Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legs Insured for $144 Million


Cristiano Ronaldo's thighs and calves have been insured by Real Madrid for $144 million:

"Real Madrid is attempting to protect themselves in case Cristiano, 24,
ever gets seriously injured during a soccer match, according to Spanish
newspaper El Mundo. While the sum may sound extravagant, the amount realistically quantifies Cristiano's dollar value to Real Madrid in terms of market and monetary income. In June, Real Madrid shelled out a stunning $131 million transfer fee to acquire the Portuguese international winger from Manchester United. That amount (which was only the transfer fee) does not include Cristiano's lofty salary of over $18.7 million a year.

The insuring of Ronaldo's legendary pins comes shortly after Czech footballer Zdenek Grygera delivered a vicious kick to Cristiano's leg near the knee during a recent friendly."


  1. Joel says

    “The insuring of Ronaldo’s legendary pins comes shortly after Czech footballer Zdenek Grygera delivered a vicious kick to Cristiano’s leg near the knee during a recent friendly.”
    If by vicious, this writer means the disgraceful roll around Ronaldo did on the ground and does everytime another player approaches… then sure. ronaldo will always be a shite actor and player.

  2. says

    I’m wondering if they need a volunteer to periodically get down there and, you know, look over the merchandise. For insurance purposes …

  3. says


    There are starving children across the world, and this guy’s legs are $144 million… “just in case.”

  4. Paul R says

    Paul, an insurance policy doesn’t mean they paid anywhere near that amount. The insurance premiums I pay on my home and car are a small fraction of what I could recover if something terrible happened.

    The transfer fee, I will grant you, is disgusting. But so are most financial aspects of professional sports…and if he plays for another 10 years or so, it’s a worthwhile investment. Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight had her legs insured in the 80s. I think it’s more for promotion than reality, and it’s usualy Lloyd’s of London doing the bizarre insurance.