Senator Ted Kennedy Eulogized, Laid to Rest: Clips

President Obama's eulogy, in two parts:

Ted Kennedy Jr.'s eulogy, in two parts:

Congressman Patrick Kennedy (Ted' son), and the performance of "Ave Maria" by Susan Graham and James David Christie:

Ceremony at U.S. Capitol, in two parts:

Kennedy is buried at Arlington National Cemetery:


  1. Billy says

    I was at the ceremony at teh US Capitol building… Very moving. Everyone on the steps is people who have worked for/with him. Across from the drive was the public, and I’d guess there were 3-4 thousand people there.

  2. ben says

    For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.
    Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy
    • Addressing Democratic National Convention, August 1980.

  3. JT says

    Whether you like or dislike him, I thought Pres. Obama’s spoke beautifully. It was interesting to hear those two same-sex-equality references during the mass too.

  4. Solotruth says

    I never knew Senator Kennedy was such a great, great man until 4 days ago. I will be greatly missed. I miss him already.

  5. donsnyc says

    I just lost it when Ted Kennedy Jr. told the story on how his father helped him to get up on the snowy hill even if it took them the whole day to do it.

  6. donsnyc says

    When John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg (Carolyn’s son) mentioned one of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s fights was about gay rights during the mass, I started bawling.

    Carolyn’s son is growing up looking like his uncle, the late John Jr.

  7. says

    I liked how Carolyn’s son included a quick bite on gay rights – right there in the Catholic church. I love the Kennedys

  8. peterparker says

    Does the fact that Granddaddy Bush was not in attendance mean that perhaps we will have the pleasure of witnessing his funeral soon? (Yeah, I said it.)

  9. TJ says

    I loved the “next generation” and their plea for moral justice for all. Like KFLO, I was impressed with Carolyn’s son and his comment. It was a comment directed to those behind the curve, who don’t yet get that justice for all really does mean FOR ALL.

  10. John says

    The Kennedys have got an instinct for good timing that’s unsurpassed in this country. They’re always just far enough ahead of the curve to claim credit for it. But never so far ahead that they’d risk losing any of their political clout. That’s the tricky part.

    John Kennedy jumped on the civil rights bandwagon, by giving a major speech on the issue, shortly before his death. That, in turn, led to the Civil Rights Acts (1964, 1968) and Voting Rights Act (1965). When Robert Kennedy started talking about rights for farm workers and equality for women, it coincided with the emergence of Cesar Chavez and the Feminist Movement that would sweep the nation in the 1970s.

    When Ted Kennedy gave that fiery “a vote for bigotry” speech against DOMA in 1996, and his son Patrick made similar comments on the floor of the House, there was no same-sex marriage. And I don’t mean just in America. There was no same-sex marriage. Period.

    This was before the Netherlands took the plunge into uncharted waters. At the time, DOMA was little more than an exercise in stating the obvious. Which is why so many so-called “liberals” – Paul Wellstone, Patrick Leahy, Bill Bradley, and others – voted for it. But, as always, the Kennedy clan had the good sense to realize this issue was going to come back really soon. And they didn’t want to be on the wrong side of history.

  11. Whosoever says

    I’m hoping Daddy Bush takes another skydiving trip really soon. Hopefully over Afghanistan.

  12. New Jersey Girl says

    Daddy Bush did not show because Daddy Bush is one of those top five guys responsible for JFK’s death as well as his brother, Edgars and King Jr. He and his pals took the order to wipe out the Kennedy family from a pissed off mafia who made a pact to wipe out Joseph Kennedy’s family about 50 years ago. They are still at it today.

  13. clint says

    I would fire the Basilica music director for that LAZY funeral mass, it was a requiem for TED KENNEDY, not nursing home Nancy! A Low Mass with a few musical numbers for sprinkles on top…really? A talent show with communion and a body, and a Red Hat. Teddy deserves a sung mass, beautifully celebrated. Fortunately the eulogies were great and the musical talent was top notch, but as a liturgy of the church, it might as well have been daily mass on a Tuesday morning.
    Full disclosure: I direct music for Catholics so I know what the hell I’m talking about.

  14. MARK says

    Clint, I couldn’t agree with you more. I, too, have served as organist/choirmaster for Catholic Churches for the past 10 years. In Atlanta, I planned and directed music for a funeral for a meteorologist from The Weather Channel, and implored his widow to realize how very public the event was going to be. Letting the immediate family pick out music for a funeral is not unlike having a White House dinner catered by McDonalds. In this instance, someone with a modicum of tact should have reminded the Kennedy family that the entire civilized world would be watching this funeral. It became yet another instance where Americans look like buffoons in front of a global audience. Kyrie eleison.