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    “Traditional family children”? Oh please… this dude wouldn’t know “traditional” if it bit him in the ass. Stu’s been in Silverton for more than a 1/4 century…he’s well respected in spite of becoming O’Reilly’s fodder.

  2. bobbyjoe says

    Yeah, Bill O’Reilly, protector of traditional values and prim and proper sexuality. I wouldn’t let O’Reilly within seven feet of Rasmussen; he’d probably sexually harass Stu with a loofah.

  3. rich says

    I don’t watch FOX, just don’t have the stomach for it.

    But WOW! I am SHOCKED they let this chick on! She actually said that transgender people are a part of life? She MUST be a liberal infiltrator!

  4. db says

    Even though I totally think that this is really a non-issue. Why is anything that is Gay, Bi-Sexual or transgendered compared to being Black? Especially with the known disparity of Blacks in the Gay community.

    Unless you’re a drag queen or a thug you a Black person is usually not widely accepted or portrayed in the Gay community. Just a question.

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    I would LOVE to live in Stu’s city.

    I live in NJ where in the last two weeks all our STRAIGHT WHITE CHRISTIAN mayors have been indicted for theft, fraud and money laundering – not to mention BODY PART TRAFFICKING!

    Stu! Please move to New Jersey!

  6. GregV says

    “Why is anything that is Gay, Bi-Sexual or transgendered compared to being Black?”

    DB, I think it’s because there are so many parallels and because the groups and churches that continue to discrimiate against gay people (and in many ways transgendered people) are mostly the same ones that used to discriminate against blacks. Also, the reasons used to justify that discrimination are very similar (often almost word-for-word) and just as baseless.
    Since some of those groups and individuals have come to re-examine their former racist views and to recognize they are problematic, it may be useful to draw parallels and remind them of what they (and their families and their churches and their communities) used to say and believe about race.

    “…Especially with the known disparity of Blacks in the Gay community.”

    I don’t know where you live, but I think a lot of perceptions about racism on this board come from experiences in local communities. I’m not closely familiar with any gay white person (not a single one) who doesn’t believe in equality for black people. I’ve been disturbed by racism I’ve seen while visiting some cities like Atlanta, but actually I saw that more prevalently in the wider straight community … and come to think of it I made fast friends with a black guy who invited me out, and it wasn’t an issue in his group of Atlanta friends.

    I’ve very consistently experienced and witnessed far LESS racism in gay and gay-friendly communities than in the general straight (and especially in homophobic) local communities.

  7. JT says

    Instead of this (moderately amusing) story, I wish Bill O’Reilly would whack Barney Fudd Frank again. (You don’t mess with New Yorkers, Barn).

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    I Cant Stand Bill O’Reilly But I Do Like Megyn Kelly, She Is Very Honest And Forward About How She Feels And Very Reasonable In My Opinion. I Like That She Said She Doesn’t Think Children Need Protecting, Because Seeing A Trans Person In That Clothing Shouldn’t Affect Them Any More Than A Straight Born Female Wearing The Same Thing. Its The Clothing That’s Inappropriate Not The Person. Joshua Porter, 21, Kansas City, Missouri.

  9. AsherStClaire says

    You know, I don’t want to sound disrespectful but if your going to pay all that money to better facilitate your mental standing (paying to make yourself feel like the woman you were meant to be) wouldn’t you want to make your investments look worth while.

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    OttoErotica said on Jul 31, 2009 at 7:42:47 PM:
    “I live in NJ where in the last two weeks all our STRAIGHT WHITE CHRISTIAN mayors have been indicted for theft, fraud and money laundering – not to mention BODY PART TRAFFICKING!
    Stu! Please move to New Jersey!”

    Uh, Mr. Ottoerotica, you weren’t paying attention because the body part traffickers and corrupt dealers ARE ALL JEWISH RABBIS !!

  11. willie says

    db — I am not sure if you are black and have had this experience or white just being provacative …

    in my life experience people are not excluded because of the color of their skin in the gay or straight community

    any cool black, white, or asian person would be accepted in my circle of friends

    not sure where you are coming in from to say racism is the norm – yes there are racist gay people – but I do not feel it is the norm

  12. willie says

    the point is not if he is pretty, ugly, male, female or fashionable … the point is the quality of his life choice as they relate to others, his compassion and his happiness in his daily experience — giving people the freedom to express themself is something that can add beauty or ugly to the world … but it is person’s right just to be themself … that is something Bill O and his bosses fight against everyday so the masses will keep fight with each other and night rise up and take down the corrupt greedy elite class.

    That is why they promote hatred of GLBT people. Not because they really dislike them. It is to distract the masses from their crimes …

  13. Matt Smith says

    If we really want full civil rights lets get the mayor to speak on our behalf on national TV. She would do a great job on DADT and marriage. It’s times like these that I really realize that gay men have so much in common with the trans community! We are all trans! She is a role model for us as we gender f*ck our way to full civil rights!

  14. Paul R says

    Lost in this discussion is whether it was appropriate for the mayor to wear a very revealing (slutty) outfit to a children’s event. That would be an issue for any politician, regardless of sexual identity.

    I’ve read other profiles of Stu where he talks about how fabulous his “tits” are and goes into great detail about his sex life. If he’s a good mayor, fine. But he also really likes attention, and seems to spend a lot of time seeking it.

  15. nic says

    that’s all well and good, PAUL R, but if his name were sue instead of stu in a town of under 8000 pop would this be a story? no. bill’o has a penchant for turning chicken-shit into shinola. you, my friend, need to learn the difference.

  16. Paul R says

    Nic, Bill is an asshole but Megyn Kelly shot down his trans-bating.

    I don’t need to learn anything about this issue. Nearly all my TV/TS friends just want to live normal lives, and don’t seek out scrutiny or allow themselves to be portrayed as freaks. As I said, if Stu’s a good mayor, fine. But he’s also self-aggrandizing—he didn’t have to agree to be on the show, did he? Everything is about him and the attention he can attract, and that just makes normal TV/TSs look like freaks. That, my friend, is shit.

  17. Wheezy says

    Stu Rasmussen doesn’t fit any of the usual pigeon holes. He was going to transition at one point, but decided he was happy as-is. He isn’t a transvestite or transgendered. He’s unique. He’s an Oregonian. Discounting the fundie lunatics moving into the eastern part, most Oregonians enjoy their own personal uniqueness.

  18. says

    @Paul R —

    Exactly. In Athens, GA, we have a forward-thinking female mayor who’s for LGBT equality. I agree with you in that if she were to walk around discussing the size of her “tits,” and how she has an “amazing body save the face” and wore 4″ skirts and showed her cleavage like a 90s hooker, she’d be out of office in a heartbeat.

    Although Bill completely perverts the message, it’s ultimately about professionalism in the office. Stu has the opportunity to put forth transwhatever rights in a positive light, but is failing to do so with his, um, self-exhibition.

  19. pacnwjay says

    Stu is a good mayor, a smart business-owner and a nice person. I’ve known him (a bit) since youth, and my parents have known him for 40 years.
    He does like the attention, but I don’t think his clothes are really all that outrageous. Certainly not enough to garner this media circus.

    The original complaint was motivated by a distaste for Stu, not a genuine concern for children.

  20. says

    Willie: That’s cool and I hope your circle stays that way. However, the ONLY times that I have heard the word “N….r” used in open conversation has been amongst Gays in Cali and here in Nevada. Because I am a light skinned Black man people often think I’m Latino and just really let loose on Blacks. I’ve never had this happen with starights.

    In addition, our entire Gay Activist and Media culture is centered around the white male point of view and experience (see: Prop 8 failure, thank you California Equality).

    I truly hope that in the struggle for Equality we will also address racism in the LGBT community. Btw, it’s not just a Black/White issue, how many times have you heard, “I don’t do Asian”?

  21. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, DEREK. Truth and realism aint always pretty, but we need to hear/read it sometimes. Sometimes? Why not all the time? ‘Cause we’d all commit murder or suicide.

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