1. Paul R says

    The trailer looks like the show could be funny (no time to watch the entire thing now)…but the thought of reviving Simon Rex’s “career” doesn’t entirely sound like the stuff of fiction. Did he ever really have a huge career aside from his “solo” work?

    His looks also seem to run all over the map! The costars come off better, if only because they have less need for desperation.

  2. Mike says

    Just watched the full episode. That shit was funny.

    The Lance Bass revelation about HIS publicity stunt was very funny. The cast is great. God, I hope this goes somewhere for at least one season.

    Funny Shit!

  3. owlknight68 says

    personally, I foundthe blooper with Lance after the credits of the episode the best – way to way to go on autopilot and embarass everyone Simon.

  4. Jake says

    Aren’t Danny Faustino and Corin Nemic doing this kinda thing right now as well? It’s the new thing for washed up has been actors to do these days,

  5. 1fanboy2many says

    Loved the on location sets, the brutal humor and the inspired performances. Very Arrested Development, but without the family values.

  6. Paul R says

    Paul C, I”m very glad to hear that someone else else enjoyed The Comeback. Even some really bright people I know were utterly confounded by that brilliant, short-lived show.

  7. paul c says

    @Paul R – I think it was too painful for some people to watch “Aunt Sassy’s” constant humiliation., but most people just didn’t get it. It was up there with Strangers With Candy.

  8. donsnyc says

    Saw the film and I was expecting the worst, but it was actually very funny. Simon Rex needs a break, I don’t know why some gays are just downright nasty to him.

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