1. Justin Mc says

    There was actually a Dolce & Gabbana Jewels commercial for bracelets and time pieces that was gay/lesbian and aired on regular television earlier this year.

  2. Sparky says

    And he didn’t mention the pepsi ad? Where the guy drinks pepsi to get the courage to talk to a girl, and ends up walking past her to chat up a guy?

    Actually… now that I think about it, it might have been a British ad.

    It’s a good one all the same.

  3. Nima says

    I don’t mind the double ads. If I were trying to sell a product, I’d want to reach the intended audience. Straight men don’t want to wear jeans that are associated with gay men just as much as I don’t want to wear jeans that are associated with straight men. I’ll take a low-rise straight leg that cups my bum over a pair of Wranglers any day.

    Further, is integration & inclusion now a bad thing? I love that Orbitz ad BECAUSE of it’s discrete it’s-not-a-big-deal attitude. Gay people are an integrated part of daily life, not something to be pointed out as an anomaly.

    Yes, the Snickers ad was in poor taste and offensive, but I have no beef with the rest.

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