1. says

    After the miserable (i.e. pathetic) first single “Obsessive” failed to generate much buzz, much less a top ten presence, her label delayed the release of her album and made her go back and record some new tunes. After whoring herself out, it looks like she’s trying to get back into the Whitney fans good graces. However, this isn’t the song to do it with. Wretched. At least they changed the album cover from the triple threat previously floating around the Internet where her implants are flying off in multiple directions.

  2. Visitor says

    Went to listen to the Leela James and Tina Arena’s versions. Nice interpretations and have nothing negative to say about these talented ladies. BUT MARIAH RIPS THIS!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave says

    Sucks as much as she did on eminems dick. She should stop, really. Her last 2 albums were flops and now she is scraping the dirt trying to compete with what Whitney is throwing out there. Whitney- not good now, in compareson to “then” but Whit now is 10x better than Mariah now. Celine now is better than Whitney, and Mariah NOW put together.

    Let’s see Mariah do that live, this year.

  4. Daniel says

    Physical singles:
    17,172,000, Mariah Carey
    14,744,000, Whitney Houston
    10,554,000, Madonna

    Digital tracks:
    11,120,000, Mariah Carey
    10,307,000, Madonna
    3,320,000, Whitney Houston

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