Dave Salmoni: ‘My Gay Fans are the Most Appreciative’


Animal Planet host Dave Salmoni, whose "showering with lions" video was posted on this site last week, talks with Brandon Voss in The Advocate about homosexual animal behavior, gay pride, his beard, his looks, and his gay fans:

You’ve posed for your share of beefcake photos in the last few years. How do you feel about so much attention being placed on your looks?

I was very bashful about it when it started because I definitely grew up in the background; I was never the good-looking guy in the group. When people talked about it at first, I didn’t know how to respond to it. Now, if people are going to talk about me in that way, I think it’s awesome and superflattering — and hey, maybe I’ll get a date out of it.

I actually first discovered you when Towleroad.com posted your shower video earlier this week. How conscious are you of your gay fan base?

I’m really conscious of it, and I think it’s awesome. They’ve been a really vocal group over the years. I feel like my gay fans are the most appreciative. I get lots of e-mails from them, and they’re not shy. A young girl may say, “Hey, I really like you, you’re kinda cute,” whereas a gay guy will be like, “Hey, take your shirt off more and you’ll get better ratings.”


  1. Chris says

    Oh bullshit he didn’t grow up “the good-looking guy.” Show me an old, awkward picture then.

    Because, uh, every single picture in a Google image search for him is unbelievably hot.

  2. Donovan says

    I believe him – since he’s pretty damn unattractive as far as I’m concerned – but he sounds modest, sensible, and open-minded, so good for him.

  3. Philip Wester says

    I much prefer this look to his rugged look in the video. It’s just my personal preference. I, too, call bullshit on the “I didn’t grow up being good-looking”-comment. Maybe he wasn’t self-aware enough and people were too stupid to notice his rampant hotness or he was fat and then lost a lot of weigh. I, too, demand old high school photos!

  4. Drew says

    I TOTALLY believe that he was the “average” looking dude when he was young. For example, ever see a really ripped dude who is awful looking in the face? I think Dave had an average body and average boy-next-door face, but when he bulked up, his overall appearance did a 180 and people noticed the entire package. That entire, dreamy package, lol.

  5. pscheck2 says

    I know that I am going to rattle someone’s cage, but so many of these hunks who are gay in real life, always pose as friends of the gay community! (NOT saying he ‘is!’) So, if he is gay, keep it to yourself and don’t be a pposer, o.k.?

  6. Jerry says

    @ALAN BRICKMAN Ive noticed that you keep making the same point repeatedly on the Dave Salmoni posts. Perhaps you are a little hung up on Dave but are bitter because you know you aint getttin none of that.

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