Uruguay Set to Legalize Gay Adoption

Uruguay may soon be the first South American nation to allow adoption by gay and lesbian couples. One chamber of its government approved a bill yesterday:

Uruguay "Despite opposition from Uruguay's Roman Catholic Church and some of the
political opposition, the 99-seat Chamber or Representatives on
Thursday passed the bill 40-13, with the remaining members absent. It goes next to the Senate, which approved an earlier version of the bill in July but must now vote again on modifications. If it becomes law, Uruguay would be the first country in Latin American to allow adoption by gay and lesbian couples."

AFP reports: "Uruguay, a nation of some 3.5 million people, now moves another step
away from its more conservative neighbors after having already
authorized civil unions for homosexuals last year…The ruling leftist Frente Amplio coalition has a majority in parliament and had been expected to push the measure through. Tabare
Vazquez, the first leftist president in Uruguayan history, already
opened access for homosexuals to military schools in May…The senate was due to vote on the measure before September 15, the
end of a legislative period which was brought forward ahead of
presidential elections in October. Lawmakers said it would be approved before the deadline."


  1. sparks says

    “.. the 99-seat Chamber or Representatives on Thursday passed the bill 40-13, with the remaining members absent.”

    46 members, almost half of the voting body, didn’t even show up? Geez.

  2. John says

    They didn’t show up because they’re not actually for same-sex adoption. But it was in President Rosas’ manifesto. He won the election and he gets to do what he wants. What a novel concept.

    Not all governments are designed to be hopelessly dysfunctional like ‘Murika.

    The “Salisbury Convention” is in effect in many democracies. The convention – which is strictly voluntary but widely respected – states that the opposition and dissenting members of the ruling party should never veto an item officially included in a winning candidate’s platform or manifesto, even when they have the power to do so. Because that’s what the people voted for when they elect a president or prime minister.

    Politicians behaving as if elections mattered.

    Imagine that.

  3. Ig Rykkard says

    Greetings from Uruguay!
    The absent members of the lower house did not show up because they are on campaign for reelection in their home states.
    It is not President Rosas, but President Vazquez (Rosas is his mother last name).
    The bill was already approved in the Senate, so at the lower house just a simple majority was needed.
    Anyway, Presint Vazquez is not running for re election, which is not allowed in Uruguay, except for senators and representants.

  4. Wheezy says


    When President Vazquez is through serving in Uruguay, do you think he’d be willing to move to Florida? They could use some civilized and enlightened politicians in that state.