1. David T says

    I live in Oak Lawn. This is a great outcome, but I feel for Dean. 75 years is along time. Easy targets may ass. This dick attacks someone with an accomplice, picks someone physically smaller than he is, then calls gays an easy target. I’d like to see someone my size try to attack me without help from a gang. I can guarantee I wouldn’t go down without inflicting some damage. Fuck him.

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    I traversed those streets for nearly 20 years and had heard the horror stories of people being mugged, and I myself had even been held at gunpoint at an apartment complex gate entrance (I scared the little asshole so badly he dropped the gun and ran), but you never think anything bad will happen to you…AND YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO.

    It’s hard to believe that people as stupid as Singleton can roam the streets freely. He didn’t know every conversation from jail phones is recorded. That was proof enough for me that the moron should die in jail, not to mention the mindset that if he goes hunting in a bigger school of fish, he’d come up with a victim for sure. Singleton is the poster child for evolutionary failure.

    I’ll attend any and every parole hearing for either of these two human excrement samples.

  3. Wheezy says

    @ WRECKS,

    True…but for not thinking ahead of time they’ll have the next 75 years to ‘repent at leisure’….and judging from their pictures they’ll be doing most of that introspection on their knees.

  4. CKNJ says

    You’re right James, justice is served.

    I am sorry though that Jimmy Lee had to endure this awful situation… good thoughts and warm wishes out to him… hope he is recovered and getting some level of normality back to his life and that the heavy sentences imposed allows him some closure on this awful incident!

    Of course I would love to know who the nasty witch is that was laughing along on the phone call with Singleton when he talked of the attack… wonder if in her evil heart she even thinks about what it would be like if it had been HER assaulted instead of Jimmy Lee? I hope, despite her malice and utter disregard for Dean, she never has to endure the same brutality… as much as her thoughtless and heartless attitude would make one believe she deserves it.

  5. Outspoken says

    Well, i had written a comment but for some odd reason it hasn’t been posted. Let’s try again.
    I personally knew Bobby I am a lesiban imagine that and am with a family member of his who is a lesiban as well.
    I believe that Bobby was terribly wrong in his actions-hurting Jimmy the way he did.
    But let’s really take a look at this- was this gay bashing?? For sure the punishment doesn’t fit the crime- we have a few prime examples- Charles Manson and his crew-still on death row. the incident that just happened with a repeat offender holding kidnapping and holding a young innocent girl captive and repeatedley raping her and having birth to his children-SICK! This guy had felonies and still was walking the street hurting innocent children! I 100% agree Bobby should be punished but 75 yrs come on. Jimmy is alive and Bobby wasn’t a repeat felon!! We let murders and rapists out sooner than that. I think we need to take a look at our judical system something is wrong!!!

  6. alexandra singleton says

    My brother is doing fine in prison thank you very much. He is also sorry for the crime he comitted. where do you people get off talking about bobby when he cant defend himself…if he was standing in front of you you wouldnt be so ballsy.My brother is twice the man most men are.
    love to bobby
    bobbys lil sister

  7. alexandra singleton says

    This is also the evil hearted bitch that was on the phone with her brother.I have been that person before but I didnt scream…im a woman so it should be treated differently.And I took care of it myself. I love my brother and would defend him to the end …let that be known.
    love to bobby
    bobbys lil sister

  8. jhr459 says

    Nothing surprising about your post Alexandra. Apparently this attitude isn’t just an anomaly with Bobby-seems to be familial. Also, you seem to be laboring under a big misconception – all gay men are not frail effeminate creatures that you seem to be stereotyping.
    The most distressing part of your post-“.I have been that person before but I didnt scream…im a woman so it should be treated differently.And I took care of it myself”.
    Perhaps law enforcement should look into this – anyone in Dallas want to forward it to DPD?

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