped up by Republican opponents. They will say, “See, we told you he was just a comedian,” and use it against him the next election. Of course, the biggest joke was Norm Coleman who refused to concede.

  2. Philip Wester says

    Didn’t Graham say that he WOULDN’T vote for her (during the hearings)? So did he actually change his mind and vote with his heart?

  3. Leonard Jones says

    Good on senator Graham for putting aside his party’s partisan biases and helping to approve Sotomayor. I watched a clip from Alito’s confirmation that featured Senator Graham, and he practically got on his knees and kissed Alito’s ass, so his vote for Sotomayor comes as a surprise.

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