1. says

    I love Tom Ford clothes. But, can I just say he is the meanest snob I have ever met. I say that because I’m not seeing the point in this post and I hope you aren’t kissing up to him for ad dollars and we’re about to go through another Bruno Tsunami which turned me off to that movie before I ever even saw a commercial.

    Btw, I’ve seen other people mention it, but, dude, what’s up with the site being so slow?

  2. says

    The gay oriented adult website CorbinFisher has a shot of the model Jared naked on his stomach on the floor of a shower which looks like it was the “inspiration” for this Tom Ford Eyeglass ad. And, Jared is, dare I say it, much better looking than this Tom Ford Model. The CorbinFisher photo of Jared is of course Porn while this ad from Tom Ford is just boring.

  3. Paul R says

    Beautiful boy, ugly glasses.

    Derek, are you kidding? It’s posted because it shows a guy naked. As for site speed, I find Towleroad slow on Explorer and quite speedy on Chrome.

  4. Notagain says

    If you take the name off the ad, it looks only half as smarmy — this is like 1970s gay soft porn — and I agree with above, ugly glasses, but the entire line has been a rehash of past ugly since its conception. But what should one expect from a delusional personality with too much money for the wrong reasons?

  5. Linda says

    Okay so I love Jon to death so I might be biased but seriously, it looked so effortless and natural you cannot not like this!!

    I can’t wait to see more!

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