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Who's Starring in the Campaign for Tom Ford's New Fragrance?


Why Tom Ford, of course.

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  1. LOL wow he's not good.

    Posted by: brad | Aug 13, 2009 8:49:13 AM

  2. nice airbrushing. he looks positively 30.

    Posted by: sam | Aug 13, 2009 9:51:52 AM

  3. I think he's tiresome, but I still want to have sex with him.

    Posted by: LD | Aug 13, 2009 10:41:37 AM

  4. I wish I was as sexy as Tom Ford thinks he is.

    Posted by: Roscoe | Aug 13, 2009 11:13:33 AM

  5. Tom Ford is sexy. I just wish he frequented The Phoenix.

    Posted by: elcamino | Aug 13, 2009 11:19:47 AM

  6. Ego- Maniac ...His shit usually stinks or smells like a copy of something much more realistically priced

    Posted by: Dallitute | Aug 13, 2009 11:28:59 AM

  7. Hmmm....I guess the name, "Narcissist" was taken.

    Posted by: gr8guyca | Aug 13, 2009 11:50:46 AM

  8. I guess grey vetiver is like rogaine, because his hairline has moved up about 6 inches

    Posted by: kev | Aug 13, 2009 12:28:25 PM

  9. You can't airbrush the Douche out of his eyes. Really mean man this one is.

    Posted by: Derek Washington | Aug 13, 2009 2:41:39 PM

  10. Goodlooking enough but tiresome. At least he's not asking us to look at his hairy chest again.

    Posted by: Thomas | Aug 13, 2009 3:46:31 PM

  11. wow. alot of haters on this blog! This man is an over the top queer, smart and a complete a*shole!!! Whats wrong with that?

    Posted by: mb | Aug 13, 2009 4:00:10 PM

  12. He's hot, and who better to represent your product than your self? Anything's better than getting some hack like that mealy-mouthed David Beckham with his scrawny arms and little girl's voice.

    Posted by: paul c | Aug 13, 2009 5:50:34 PM

  13. Geeezzzz You people are so bitter.I am not particularly fond of Tom Ford, but why so much hate people? Chill out. I think it is refreshing to see someone who is brave enough to put his face on his product, taking risks, and yes, looking good for his age. I am sure all the haters are GOOOOOORGEOUS queens that have absolutely no self esteem and confidence issues AT ALL... YEAH, RIGHT. ;)

    Posted by: Thiago | Aug 14, 2009 1:41:32 AM

  14. cause those of us who have met him know him for the egomaniacal hole he is...

    Posted by: billybob | Oct 6, 2009 3:49:29 AM

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