The Signatures Are In: Maine Marriage Equality Heads to Ballot?


Marriage equality foes in Maine claim they have turned in over 100,000 signatures of registered voters (above) 55,087 of which will need to be certified valid by September 4th for the measure to go to the ballot.

Yesterday, Maine Freedom to Marry announced that it had collected more than 60,000 pledges from voters to uphold the law should the measure arrive on the ballot.

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  1. Derek says

    Sadly- the fight is on. I am a Portland, Maine resident and fear the messy battle at my doorstep. While it hasn’t yet- this is going to get U G L Y….

  2. david in iowa says

    If all those that signed the petition for the marriage issue to head to the ballot box and deny people of civil rights; then those same folks should not mind if their names appear on web sites to expose their bigotry.

  3. says

    I don’t know what to say. On one hand, I think if we kept our “gay” dollars out of Maine, maybe someone would take more notice, but I also don’t want to punish the good people in Maine, and I know from watching the speeches for marriage equality, that their are some good people.

  4. says

    The question is whether all those that signed were lied to by the losers hanging out in from of the supermarket, or whether they actually knew what they were signing.

    Seems it is time for a law requiring paid signature collection agencies to post the names of all who have signed, CLEARLY state the motive behind the petition, and give signers who were lied to the option to rescind their signature.

  5. Billy says

    According to the (obscenely intelligent) Nate Silver at, Maine is one of the states where, if it were put to a vote in 2009, gay marriage would be legalized. I have faith in Nate, and faith in the people of Maine.

  6. says

    The opposition is just gloating and prematurely so, there is no reason to get discouraged. If memory serves, only once in this history of “the people’s veto” has a law been overturned. Even in the past years with other gay-related issues.

  7. Bill says

    Please put up a good fight. Even if you don’t live in Maine you can help. Post videos online. Xtranormal has software to help. Write letters to newspapers in Maine. Call friends and family to support marriage equality.

  8. James says

    @ PeterParker

    Welcome to ASS-BACKWARDS America.Where the crazy religious fundies are always taken seriously by politicians and where there is NO separation of church and state.

  9. heydave says

    Washington, I’m afraid you’re wrong. We had to pass our anti-discrimination bill four times. Vetoed once by Olympia Snowe’s husband fmr Gov. McKernan, overturned in 1998 and 2000. Many people’s vetoes are successful, on logging, handguns, death with dignity, the list is long.

    Please DO go to Maine, and tell everybody you want to come back to get married. And send money to “No on 1, Protect Maine Equality”

  10. CKNJ says

    Those claiming to be great patriots and good Americans by taking away our civil rights are neither patriots nor good… they are a sick twisted cancer on our society and a blight on our supposed intelligent and forward thinking country. As Peter Parker say, I too, am sick of having my civil rights being put to the vote where bigots can win. Disgusting!

  11. says


    “State records show that Mainers have tackled people’s veto referendums only 25 times since Sept. 12, 1910. The records also show that voters have not overwhelmingly supported or opposed the laws they were asked to veto. In fact, they have split down the middle since that first vote back in 1910 by upholding 13 laws and killing 12 others.” – Press Herald

    If you think less than 50% is successful then we have different definitions of the word.

    “In the most recent decision, which occurred in 2005, Mainers voted 55 percent to 45 percent to uphold a gay rights law passed by the Legislature that year. By doing so, they reversed a 1998 vote — the only people’s veto referendum of the 1990s — in which voters vetoed a gay rights law by a vote of 51 percent to 49 percent.” – Press Herald

    We won by 10% last time, 4 years ago. There is a good chance we will win this time. Support the cause–don’t stunt it by being so pessimistic.

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