1. David in Houston says

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be removing ‘E’ from my program guide. What a completely unfunny two minutes.

    “…hermaphrodite’s stationery.” Yeah, that is SO hilarious.

  2. Rolph says

    Chelsea is hilarious. She was a huge hit as grand marshall of the LA Pride parade this year, frequently discusses gay issues, and often includes out individuals in her nightly panel discussion on her show.

    Speaks more of GLADD than Chelsea not to include her.

  3. M. Barber says

    I love Chelsea. Her humour may be a little course, however, she fairly hits everyone over the head with their own foibles. One of my favorite comics (after Cho, of course).

  4. John D says

    Grand Marshall of LA Pride?

    Thank you for reminding me why I don’t schlep off to LA for their Pride festival. I mean, who? Where there no people who were part of the community and our successes available?

    Pride needs to be not about media obsessions but about the continuing fight for equality. Our Grand Marshalls should be people who promote our rights, not people who are promoting themselves.

    Let’s send Ms. Handler and her ilk a note that in future Prides, we’ll be celebrating our own.

  5. Chuck says

    We need firewood over here for our big Pride Bonfire.. Could someone grab the sticks out of John D, John in Manhattan and David in Houston’s collective asses?

  6. paul c says

    Unfortunately most of the people she gets on that show are HORRIBLY unfunny, dull and talentless…especially the gay ones. She and her guests don’t just make gays look bad, they make people look bad as a species, so it’s basically a wash.

    I did laugh when she said Glaaaaad though.

  7. Robert says

    I laughed. It was kinda one noted, however. Come on gays, we have to have a sense of humor. Everyone else gets shitted on, we got to accept some shit on ourselves sometimes too. Ok, now I have this really bad scat image in my head.

  8. Jake says

    Whether you think she is funny or not…if you watch her show you would know that she is a major champion in the continuing fight for equality. She is very vocal on marriage equality and mocks the stupidity of Prop 8. She almost daily has gay and lesbian’s on her guest panel. At the end of the day she is a comedian doing a comedy show and trust me she takes jabs at everybody! Go Chelsea!

  9. Mr. E says

    I love her!!! She is amazing and the jabs at GLAAAAAD are deserved.

    Johninmanhattan(and you other douchebags), go stick your misogynistic heads back up your ass where it belongs. Oh, and maybe get some semblance of a sense of humor!

  10. peterparker says

    Chelsea Handler’s humor can be completely off-putting until you realize that she is dry, dry, dry. You also have to know that she is an equal opportunity offender. But make no mistake, Chelsea Handler is a friend to the gay community. As someone else pointed out, she was grand marshall of the L.A. Pride Parade this year. She also spoke out against Prop 8 on her show. Look past the surface, and you’ll see that Chelsea Handler is laughing at GLAAD, not the gay community.

  11. says

    I wouldn’t call her a “champion” for gay rights… yeah she shit-talks everyone, but does that make it excusable? I actually liked her until she became totally self-righteous and full of unnecessary judgment. It happened right after she started fucking the president of E! and got her program slot moved to an earlier time.

    End her 15 minutes already.

  12. Todd R says

    Gays don’t exist for entertainment purposes? Tell Elton John, Ellen Degeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, etc to stop being entertaining, get real jobs and be productive members of society. I guess they’ll have to be florists or hairdressers now. Well, except Ellen.

  13. Lisa says

    You called it completely Peter Parker. Chelsea is so full of herself, undeservedly so. She got all cocky as soon as that happened….and I find it annoying and lame.
    She is literally NEVER funny on her show. Always talking smack to her own guests…and it’s so awkward…for them as well. Chelsea Handler thinks she’s all that, and that in itself makes her unlikeable. Guess you can still sleaze your way to the top. Oh..and nice Hilary Clinton hair there Chelsea…pffft

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