1. Paul R says

    Oh, big surprise they chose Clinton! Even though these two women are actually working for Al Gore’s network. Oops, sorry Al.

    The shot of Clinton sitting next to Kim Jong Il was a study in contrasts.

  2. Marcus says

    Seriously, this is made my week.

    I felt so bad for them and now they’re coming home!

  3. says

    If Bill Clinton can deliver these two women from the clutches of an evil, dictatorial regime, perhaps for his second act, he can deliver us our equality!

    Or, really, does it take developing nuclear weapons and holding people hostage to get some attention nowadays?


  4. says

    After delivering these two women from the clutches of a dictatorial, evil regime, he can – as a second act – deliver us gays our rights.

    Or what? Does it take active development of nuclear weapons and hostage taking to get some attention around here?


  5. jimmyboyo says

    Paul R


    The girls didn’t choose who would come and get them. Though I also would choose Bill over the others listed :-) Even with the added cheeseburgers around his waist , U know he would be a great/ fun/ swinging from the chandeliers F@ck

    Kim jong picked Bill after being presented with the list of names.

    Kudos to Obama and Hillary for including Bill in the list, Kudos to Bill for accepting when Kim Jong said that they would respect Bill coming, and kudos to the girl’s families (particularly that 1 HOT husband) for staying strong

  6. paul c says

    I thought Bill Clinton was the erratic racist we didn’t want involved in our government anymore…oh that’s right, that what the Obama people said during the campaign. I keep forgetting that every word out of their mouths was a lie.

    Clinton’s work was a real treat after all these years without an effective leader. Hope he sticks around for the next three-and-a-half to pick up the slack.

  7. Bosie says

    Well, where are the trashy queens now talking sh*t about the Clintons…? RIGHT ON MR. CLINTON…show us how you do biz….Now let’s see how Ms. Clinton does too….The Clintons kick butt!!~

  8. jimmyboyo says

    Paul C & Bosie

    If my memory isn’t completely out of whack, both of u have posted in the past about the wonderfulness of palin, mccain, cheney, shrub, tax cuts for the rich, etc

    U’r concern trolling all of a sudden defending Bill Clinton smells more like trying to stir up sh@t between dems which neither of u are.

    PS Bosie…..It is a FEDERAL offense/ ILLEGAL for any and ALL US citizens to travel to N Korea. Hillary could not have given Bill the ok all on her own. It had to be OK’d by President Obama.

    Now go help shrub clean up his dog’s poop because the dems are actually doing stuff that matters

  9. jimmyboyo says


    If Obama fails, Hillary will not be riding in on a white horse in 2012

    Obama fails = repubs sweep in to congress with a majority and win the white house. Hillary knows her political future is tied to Obama for better or worse and if she has future aspirations for the white house (she says NO) then Obama must be successful and she can ride in to replace him after 2 succesful terms = 2016

  10. says

    Well, why the hell isn’t Bill Clinton going to Irag to put a stop to the evil Nazi-esque torture and execution of young gay men? Are you there Mr. President? Can you hear me?

  11. Paul R says

    Jimmyboyo, I didn’t mean to suggest that the two women had any say in who was coming to save them. Hell, they aren’t even in the publicity shot. I meant the powers that be—in both the US and N. Korea. Clearly N. Korea wanted the highest-wattage name.

    And the White House is pretending like it had no involvement in this because it doesn’t want it tied to the nuclear issue, which is BS. Just like the 3 hikers recently arrested in Iran…or the crazy dude arrested in Burma (oh, sorry–Myanmar) swimming to the home of Nobel winner Aung San Suu Kyi, which will “justify” putting her under house arrest for 5 more years.

    These Americans need to understand that these foreign dictatorships aren’t kidding around, and that their “best intentions” often really fuck things up for the people they’re supposedly trying to help. I’m glad things ended well here, but I can only imagine the concessions Clinton agreed to (in private) in exchange for their release. This isn’t diplomacy; it’s extortion.

  12. NYSmike says

    The Hill-Bill one-two punch keeps on working for our nation!

    Congrats to our State Department!

  13. paul c says

    @jimmyboyo — we all know that it isn’t just your memory that’s out of whack. It’s your whole mind. Sorry to have to remind you of that.

    I’d be terribly impressed if you could find ANY statements made by me at ANY time that even hint at the “wonderfulness” of ANY of the people you listed, or for tax cuts for the rich. Your fantasy world is taking over what’s left of your reality.

    Leave it to you to take the focus off of what Bill Clinton has accomplished for these women.

  14. Paul R says

    Paul C, part of the problem may just be that there are too many damn Pauls on Towleroad at this point and it’s easy for people to get confused. I’ve been accused of being a right wing troglodyte ever since I stopped using just my first name, then my full name (which I abandoned about a year and a half ago, after someone started stalking me).

    Funny, I rarely meet anyone named Paul in real life.

  15. Dignan says

    Another homerun from a Clinton! I only wish Pres. Clinton were now serving his role as First Husband.

  16. Jack M says

    What people have to remember is that the North Koreans (Kim Jong Il) want attention from the rest of the world most of all. No matter what outrageous things they do, if we give them that attention, they back off. Clinton just gave them the publicity they wanted, and they gave in.

  17. RB says

    Love your posts Jimmyboyo but 2016? I know that you love Hillary but do you really think she will run in 2016? I think that you are correct in Hillary’s need for Obama’s success but I also believe that she is in the position of which she will retire. Secretary of State will be the end of the rope for her.

    Further, Hillary 2016 implies that we have to struggle with NOBAMA for 7 1/2 MORE years. YAY! The future just keeps getting brighter and brighter.

  18. James Anthony says

    I’d like to remind all my progressive friends that while it’s great that 2 journalists are now free, let’s not forget that Bill Clinton also brought about the end of welfare, deregulated the financial industries, codified homophobia and heterosexism, and on and on. Neoliberal policies of the 90s set the progressive movement back. Thanks Willie.

    And where can i get that FAAAAABULOUS carpet?!

  19. paul c says

    @ Paul R – I think in my case it’s a mix of mistaken identity with the myriad other Pauls, and certain people viewing my Libertarian-leaning positions through their own distorted leftist periscopes to morph me into some sort of John Birch/Jospeh Goebbels/Phyllis Schlafly hybrid. But Jimmyboyo is particularly wacky and doesn’t seem to ever let reality interfere with what his feelings/head voices tell him to say.

    As to the abundance of online Pauls – yes, I also encounter far more Pauls online than I’ve ever known in my life! It seems like there is at least one other Paul commenting on every site, whereas I have only ever known 3 others in my entire life. Maybe it’s all the same dude and he’s just an amazingly prolific commenter.

  20. Paul R says

    Paul C, I only comment under the name Paul on this site (and rarely on other sites; I try to control my online addiction).

    I was eviscerated by a few regular posters when I once mentioned in passing that my parents are Republicans—as though children automatically adopt their parents’ political views or can change them.

    In the past year I’ve met 2 Pauls. I honestly think that, in addition to my father, those are the only 3 I’ve ever met. Until I was 16 I went by an embarrassing nickname (Chip), and I think I’ve met more Chips than Pauls.

  21. paul c says

    “my parents are Republicans”

    Oh, so YOU’RE the fascist Paul who besmirched the rest of us?! JK

    I’ve never met anyone named Chip. That must be a regional thing. There are more Italians (Guido, Primo, Romeo etc.) and Eastern Europeans (Isidore, Gregory…and Paul) than WASPy Chips and Skips in my area.

  22. crispy says

    When you two lovebirds get married, can I be invited to the wedding? I just adore couples who have the same first names. Your voicemail message will be simply precious.

    “Hi. It’s Paul… and Paul. Leave a message at the beep… and beep! (giggles)”

  23. paul c says

    Crispy, not only would I insist that you come to the wedding, I’d invite you on the honeymoon as well. Can’t speak for the other Paul though, so better check with him on that.

  24. Paul R says

    Paul C and Crispy, you can see why I dropped Chip the second I left home, at 16. But it’s still entertaining to have people who know me as one discuss me with the other. Their brains can process two different names! Stunning!

    It really wasn’t a WASPy thing, it was because my parents are startlingly unoriginal. I have 4 older brothers, and my parents saved Paul for me…but grabbed Chip and John (my nearest brother) from twins with the same names a few blocks over. Yes, pretty sad.

    Though these days they claim to have no memory of how “Chip” came about (it wasn’t “chip off the old block”), and I’m not a 3rd because my mother refused to give me the middle name of……….Roscoe. Thank god for that.

    So now you know far more about me than you ever needed. Want to hear how I took my dog to the beach today and we saw dolphins? Because that was actually pretty cool.

  25. says

    I know that he can’t be but I want him to be the president again. People care too much about “sex in oval office” than “war in Iraq.”