1. Name: says

    So they finally free the elephant and his owner jumps on top of him and hits him in the head with the angkus. They should have thrown the owner into the manhole. What an ass.

  2. Willie says

    Andy === TERROR in his eyse ? Really ?

    I just saw a pissed off elephant trying to get out of a hole.

    God put animals here for our entertainment – dogs and cats included.

  3. Russell says

    Yes Andy, I would rather not give anymore traffic to FAUX NEWS. Everytime they get a click on their website, they can ratchet up their advertising rates, thus raise more funds for Rupert Murdoch’s crusade against us. Otherwise, I love what you do here…thank you!

  4. says

    Olbermann ran a segment on his show about the elephant. Why not link to that?

    Oh, and Willie, my dog has far more than mere entertainment value – although he’s probably appeared on some ads on this site.

  5. Willie says

    Hank it was joke meant to rile you up !


    Speaking of work — why is your dog on a ad’s. Using an animal as a slave to profit off of are you ????

  6. Willie says

    David – animals are not human children

    In fact animals TASTE great and help humans make money to live off of. Wonder what elephant stew tastes like — I am sure the African Natives used to eat it.

    Fine with me.

  7. Paul R says

    Willie, you seem like a really mature guy.

    For everyone bitching about lining the pockets of Fox, this is a Youtube video. It doesn’t matter if the original video was from Fox, watching it on Youtube isn’t doing anything for Fox. And if you watch it, you see that it’s a compilation from various cameras, not just Fox.

  8. CJ says

    This makes me ill. HUmanity has such hubris, our ignorance IS becoming our demise (global climate change, nuclear weaponry, the raping of our natural resources, over population). Our extinction is simply a matter of time, and the animals we presume beneath us will rome the earth free of our bullshit.

  9. Larry says


    You’re an ignorant a**hole. Animals are treated a lot worse than gay people…but looking at your comments, you only seem to care about issues involving gay people. Just forget the animals being tortured and slaughtered every day, they don’t matter right?

    Expand your cares…if you have the capacity…

    You want to see how an elephant ‘learns’ to be submissive and perform tricks and carry overweight tourists? Take a look:

  10. david says

    Larry, many people realize that elephants and humans are not alike. We don’t feel alike, we don’t experience alike, we don’t see the world alike. They are not little children in animal form. People are perfectly capable of empathy towards our own without having to anthropomorphize our own experiences on animals. This whole “animals are just like us!!!!” is just so extreme. And it’s the stupidity of our culture that animal rescues are popular news items.

    as a side note that may have little to do with this “news” item, you cannot believe the number of people I meet that would save their own dog before saving a stranger. That to me is the sickness of humanity.

  11. Larry says

    Well David, we can agree to disagree.

    I care about people and I care about animals. Who are we to say that an animal doesn’t value its own life just as much as we value ours?

    Not sure if you have a dog or a cat of your own but those of us who do, we think of them as members of our family. At least those of us who treat them well. These ‘pets’ give love unconditionally which is a lot more than most humans do. They deserve nothing less in return.

    I’m sorry you feel treating other species with kindness is “just so extreme”. I do not.

    We aren’t the only species on Earth. But we sure seem to act like it.

    It’s sad that you find animal rescues being popular news items to be “the stupidity of our culture”. I like to believe it shows that we do step outside of ourselves and care for others…no matter what body they may occupy.

  12. david t. says

    It’s not an advancement of human kindness. As I said people are capable of loving our fellow man without caring about animals, people are also capable of loving animals without giving crap about our fellow man.

    Treating animals with kindness is not “just so extreme” Don’t distort my viewpoint. What’s extreme is the idea that an elephant in a hole is as newsworthy or effecting as a kid getting shot in the streets. They are not equal.

    Which story would evoke more sympathy in a general viewship? That question is scary to even ponder.