1. Derrick from Philly says

    Why doesn’t he just display his collection of ears and testicles he collected from the lynchings he attended as a young boy.

    Hugo Black was a great Alabamian. Sessions is educated trash.

  2. Jake says

    ” Sessions is educated trash”

    That’s putting is nicely! He’s RACIST PIG ASS!

    Just Google his name to see some unbelievable quotes from him. He’s still bitter he lost a Federal Judge nomination by a no vote of 9-9.

    Astounding how someone like this could become a Senator!

  3. soulbrotha says

    Andy, why don’t you state WHO Sessions was addressing so it’s clear what a racist asshole he is? He was directing that comment to Wade Henderson, the president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. He needs to be called out on that bullshit.

  4. says

    What he meant was, “Let’s finish up with this uppity house cleaner and get back to putting coons in jail!”

    Why do we even let the Southern states vote?
    They’re like the ‘slow’ cousin that want’s to play Xbox at a reunion. You want to be nice, but how much can you dumb down the rules?

  5. nic says

    the repugs just keep digging their own graves. there is nothing sadder than an old bigot trying to stay relevant. the old white boy’s club of the wink-wink, nudge- nudge racism comradery is passe’. what we are witnessing now is the last hurrah of the mentality that women, blacks and browns need guidance from white trash.

  6. KL says

    Otto- maybe if you’re going to castigate a whole swath of people as stupid you should learn how to use apostrophes- there’s not one in ‘wants’. I live in Florida, which is geographically south. There is nothing similar about us and Alabama. You make yourself look ignorant, not to mention childish, when you stereotype so broadly.

  7. Karen says

    Sessions does have the mentality of Some southern white people not all. I live in Mississippi. I have also live in the North and West this mentality is not just in the South.

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