Jock Pecs for Jesus: Tim Tebow


From GQ's profile:

"When you die, there's gonna be a tombstone, and on that tombstone there's gonna be a name, and there's gonna be a date. And for me, it's going to be 1987, and then it's gonna have a dash.… I want that dash to mean something. I want that dash to be special. I want that dash to represent that Tim Tebow finished strong. And most importantly, when I get to heaven, I want Jesus to say, well done, my good and faithful servant."

Tony Joiner's Touchdown Kiss for Tim Tebow Causes Stir [tr]


  1. Chitown Kev says

    Andy, I know I brought his name up in the Colt McCoy thread, but I really didn’t expect you to throw up a pic of this Croc-wearing-homeschooled-Christan fundamentalist Gator QUEEN.

    But…if you may be so kind to look…here’s some suggestions

    Whoever the new USC QB is.
    Jake Locker-Washington
    Terrell Pryor-That School for THOSE people
    Colt McCoy-Texas
    Sam Bradford-Oklahoma

  2. Greg says

    BTW, there was a big backlash in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated regarding their over-the-top flattering article on Tebow (no big surprise), mostly relating to his non-stop talk about Jesus and how his Dad’s church’s teachings are very homophobic and degrading to women. Was proud of Sports Illustrated for publishing them.

  3. mimi says

    When are the tightasses going to stop whining about the ‘hot guys’ and ‘big brother’ posts? This site has always been a mix of serious and trashy. Jesus, lighten up.

  4. clint says

    Thank you Mimi, AND football season is around the corner. Some of us homos thoroughly enjoy college football. Tim Tebow is one of the few starters that’s actually hott. I just wonder, how can he or anyone not know that this pic is destined for gay pin up?

  5. Beef and Fur says

    It’s a very esoteric statement. Apparently English composition and public speaking aren’t part of his class schedule. Otherwise just chalk it up to another homophobic dumb jock who will undoubtedly be involved in some scandal along the time span that is his “dash”. Drinking? Extramarital affairs? Sex tape? Performance enhancing drugs? Place your bets, boys. The louder they are the harder they fall.

  6. says

    Tim Tebow is an amazing college football player. A pair of national titles and a Heisman trophy, and he’s hot… I’m not going to hate him just because he loves Jesus.

    you guys are so picky.

  7. henry says

    “well done, my good and faithful servant”???

    #1 – I think that’s more on Mr. God’s script than Jebus’

    #2 – what kind of literature is that boy reading? That phrase is just too kinky for words. Bound Gods is not a religious website!

  8. christopher says

    He got that whole “what does the dash represent” between your birth and death dates from some fundie preacher’s sermon. Gorgeous body, not a damn thing between his ears except for borrowed bromides and a freakish intuition about how to handle a pigskin ball.

  9. peterparker says

    I think we should call homophobes out on their hate without any apology. But is Tim Tebow really a homophobe? His teammate and roommate, Tim Joiner, kissed him after a good play last year. After an uproar in the media about what that kiss meant, Joiner stated, “That’s my roommate. I love him. We’ve grown close. That’s not the first time I’ve kissed him.” I don’t recall Tebow saying anything. And that is not the type of behavior I would ascribe to a homophobe.

    So he is religious. In my opinion, that means he suffers from a delusion. But it does not NECESSARLY mean he is a homophobe.

    And yeah…he’s very studly looking.

  10. says

    “And most importantly, when I get to heaven, I want Jesus to say, well done, my good and faithful servant.”

    I guess after you spend half your life getting your head slammed into the turf a few times a week you will fall for anything…

    Of course, some folks are just stupid, scared, gullible…

  11. GayGaytor says

    Ok guys, I am a bit prejudiced being a UF alum, but you’ve got to remember that Tebow’s entire life has evolved around his church and teachings. He’s done missionary work almost annually in the Phillipines,his dad is a preacher,etc. I get tired of him evoking his faith all the time, however I have never heard him speak against homosexuals or act homophobic in any way. Maybe he can enlighten his followers to love and accept all people. (Might be too much to ask a 22 year old, but I can hope!)

  12. Chitown Kev says

    @Derek W.

    A QB in Div I college football? I can’t think of a Christian OB Poc. But I did list 3 QBs of color. 2 of them are obvious if you google them, one is not all that obvious but that particular QB has actually talked about his heritage in interviews.

  13. Roger Ramjet says

    “…you’ve got to remember that Tebow’s entire life has evolved around his church and teachings. He’s done missionary work almost annually in the Phillipines…GayGaytor”

    Oh, you mean Conversion-Bribery with education and clothes and food, as long as the conversion is to christianity because Christ’s Favorite Tool, GENOCIDE of the DARK PEOPLES, is currently outlawed (and you know some smart aleck atheist is always standing by with a camera ready to record)…

    …that Missionary work, right?

  14. Tony says

    Dan B — LOL — as a full and faithfull slave he will fight to maintain Straight Supremacy over Gay People — does that make you hot and enjoy the gay more ???


  15. brian says

    to each their own but “hot”? really???? the headline screams “pecs” but it looks kinda like most guys chests. the gut is kinda flabby. fleshy in the arm and thickish around the neck. maybe the face is ok, but if you’re gonna put it out there as strictly a hot body, there’s a helluva guys – gay and straight – who are professional athletes that are a good deal more attractive.

    needless, Tebow doesn’t really care if gay guys find him hot. it’s just our own need to eroticize straight celebs and athletes that leaves us looking like boned up fools.

  16. A different Andy says

    Jesus was cool. And so are people having values and spirituality.

    But not when they use it to hurt others – like this guys preacher dad and whoever.

    Still – it makes me just as irked when people on these boards make ugly comments about Jesus and faith.

  17. GM says

    That whole “well done, my good and faithful servant” line is common parlance among the ueber-fundamentalists that I was raised with. I didn’t hear the idiocy, the cowardice, the fear in those words until I lost my belief in Jahweh of the Hebrews. Now it all just seems so pathetic.

  18. TylerAnthony says

    You guys know nothing of his ideas of sexual orientation, You judge him without know his beliefs, everyone who goes to church or is a christian is not a homophobe

  19. Josh says

    Tim isn’t remotely homophobic. I go to UF, and we see him all the time on campus. Nicest guy you’ve ever met, amazing that the fame hasn’t gone to his head. My friend is an openly gay fashion designer in Gainesville, and Tim showed up during a casting session to support him. Stayed through the whole thing. This was back when his arm was injured. There are pictures of them together and everything. That doesn’t sound like something a homophobe would do. Another friend who is openly gay went to a party where Tim was present, and when he saw him on the couch, he acted like he was drunker than he was and tripped over the table to land in Tim’s arms deliberately. Tim caught him and his only concern was as to whether or not he got hurt or was okay. Again, not something a homophobe would do. He is a class act all the way around. You can’t find anyone in Gainesville gay or straight that has a bad experience with meeting him.

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