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    @Disgusted American

    I’m anxious too. The greater Portland area is relatively small, I don’t think it’s wise for any person to take this gig. These ads are going to receive national attention, whoever get these parts are going to regret their decision indubitably.

    Whatever, haha.

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    As a member of AEA, AFTRA, SAG, I can empathize with the actors auditioning for this gig. I once turned down a very lucrative job as a regional voice for McDonald’s–because I’m a vegetarian. (Why my agent didn’t dump me is still a wonder.)

    I learned from that experience, and ‘Randommer’ has the right idea: The spot will be shot regardless–just as McDonald’s went with another baritone; if I were in Maine, I’d definitely go for it, and if cast, donate the fee to Marriage Equality, along with a note to the producers, thanking them for the support.

  3. Austin says

    I think it would be awesome if some “undercover” lesbian (or 2) got cast for this fluff piece, then “inconveniently” got entangled in some scandal involving making out with another woman in a very public gay bar.

    Any lesbians in Maine willing to take this on?

  4. Steve says

    It is important to always refer to marriage equality opponents as bigots.

    Florida was lost with a 60% threshold because we were too nice.

    Don’t be nice, be honest. The word bigot should be used in every ad, by every talking head, and appear on every bumper sticker.

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