1. cd says

    Bryan Batt as old and needy? He should have grabbed that piece of bellhop trade and shown him what’s what and so what if Jon Hamm saw through window? He’s probably next.

  2. Andy says

    I don’t watch that show, but looks interesting now that they have some hot gay sex in the script. lol

  3. jack says

    i SO identify with that scene…

    and CD, sorry, but you are looking at that occurrence through the prism of different times. it is entirely likely that that was the first time sal’s dick was touched by another man, a mind blowing milestone in those days let me assure you.

    and is it just my 65 year old mind, or is that bellhop character AND the actor totally f**king HOT! who IS he?

  4. Dback says

    Telling detail: after this scene the following morning Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is conducting a business meeting with a client, and Sal comes in late, making excuses for his tardiness. Is this meant to imply that he had a certain bellhop in his room all night once the fire mess got sorted out?

  5. peterparker says

    Bryan Batt stormed out of the porn section of Video West in West Hollywood after the management refused to remove me from the store for having the audacity to bring my (very well behaved) Great Dane into a DVD store. I can’t look at him anymore without thinking he is a cunty, bitchy queen.

  6. gr8guyca says

    While I love “Mad Men”, I thought this plot twist was a little convoluted. The only reason for the fire alarm, it seems, was to create a way that Don Draper could catch Sal. As a plot point, it seems a little forced. When most people hear a fire alarm, they call to find out if it’s real, not immediately head down the fire escape.

    Suggested alternative: Have Don’s and Sal’s room be on the same floor and down the hall from each other. Then, when the stewardess is leaving Don’s room, he gives her a kiss at the door. Don then sees the bellboy leaving Sal’s room and Sal gives the bellboy a very furtive kiss, which Don sees. Sal then notices that Don sees him. That would have drawn a parallel between the two guys who both have secret lives.

  7. rascal says

    @gr8guyca — when Matthew Weiner wants the least dramatic and most obvious way to construct a scene I’m sure he’ll give you a call.

  8. Mikey says

    @gr8guyca–Did you come up with that brilliant suggestion on your own? Did you register it with the WGA?
    Actually, your suggestion was so lame it made me cringe. You should watch reruns of Touched by an Angel or something–that seems to be more your speed.

  9. northerner says

    Saw it when broadcast. So very well done that flooding back to me came the exact tingling, heart-pounding, dangerous, “oh my god” feelings of first closetted “what do I do now?” encounters in a time when exposure could cost you everything (and I’m talking the early ’80s, in my instance!).

  10. Roger Ramjet says

    Finally! Poor sal – stomping around in gay-panic for two seasons. And what’ up with that Beard of his.

    Haven’t seen it? Netflix Madmen all at once for one hell of a strange experience. Hot and cold, but mostly hot – and the sets/costumes/props are to die for.

    Good Luck to AMC on this year. We’ll be Queuing up at Netflix!

  11. Sancho says

    @gr7guyca – I think, like a lot of things in MAD MEN, the fire alarm was symbolic, just like the painting at the beginning of the episode and the ant farm at the end. Despite all the period detail, Weiner does a lot with symbolism, visual and otherwise, in virtually every episode. He’s not aiming for strict verisimilitude, though he does create the superficial illusion of it.

  12. JD says

    Woooh!!! that was hot! it was believable. I have never watched this show but now i am kind of reconsidering, lol.

  13. Paul R says

    @GR8GUYCA, Given the times, there’s no way anyone gay pairing would exchange a kiss (no matter how furtive) in a hotel hallway, much less an executive and a hotel employee.

    @PeterParker, some people are just terrified of big dogs, usually because of a childhood incident. (I know—mine is 90 pounds, so not quite a Dane, but still…)

  14. says

    I didn’t like the 60’s when I lived them…the show is much too much of that period for me…and it is painful to watch the repressed gayness of that time. And there is so much smoking on the show, that I get an Asthma attack just watching it!
    But…Hamm and Bratt….What a sandwich we three would be!


  15. peterparker says

    @PAUL R, @STRANGEWAYS, and @RASCAL: In West Hollywood dogs are welcome in most public places with the exception of restaurants, medical buildings and government buildings. And I *completely* understand why some people are afraid of my dog, especially given that he outweighs most people. But all Mr. Batt had to do was nicely explain to me that dogs make him uncomfortable and I would have gladly taken my dog outside and waited until he had made his DVD selection for the evening. Whenever that request is made of me, I”m happy to comply. Instead, according to the clerk, he approached the counter and angrily demanded that I be removed from the store for having a dog. I didn’t even know there was a problem until I was leaving the store and the clerk relayed the story to me…while handing my dog a treat that the store keeps under the counter for the many customers who bring their dogs in when they rent DVDs.

  16. Br!on says

    Mad Men is without a doubt one of the greatest things to happen to television in the last decade. Stunning set design, costuming and acting.

    Ridiculously hot and talented men and women forced through the lens of the past. Absolute must watch! I have no need of a gay scene to make it one of my favorite shows of my life.

    If you haven’t immersed yourself in its David Mamet like quality, do so immediately.

    Think of it as where Dennis Quaid’s character goes to work in Far From Heaven and you’ll be getting close…


  17. says

    I rarely read comments, and have not posted comments before, but I feel I must clear up a misunderstanding. There must be someone who looks a lot like me or using my name or something… but I LOVE dogs, all dogs, I have a dog, and have never or would never ask anyone to have their pet removed from any place. I’m sorry someone asked to have your dog removed, but I assure you that it was not me.
    Bryan Batt
    dog lover

  18. David B. 2 says

    LOL — love that Bryan Batt reads Towleroad– brilliant!

    As for WEHO and pets in buildings, most public city buildings are marked “service animals only” — which always makes me remark to my friends “I refuse to service animals only!” LOL

  19. Scott says

    I am not sure about this, so was wondering if anyone else noticed. I didn’t notice it on Sunday night, but watching the repeat on Monday, the (scrumptious) bellboy is on top of Sal on the bed. The bellboy has on an undershirt. The fire alarm goes off and he jumps off the bed. Sal says something like, “What is that?” And when the camera jumps to the bellboy, he doesn’t have the undershirt on. Nit-picky, sure; did I imagine that?

  20. peterparker says

    @BRYAN BATT: My apologies. I was told that you were the person who had complained about me and my dog. Glad you cleared it up, and very sorry to have spread false information about you.

  21. Sneezy says

    PeterParker: You shouldn’t bring your dog into any stores. Especially a Great Dane, fer cryin out loud. Many of us are allergic or frightened of dogs and shouldn’t have to worry about tripping over somebody’s pooch while we are trying to shop. It’s great that you love your dog and can’t bear to be apart for even 5 minutes but you are incredibly inconsiderate of your fellow man.

  22. Hollywood, CAllywood, CA says

    Even better than the clips are you LADIES going at each other in the comment section… it’s so ugly and funny at the same time. Some of you guys should be writing on TV shows.

    Oh, and keep your GREAT DANE out of the storem genius. It’s not a tiny dog you hold in your purse, it’s a small horse. Have some common sense and realize that not everyone wants to deal with your pets in a V-I-D-E-O S-T-O-R-E.